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Klapit is a product built to tackle this problem. It enables to switch quickly meeting space and personal space. There is no need to put personal things away, you open just the top layer. One can close and maintain their personal working area on the bottom part and use the upper layer of the table when meeting a client, etc.

Team: Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk
Company: Kitman Thulema

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Klapit
  2. 2. Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 3Contents Team1 Background Aivo Arusaar1.1 Project aim and objectives 4 Estonian Academy of Arts,1.2 Visiting the client 4 BA interior architecture 20111.3 Research 5 1.3.1 Open offices in Estonia 5 1.3.2 Requirements 8 1.3.3 Observations and interviews 9 1.3.4 Personal space 11 1.3.5 Market 121.4 Need 131.5 The idea 131.6 Personas 142 Concept2.1 Field of concept 182.2 Introduction to the concept 182.3 Development of the concept 182.4 Final concept 223 Design3.1 Design 26 3.1.1 Technical 28 3.1.2 Appearance 36 Birgit Pulk3.2 Dimensions 37 Estonian Academy of Arts,3.3 Working principles 38 BA graphic design 20113.4 Use in space 383.5 Transporting and packing 384 User4.1 Meeting the need 424.2 Value to the end user 425 Product value5.1 Business value 46
  3. 3. Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Background 51 Background
  4. 4. 6 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 71 Background but at the same time they all need their privacy. Conditions today doesn’t offer too much private room and there is no possibility to change the lay- out of the office in new conditions. Key points of the visit: 1. Mobility is essential - enables to change the layout of the office (due to changing people andThis report details an industry project in partner- vestigate the current situation on the market and teams).ship with furniture company Thulema undertak- possible places for improvement. 2. Stackable or packable elements would be greaten by Design and Engineering Masters program Inspection of the furniture in Thulema’s showroom for unused furniture (some furniture is unusedstudents at Tallinn University of Technology. 1.2 Visiting the client during daytime due to different working habits As the project is in partnership with the furniture 1.3 Research and changing people).1.1 Project aim and objectives company Thulema, visit to the companys’ show- Research process consisted of researching co- 3. Multi-functional furniture - usable for differentThe aim of the design project was to create a room was proposed at first. working places in Estonia, interviewing office us- type of activities (conferences, modelling, team-shared working space furniture for creative work- Thulema is an Estonian-based company located in ers, defining the need and forming the idea of the work, brainstorming, individual work).space considering the needs of the modern user Tallinn, Estonia. Right now they operate under product. Firstly we researched co-working places 4. Light weight and good mobility for moving theand offering the best possible solution taking into the company Kitman, which is a leading manu- and offices in Estonia and mapped their good ide- furniture on your own (the office manager needsaccount the teams’ viewpoints and focuses. The facturer of shop fittings and contract furniture in as, but also problematic points. to reorganize the space quite often).outcome of this project is a solution for a “modern Estonia. 5. Cable-management is necessary (cable mess onoffice” and co-working places furniture that can Thulema has always had smart and economic fur- 1.3.1 Open offices in Estonia site disables easy movement).go beyond current and existing solutions and is a niture solutions that have an eye to details. The Garage48 HUB is an open office for different 6. Need for different combinations within the fur-help to solve the need found during the research series of office furniture contain a lot of parts that start-ups for their workshops and seminars. They niture (needs are different).process. can be rearranged and repositioned in the room for offer working space and fulfill the basic needs as 7. Price is an important aspect of the furniture. the user needs. Thulemas’ keywords are simplicity, an office for different starting companies. All the 8. Furniture should encourage interaction and21st century working structures, methods and functionality, lightness and understandability. The people who work there are like a big collective, open discussion.processes have redesigned the environment of of- biggest competitor for Thulemas’ furniture in Es-fices and places where people work. Modern office tonia is Standard.environement can be as versatile as the work thatis being done and there are no strict restrictions orboundaries to the surroundings anymore. Officestend to be the „second home“ for every worker, sothe meaning of the room has changed a lot from aconventional closed office to a open and commu-nication promoting place. So this change arrisesa lot of questions: What are the modern criteriasthat every office needs? What are the new pos-sibles ways of working? How do people want to Visiting GarageHUB co-working spacework? Thulemas showroom in Tallinn The main objectives of the proposed project, deliv- ered through a package of people-based activitiesand a short-term feasibility study, are as follows:1. To develop new ideas in office furniture.2. To complement and build a working prototypeon the existing expertise and knowledge in thearea of workspace furniture.3. To carry out a short-term feasibility study to in-
