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1 Influencing Strategic Thinking
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1 Influencing Strategic Thinking


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Illustrating three horizons for developing publishing products to create new media by aligning business and IT strategy.

Illustrating three horizons for developing publishing products to create new media by aligning business and IT strategy.

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  • Architecture strategy media Illustrating three horizons for developing publishing products to establish new media
  • Transcript

    • 1. Online Travel Guide: The market leader in digital travel guide content delivery
    • 2. Competitive Advantage
      • To lead the market you must either provide innovative product differentiation or be a lowest cost producer. Most of publishing industry’s energy is spent on cost reduction. Here is an opportunity to lead through product differentiation.
      • Online Travel Guide & e-Novels Tipping the Scales of Competition by:
        • Creating new markets to distribute digital content locked in books
        • Using the novelty factor to increase next generation readership
        • Realising personal publishing through direct Print-on-Demand linkages
        • Reducing retailer power and influence by building direct channels
        • Eliminating the risk of over production, returns and wastage
      • A company creates value for a buyer that justifies a premium price or preference at a equal prices by either lowering buyer cost or raising buyer performance.
        • Michael Porter
        • What is not different is not strategic
    • 3. FOCUS OF SERVICE INFRASTRUCTURE Horizon 1 Horizon 2 Key Products / Services Horizon 3 Geographical Focus UK Worldwide Revenue / Growth Core 0-6 months Growth 6-24 months New > 2 years Managerial Focus Substantial returns, declining growth ‘ Cash cow’ to fund future investments
      • Reprints & Tie Ins
      • New Editions
      • New Product Packs (combinations)
      • New Markets
      • Retailers
      • Book Clubs
      • Industry
      • Supplements
      Reducing cost & guarding profitability Defending market share UK Worldwide Increasingly important source of new revenue
      • New Product Category
      • New Book Titles
      • Digital Publishing (pdf, HTML books)
      • Custom Publishing (volume)
      • Industry Promotion (e.g. Kellogg, Disney, etc)
      • Textbook & Case Studies
      • Building market share & revenues
      • Direct channels
      • Market segmentation
      • Increasing capital productivity
      UK Worldwide Low negative revenue with rapid growth potential
      • Digital Publishing (e-paper)
      • Content Publishing, e.g.
      • Travel Industry Content
      • Publish by interest; sights, pubs
      • Personal Books
      • Online Storytelling
      • Print on Demand
      Assessing H3 business model Risks assessment Building alliances Content pricing models Component content mgmt Influencing technology direction Marketing Resource Management Direct Marketing
      • Horizon 3 Product Platform
      • Content Management
      • Text to Speech Technology
      • e-Paper Books
      • Billing
    • 4. Competitive Forces Travel Guide Competitors AA Berlitz Bradt DK Travel Fodor’s Lonely Planet’s Rough Guides Suppliers New world labour arbitrage Buyers Book Stores (M&A) Supermarkets (leading titles) But not travel or rent-a-car agencies Substitutes Travel agent websites Travel Channel Travel magazines Newspaper supplements Citysearch, budgog, walkabout, etc New Entrants Wiki Travel Yahoo Travel
    • 5. Online Travel Guide
    • 6. Component Considerations
      • What content to cover, e.g. image, text, audio, video, etc?
      • Specification of the ideal re-useable content component.
      • Change from authoring publications to authoring content (format and presentation is last)
      • Search versus classification taxonomy.
      • What is the lifecycle of the content to be stored?
      • xml, DocBook, pdf, Unicode, XSLFO and other Standards.
      • Configuration of workflows and approval processes.
      • Configuration of templates, style sheets, DTD, xml schema, etc.
    • 7. Multi-Book Format e-Novels
    • 8. Contact
      • Technology architecture & solutions are justified at a strategic and financial level by preparing a business case.
      • See Business Analysis: A Guide to Aligning IT & Business Strategy The Data Administration News Letter- TDAN