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Klips is a clamp that is easy to install without making holes into the material and is very easy to install.

Team: Andres Labi, Juliya Vorobyova, Ksenya Lebedeva, Tinatin Dzirkvadze
Company: R-Fix

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. KLIPS 2011www.design-engineering.ee
  2. 2. It is all about fixing...First steps KLIPS I ntroduc tion KLIPS is a clamp for hanging rigid panels or banners. It’s easy to install without making holes into the material. As well it’s can be widely used for outdoor fixing. KLIPS is suitable for different types of material as: heavy textile, panels, glass. There is a growing need for easily handling room dividers.
  3. 3. Work with the companyR-FIX is involved in production and sales of glassfittings, tension rod systems and other architectural Point Fixingfixings. Concerning materials they use mainly stainless steel but also various plastics, aluminum and otherTheir fixings have been used in: steel grades. They buy raw material from known• Glass balustrades, stair boundaries European suppliers.• Glass facades• Glass canopies R-FIX helps you to carry out your construction• Glass partition walls projects in offering cost effective and high-quality• French canopies architectural fixings.• Noise barrier wallsIn product development process they use 3Ddesign software and carry out strength calculationsor tests according to your requirements. They offerstandardized fittings as well as fittings according tothe project requirements.Production capabilitiesIn our production they use:• CNC-turning and CNC-milling• laser cutting• bending• welding
  4. 4. KLIPS TaskAim of the projectOur task was to find new directions for developmentof Radius Fixings in order to offer new possibilitiesand solutions in contemporary architecture.With the background in glass fixings R-Fix wantsto look further and find possibilities to use theknowledge and skills learnt in other areas, withother possible materials and technologies.Project structure: Additional Products for Point FixingsBackground Research in architecture: screens, interior and• getting acquainted with the partner company exterior walls, light structures, new materials …• understanding the area Concept• Overview of market • defining development directions • concept sketchesDevelopment
  5. 5. Who where part of process?Tutors:Martin Pärn Martin Eerme Sven Sõrmus Maarjus KirsEstonian Academy of Tallinn University of Estonian Academy of Tallinn University ofArts Technology Arts TechnologyHenry Lend Priit KelloTallinn University of R-FixTechnologyStudents:Andres Labi Kseniya Lebedeva Iuliia Vorobiova Tinatin DzirkvadzeI year D&E student I year D&E student I year D&E student I year D&E studenteducation: Estonian BA in Civil Engineering BSC in Computational BA in ArchitectureAcademy of Arts, BA in Engineeringinterior designworking as interiordesigner / Ruumilabor “I am really glad that “ In example of this “I learned how toLtd had opportunity to project I saw how cooperate with work in cooperation just idea can turn company, how to“I like the meetings with the company. And on real product.on understand them andof brainstorming. I am happy with the something which their way of thinking. “The result is always result which we got out can be really useful”unpredictable. The best of it.”example is this project.”
  6. 6. KLIPS Background
  7. 7. Find new nische for the companyOur work we started with company visit, which And the line of products it’s not so unique, so theis situated a bit outside of Tallinn. We were on one way for them it’s to find new direction with theproduction aria and people who work there new ideas. That task seemed a bit complicated andexplained us what kind of goods they can produce, also responsible at some point, because they wereon what they have already worked. Mostly they hoping to get some real help for father developing.produce the glass fixing out of steel, the main They showed photos of the university which isproblem of which that : building currently in Narva, where is used some new way of glass fixing, which is really simple, but“ The producers from works in a optimal way. Out of that we started toChina can make the same think about using glass in contractions.goods for the cheaperprice in a shorter term. “
  8. 8. KLIPS R esearchResearching the “WORLD OF FIXINGS”Before going to company visit we made smallresearch and found all the fixings that existed andall the areas we could work on.Surprisingly we found very wide choice of everykind of fixings beginning from glass fixing forfacades to the stainless still fixings for stair rails. We have overviewed modern architecture, finding and understanding new trends and demands. Also had consultation with architects asking them: What is missing in”afixing world” and what can be improved?Our focus were::Architecture – Provide smart solution for facades.Wooden Architecture – Focusing on existingproblem of wooden buildings.Boats – There are lots of stainless still details whichcould be redesigned or reinvented.
  9. 9. Deeper research of some fieldsWe made comparison matrix to understand which materials, functions and production methodswe preferred.
  10. 10. KLIPS R esearchJoints VariaBoats Architecture Facade
  11. 11. Joints for stair rails and fixings for glass stair rails.Solution for wooden conservations. Adjustable joints from still.
  12. 12. KLIPS R esearch“KLIPS” is a clamp for hangingrigid panels or banners. Our selling point hasIt’s easy to install withoutmaking holes into the material. to be “EASY”. After introductory weeks while we explored every field where we could develop or invent a fixing we defined few interesting spheres and continued searching for the solution. We had few ideas which seemed to be interesting to work on. To decide what direction we choose we met Priit Kello once again and presented fiends in which we could develop the product. We found lots of ideas and few of them were developed. After that market research took place and finding weaknesses in our solutions. Ideating process gave us complete view on existing products. We found main idea how to develop product for R-fix.