  5. 5. 8 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 9Garage48HUB 1st and 2nd floor planDer Tank is a graphic design company. They share Key points of the visit:office space with 3 other companies and have an 1. Natural materials are preferred for creative work.open-office system. Der Tank has a pretty flat com- 2. Furniture should suit narrow office space. Der Tank office planpany hierarchy meaning everybody have the same 3. Furniture should enable teamwork (meetingsworking-conditions and work more as one team and brainstorming with project team). Tehnopol is an incubator for start-ups, meaning easily movable, easily packable (by PINK).rather than have a employer-employee type of rela- 4. Need for partition in the office space (no per- they provide different start-up companies with of-tionship. Certain people are tied to certain projects sonal space in the office). fice space and furniture. As they are expanding During these site visits a common issue hatchedand clients, meaning the teams change quite often. 5. Daylight is important - high ceilings and and building a new office space, they have already - a need for furniture for project based companiesThis kind of working conditions create a whole oth- openness help the creativity. thought about some aspects and functions they and teamworks, where a lot of work is done ver-er variety of needs and possibilities for the workers 6. The office should provide a few quiet places for feel an open-office should provide. A lot of the bally, through discussion or meetings. There is alsoin the office environment. The most significant dif- phone-calls and meetings. improvements in the new office space are related a need to adopt the new office structures throughference in this office was the lack of personal space. 7. Post-its and brainstorming need big empty spac- to architecture and furniture. furniture, because the furniture today limits work-This quite a new solution in Estonia has also some es (walls, surfaces etc). ers a lot and doesn’t offer any possibilities for a easynegative sides to it: office deosn’t allow any quiet 8. Loud music, shouting in the office, a lot of peo- Key points of the visit: change.places for phone calls, thinking or meetings. All of ple – no personal space, sometimes work is being 1. All communications are coming from the ceilingthe above has to be taken care of either outside or done at home. (changing the layout is easier, no cables on the floor).in the little meeting rooms that doesn’t offer any 9. Personal and company storage is important (a lot 2. Walls are easily (re)movable (possibility tocomfort what so ever. So the office environment re- of junk on the tables). expand a rental-office for a company if needed).minds more of a family or group of friends, a lot of 10. Office has to be comfortable (workers do a lot 3. Open box office: movable, small (2 person boxespeople have to work together and accept each oth- of extra-hours). in open areas).ers music taste, working processes and habits. 4. Especially made furniture for the office: wheels,Der Tank office Tehnopol office now (on the right the communications solution: coming from the ceiling)
  6. 6. 10 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 11 Emotional requirements: Requirement Why? No high barriers Daylight is important, promote teamwork / people’s collaboration Use of natural materials Promotes no stress, comfortable feeling Variety of materials Interesting, fun, change, keeps people alert Colors Stress, change, keeps people alert, diversity Shape Safety Openness/transparecy Sense of space, sense of freedom 1.3.3 Observations and interviews In addition to the visits to Estonia’s most modern helps also the working process. Tables for the open offices, several observations and interviews workers don’t change often, people seem to be were being done during the research phase of the quite satisfied with their positionings in the room. project. Tables are spacious and have a lot of storage space. Since the office is more of a open-office Some of the research information was also col- type, all the tables tend to be quite clean, people lected from the obervations from one web-design don’t like to keep much of their personal or workTehnopol new office plan (ready in 2012-2013) office in Tallinn. These observations helped to de- materials on the table for everyone else to see. fine better the concrete working processes every To create some sort of privacy, tables are separated1.3.2 Requirements worker have and the patterns that occur in some with a screen between the tables. The need forThe key points found in the visits became a ba- that have to be kept in mind during the design time during the day. a bigger shared board space accurs when peoplesis for the functional and emotional requirements process. Under the requirements are also why this what to discuss the project details or brainstormcreated for our furniture. These requirements help function is needed and how it could be achieved. Working day usually starts at 9.30. First people together. Now this work is being done via e-mailto define the needs of the users for the furniture arrive around 9.30-10.00. Firstly everyone turns or just talking. Not very much visual material is on their computer, makes themselves coffee or tea created. Therefor there is not very much infor-Functional requirements: and start working. Working process tends to be mation on the walls that could help the working Requirement Why? How? very quiet since everyone is wearing their head- process a lot in the sense of reminding old, forgot- Movable For using space for different events / Light weight, wheels, tracks phones and listening to music or just being silent. ten things. assignements First meeting takes place around 11 and it lasts for Personal