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The Industrial Marketing Revolution
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The Industrial Marketing Revolution


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Inbound marketing, SEO, and social media as applied to the industrial sector.

Inbound marketing, SEO, and social media as applied to the industrial sector.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. • No long-term strategy or plan• Reactionary – not pro-active• Never enough time• Not able to keep up with new marketing technology• Inadequate marketing budget• The old methods aren’t providing the same results anymore
  • 2. • Better value for your marketing spend: you pay only for the services you use• Technical expertise in the latest marketing technologies• Experts at planning, strategy, and execution for both Outbound & Inbound Marketing• Flawless project management and implementation• We make it happen while you do what you do best: service your customers
  • 3. The TheOld NewWay Way Print or Digital Ads Blogs Editorial in Technical Papers, GOAL Trade Publications White Papers Help Trade Shows Ongoing Off-SiteSearch customers Engine Optimization (SEO) FIND YOU Listings in Social Media Marketing based on Directories (SMM): LinkedIn, Twitter, how they Google+, Facebook are Mailers Email Marketing With searching Dedicated Landing Pages for Brochures YouTube Videos products and Cold Calling / Networking Webinars solutions. It’s about creating the optimal, integrated mix.
  • 4. GlobalSpec 2012 Survey:Social Media Use in theIndustrial Sector• Survey conducted on entire DB of nearly 8 million registered users (worldwide) comprised of engineering, technical, manuf acturing & industrial professionals• 49% of respondents hold engineering positions: design, consulting, process, an d production• 87% of respondents are involved in the purchase of equipment, components and services
  • 5. GlobalSpec 2012 Survey:Social Media Use in theIndustrial Sector“If your target audience isindustrial professionals, you’llwant to develop a social mediapresence, if you haven’t done soalready,” said Chris Chariton,senior vice president forGlobalSpec. “Industrialprofessionals are adopting socialmedia channels in increasingnumbers and spending more timeon these platforms for work-related tasks. However socialmedia should never replaceestablished marketing initiatives;these efforts should complementone another.”
  • 6. 1. Website (foundation)2. Keyword Research3. Content Plan4. Disseminate Content5. Online searches will: – Drive traffic to website – Generate phone calls6. Our team MEASURES, ANALYZES and IMPROVES
  • 7. Content Development (Videos, Podcasts, Webinars, White Papers, Technical Articles, Ads, P/R, Marketing Lit, Trade Show Displays)Program Metrics Phone Tracking Analysis and Reporting Website Email Marketing Blogging Social Media Search Engine Marketing (SMM) Optimization (SEO)
  • 8. In less than two months:• June 2012: 69% increase in website traffic• June 2012: 577 visitors to the site, 41 referrals from social media sites• Two requests from trade publications for editorial• Eight inquiries from new customers• Five RFQs• One new customer / sale
  • 9. • Established process for content updates• Established corporate SM policy• June 2012 - 1,206 visitors to the site, 162 referrals from social media sites• June 2012 - 11 job applicants from SM postings• 3 new customer inquiries
  • 10. *Not a Marketectsclient. Member of the VMA.
  • 11. Kerry OMalleyCell: (281) 844-1128Office: (281)