  13. 13. Inspiration WorkshopInterior design office Owr next step was decision to make a work shopall together with our group and brain storm ideas,as a place for it we choose one interior design office,which had very appropriate atmosphere for it. The work space was quite big and was good idea to divide the room on two parts by putting onBecause there were so much details in decoration the middle of the room carton. That was heavyof the work space, mostly previous projects. material, which could give the feeling of two rooms.That was rather interesting to look around and try Looking on that carton in the office andto think about each project may be it has thinking about material fixing we came with thesomething in common with our work. idea that we need to create something whichhere was definitely a lot of fixing of different would hold the material in a way not damaging itmaterials. by stamping.
  14. 14. KLIPS R esearchCASE STUDY 1Office space(Ruumilabor)Desks and conference room areseparated by curtainThe height of the room: 3 mMaterial of the curtains: feltcombined with the leather(3 – 4 mm) CASE STUDY 2 Office space (Estonian Centre of Architecture) Desks and conference room are separated by curtain The height of the room: 3,5 m Material of the curtains: PVC lamellae (2 – 4 mm)
  15. 15. ProcessPROBLEM SET If the material is thick, it can be fixed from the edge of the panel. But if the material is thin, the hole must be made into the material. SeptemberHow to hang up thin panels withoutmaking holes and damaging thematerial?SHEET METAL TemporarilyGLASS PANELS Easy to hang up and easy to removeWOOD PANELSPLYWOOD LAMELLAESPLASTIC SHEETSLEATHER AND TEXTILE
  16. 16. KLIPS R esearch Nevertheless there are the tools, that can hold a very big weights without damaging the material.Research: Different clamps and brackets Usually simple clamps are not strong enough to hold heavy materials After making research on material fixings we set a goal: “To combine the grab mechanism with the slid- ing track.”
  17. 17. Process Track roller Simple curtain track roller is not strong enough to hold big weights Heavier weight requires stronger track system The idea is to use a standard track roller fitting However, how to fix the panels? What kind of clamp mechanism to prefere?
  18. 18. SOLUTIONS KLIPS R esearch Grabbing ANCHOR DOWEL Free load principle Screw mechanism + simple construction + simple construction + the heavier is the weight, the - turn off manually stronger is the grip - requires specific development - too many details - construction with wide dimensions DRILL CHUCK SOLUTION Material rubs itself detained Fixing manually + easy to manage + simple construction + strong grap + the heavier is the weight, the - turn off manually stronger is the grip - too complicated construction in - requires a rough surface - construction with wide smaller scale dimensions
  19. 19. Process SKETCHES SOLUTION 1 Standard track rollers Manual turn off Element rotates 360 degrees Main disadvantage is usage of 4 roller wheels (higher cost) Knife chuck Fixing manually + simple construction + little details - turn off manually
  20. 20. KLIPS R esearch The idea of the fitting is inspired by the knife chuck mechanismOne of the ideas . . . SKETCHES SOLUTION 2 Standard track rollers Manual turn off Element rotates 360 degrees After what we have to work on: Exact technical solution Material and final appearance Opimal dimensions Product family (variations) Calculations (max. weight e.t.c.) Mock-up Prototype
  21. 21. ProcessPrototyping how it should work . . .
  22. 22. KLIPS S olutionfinal drawing of the KLIPS. . .
  23. 23. Why our product is importent ?!Indoor Application:Easily handling room dividers Different materials need different fittingFabrics are used the mostBut rigid panels become more and more inuse
  24. 24. KLIPSOutdoor Application S olutionAdvertising banners are everywherearound the city But very often this kind of method will damage the materialThey are easy to install using holes on theedge of the fabric
  25. 25. Gallery decoration Paintings in the Philip Johnson Glass House Painting Gallery, Photo © Harf Zimmermann. KLIPS its a perfect tool for fixing, hanging decorations, paintings. It is essential tool which would make an installation of the exhibition much more easy and also reliable. Especially if we speak about valuable art works, which cannot be adjusted just by plastic clip. KLIPS has modern design and different colour range.
  26. 26. 3D modelHow it works? KLIPS S olution 1 2 3 4
  27. 27. S olution1:7
  28. 28. Klips KLIPS S olution
  29. 29. S olution
  30. 30. S olution
  31. 31. Engineering DesignFORMULA FOR CALCULATING CLAMPING FORCEFs = Fs1 + Fs2 = F/µ * SoFs – clamping force (N)F – force acting of jaws (N)µ – coefficient of friction between the workpiece and jaws (µ < 1)So – safety factor (between 2 and 4)WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM WEIGHT THAT „KLIPS“ (ONE PIECE) CAN HOLD?Fs = F * So / µF – 370 + 370 (jaws) = 740 Nµ – 0,5 (coefficient of friction friction between steel and rubber)So – 2 (normal use)Fs = 740 * 0,5 / 1,5 = 246 N = 25 kg„KLIPS“ IS CAPABLE TO HOLD THE SHEET METAL WITH THE WEIGHT OF 25 KG
  32. 32. Cost Detail / EUR Preparation / EUR Pricenut 2,26 0,32 2,58track element 5,03 1,28 6,31clamp 16,91 2,56 19,47 TOTAL 28,36 change amount amount 100
  33. 33. KLIPS Produc tHigh quality fixing withmodern design and smartmechanismmaterial: stain steelsize: 29 x 117can handle weight: 25 kgthinkness of a material: 5/10 mmcolour: anyany other detailesCan be used: interior decorating,office/ room dividers, for hangingdecoration, paintings in a galleryand outdoor application.Price : 28,36 evro
  34. 34. KLIPS The End
  35. 35. Tallinn University of Technology / Estonian Academy of Arts 2012