space is decorated very differently. A lot Stackable Getting free space when needed or Foldable, detachable, stackable an hour. After the meeting, every worker goes for of tables look quite anonymus, but some have pic- furniture not in use a lunch: some people join together to go outside tures or flowers on them. Usually personal materials and eat and others heat up their food in the mi- consist of books or post-it notes with necessary as- Multifunctional use To suit different working Combine table and brain- methods storming board, enable work- crowave. Those who stay in the office, talk to each signments and notices. Documents as such are often ing in different positions., other about random subjects not considering work taken home with the worker, almost nobody wants beaming and also watching videos or reading news. This is to keep them at work. The room for very confidential their free time of the day. After the lunch work materials is missing. This is also a trust issue. For per- Wise cable management Comfortability Holes, tracks for cables, plugs under the table continues and there is a visibile pattern: again sonalizing, people often keep their random drawings making coffee or tea and continuing working in and scetches and put them on their screens to create Combinable To suit into different architectures, to All pieces suit together the silence. Another meeting is in the noon also. more relaxed environment. Some people surround suit with different user needs At around 5 o’clock people start to leave. themselves also with good books to help making the Shape 1m2 – € As compact as possible, as The room in the office is divided between two inspiration and working process more smooth. large as possible floors. On the first floor there are tables for design- People communicate by talking to each other. Some- ers and programmers and also a meeting room. times it is complicated as someone else is talking at On the second floor there are tables for analysts. the same time. For some very important talks that The rooms are filled with light, ceilings are high other people don’t need to hear, they go upstairs or and the room has a lot of sense of space which they communicate via Skype or e-mail.
  7. 7. 12 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 13To get familiar with the working processes even ble I have my computer, phone, document draw- and go home. modern office. People can’t trust the enivironmentmore, interviews were taken with different work- ers, calendar, pen box, note paper. All the weekly 2. My table is relatively big. On the table I have they are working in and they are also creatingers of different age and from different companies. assignments are divided by day in the drawers. a screen for the computer, PEZ candies, some personal space with a lot of small details (flowers,The aim of these interviews were to find some Before I go home, I put all the documents in the papers, scetchbook, pens, blackbook, mug and a pictures, slippers etc), yet feeling themselves quiteweaknesses or shortages of their offices and where drawer to keep the table clean for the next day. phone. I keep my table very organized, because I uncomfortable.is the room for improvement. Interviews were 3. Flowers, some mood photos and pictures are don’t like if things pile up on the table.taken with people who work in quite conventional missing. I would like a lot if the furniture wouldn’t 3. I miss in my office a corner for arts and crafts, So in the context of the research and the changedoffices in the sense of work structure and office be so classical, but inspiring and new. The lack of where I could cut and glue and brainstorm with environment of the modern office, one of the mostlayout and also with people working in quite open colors also makes the room look boring. Office paper. I like that the office is open and bright. important question arises: how big role is playedand modern offices. should be a place where a person comes happily 4. On the table I leave my digiboard. Sometimes I by the environment to motivate a person to work? and where all the good thoughts are created. leave my blackbook also there, but nothing more, Or if you go deeper into the research: how muchThese were the questions asked: 4. I don’t leave any personal documents at work. because I need all of the other things after work personal space people still have in the context of1. How does your typical day at work look like? They are private and since my office is being also. their fully open offices? Actually, not a lot. Peo-Describe it as detail as possible. cleaned by another company (stranger), it is not 5. Depends on the day. My lunchbreaks are very ple are forced to fit to the given scale and leav-2. How does your cabinet or office table look like? very safe. short, because I try to do as much work as pos- ing their nature and personal self at home. At theDescribe what’s on the table, how often you clean 5. I am not at my own desk at about 50% of the sible during the day. I have some meetings, at that same time the lack of personal space creates a lotit, is there enough space or not? working day. time I’m not also at my table. But they are not very of ups and downs in the process of the working3. What is missing in your office? What do you 6. To communicate with other colleagues, I al- often. day as seen from the interviews. People look forlike the most? ways go to their cabinet. 6. I communicate with my colleagues from face- new places to work, they change places, go out etc.4. How many personal documents and materi- 7. I re-organize my office often to create comfort- to-face. I also e-mail those who are too far from They look the familiar yet likeable things to makeals you leave at work after you go home in the able and nice environment for myself. me. We have quite quiet office. them feel more comfortable and also to inspireevening? 8. My cabinet looks a lot like my own world. I 7. I have brought couple of my own things there them. Offices are too fixed or too open to make a5. How much time do you spend away from your change it as often as I need to, so that I could feel like the PEZ candy container and digiboard. One person feel good.table? In the kitchen, meeting room, outside etc. happy and good. If the cabinet is not inspiring very important part of personalization is also the As found out from the interviews, there are sev-6. How do you communicate with your col- anymore or gets boring, I change something. contents of the computer: bookmarks, wallpaper eral possibilities to make an office more personal.leagues? 9. Sometimes I work at home, but it’s not very etc. Most of all, soft values tend to make the office7. How do you personalize your office environ- good since my family gets a lot less attention then.” 8. My teammate sits just opposite from me and environment more comfortable and home-like.ment? that gives us a good opportunity to work together People make their office area homey by having a8. Why the position of your table of cabinet is like Secondly, an interview was taken with a 23 year and communicate. I’m quite near to the window, mug of their own, wearing cozy slippers, or evenit is? Would you like to change it? How? old girl working in a advertisement agency in the but I would like to be next to the window because keeping an office pet. As open-office users don’t9. Do you work outside the office as well? Where? center of Tallinn. The office is more open and the of the light. have a cabinet, their table becomes their privateWhy? What are the positive and negative sides of employers there are young people who promote 9. I work outside the office very often, because I area, with baby pictures and personal motivationalthese places? open office ideas and therefor the workers have to go to school in the evenings and that’s why I can’t notes on it. adopt to that. finish some of my work at the office. My officeFirstly, an interview was taken with a 53 year old “1. I get to work at 9.15, drive the elevator to the environment always sets my mood up and that iswoman working in one very conventional office in 4th floor. Then I check my e-mail. After that I go very hard to achieve somewhere else. Working atKopli, North-Tallinn. to the kitchen and make myself some coffee, read home is sometimes also good.”“1. I go to work around 8 AM. Before lunch I some newspapers. If the coffee is ready, I return tohave 2 meetings, after lunch about 3 short meet- my table and work until 11.30. Then I get the first 1.3.4 Personal spaceings. My working day also consists of counselling feeling of hunger, but I keep working. At about Office today is a kitchen, resting area, bed, partyworkers and managers. The official lunch break 12.30 I leave for lunch outside the office. I usually place, working area and meeting area. It combinesis 1 hour and 30 minutes. I don’t go out to eat, I buy some food from the supermarket and eat it in several functions within itself since people spendeat in the office the food I have taken from home. the office kitchen. After lunch I continue work- there almost 1/3 of their day. The space has to of-During the day I drink about 2 cups of tea. I leave ing, sometimes talk to colleagues, watch some fer them several possibilities to change environ-work around 6 PM. Youtube videos. Around 17.30 I think about going ment but at the same time being able to keep every2. My office is an average size, it has white walls home, but sometimes it’s not possible since there is workers personal self and space. The need for per-and it is open and with a lot of light. My table is a lot of work. In the end of the day I complete the sonal space has been also an outcome or one quitetoo small for all the necassary documents. On ta- working schedule, return it to the secretarys table big problem in the sense of either conventional or
  8. 8. 14 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 15Several possibilites to make an office more personal Personal space through storage space1.3.5 Market 1.4 NeedAs considering the personal space in an office, furniture, but at the same time offer a possibility Through the market came the need for a fastthere are several solutions in the context of furni- to cover or hide the personal quickly and create change within the furniture, at the same timeture dealing with this topic. Here are two possible new layers of working surfaces through it. This keeping the personal space of the worker and cre-ways of dealing with this project. solutions offers a way to store personal things in ating the feeling of private office environment in a way that their position stays the same and they the open office context. The change could be cre-First solution is the way to create personal space are not going to be put away. There are no similar ated by changing the layers of the working spacein the office furniture to collect and store personal furniture solutions on the market at the moment, and therefor creating a space with different func-photos, documents, things etc about the individual so the market is non-existant. tions.working there. There are several solutions on thissubject on the market. These solutions offer storage 1.5 The ideaspace within the frniture itself and the possibility to The idea of the project is to maintain the personal-put away or hide the personal belongigs by cleaning. ized space in shared/open office when the purposeSecond way is to create personal space within the of the room changes.
  9. 9. 16 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 171.6 PersonasBased on the research, 2 personas of the most Kristi is 32 years old and also works in an openpopular users of the open offices were created. type of office.They were based on the interviews, observationsand statistics of the users in open and shared of-fices. Personas are called Martin and Kristi.Martin is 40 years old, works as a partner in a de-sign company. Their office is a open type. Kristi She is very clean and focused in her work. There- for her table is always clean and she cleans it often. Oppose to Martin, her table is very personalized with pictures of her family and friends. Kristi hasMartin to spend a lot of time at her table due to her work, but she doesn’t want to meet her colleagues at herHis desk at his office is always messy. But he table, because of her personal things. Therefor sheknows always where everything is when he needs looks for different random places to meet his col-it, so it can be called an organized mess. Table is leagues and discuss necessary things. Finding amainly covered with work related things such as suitable place is not very easy ofcourse, since officelaptop, documents, catalogues etc. Since he has lot is often full of people and there is little or no freeof projects and little free time, he has no time to space.clean his table. Because of the long working days,he also doesn’t have any time to go out of the of-fice, therefor he would like to meet his partnersalso in his office, but right know it is not possibleor it needs long planning ahead. The only possibleplace for meetings is the bigger room in their of-fice with meeting table, but that tends to be oc-cupied by some of the workers and work materials. Kristi’s table at her officeMartin’s table at his office
  10. 10. Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 192 Concept
  11. 11. 20 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 212 ConceptAfter working out the idea, concept of the furni- market offers only one desktop with several storageture was created to meet the need and idea of the possibilities. There was two possible directions ofproduct and the user. moving on.2.1 Field of concept 2.3 Development of the conceptIn the brief of the project, it was described that the First of all, the design of the concept started alsofurniture has to fit in the open office context, offer- with creating several solutions for hiding personaling a series of products to meet the need of the users. things by cleaning them or putting them away.So the field of the concept could be focused on sev- This was the first direction which was thoughteral items: multifunctional working surface, stor- about. But this sketches did not offer the solutionage unit, separators, blackboards etc. This project to satisfy the need of the users for a fast changefocused mainly on the creation of a multifunctional within the furniture, at the same time keeping theworking surface. After creating the principles of the personal space of the worker.furniture idea, all of the other items coul be createdusing the same principles of design. Sketches of the office furniture. Possibility to put things away, extra storage space2.2 Introduction to the concept Second, the most promising direction was the way table by creating new layers of working surfaces.The concept was created based on the research of of maintaining the personal things on the First of all, several simple solutions were created.the users and their needs. So there is a need for sev-eral desktops/layers within the working surface, but Solution1. New layers of working surface. Layers “slide” on the previous working surface.Sketches of the office furniture. Possibility to put things away, extra storage space.
  12. 12. 22 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 23Solution 2. Table/suitcase conceptSo as the need for several desktops within one and papers could be put away quickly.working surface was defined, first concepts were The idea of Klapit is to reverse the traditional oldcreated. The most important aspects of the con- schooltable idea, by offering a person to work oncept was to cover the existing table space, so that the “inside” of the table and the possibility to closethe user could change within the working surfaces the cover helps to hide personal belongigs. The First sketches of the table with a closable coverquickly and cover their personal belongigs as easily space created by closing the cover helps to holdas possible. The idea of covering something on the meetings and brainstorming on top of the newtable also remindes old school tables, where books clean surface.First sketches of the table with a closable cover More concrete sketches of the table
  13. 13. 24 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 252.4 Final conceptAfter the idea of the furniture and first sketches Some more sketch drawings were made of theand ideas were put on paper, a final concept was furniture product before final assembly drawingsmade. Final concept consisted of 3 main parts of for pruducing of the prototype.the working surface: legs, base and top.Table with the cover. On the left, table is open and ready for working, on the right, meeting space Sketches of legs, base and cover positionsSketches of legs, base and cover positions
  14. 14. Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 273 Design
  15. 15. 28 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 293 Design3.1 DesignThe design process of the working furniture started place of the table is not possible. People often tendwith defining the dimensions and overall apper- to keep their personal belongings (books, docu- The top plate of the tableance of the product. The dimensions were measured ments) on the table, so therefor the free space forthrough testing of the existing tables and finding working gets even more smaller. To figure out theout the most comfortable space for working. Exist- final dimensions, carboard prototype of the tableing working surfaces tend to have too little space was made. It was tested several times before thefor working, they are not very long, so that often dimensions for the prototype were fixed.using computer and doing paperwork in the same Base + plate closedCarboard prototypes. On the left: closed table, on the right: open tableAfter the dimensions were defined, first 3D solu- base and the top only, legs were designed in thetions were created. In the 3D materials, shape and further progress of the project.first colors were also defined. 3D was made of theThe base of the table Base + plate open
  16. 16. 30 Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology Thulema / Aivo Arusaar, Birgit Pulk / Tallinn University of Technology 313.1.1 TechnicalAfter the main design of the base and plate were the product itself had to be flatpacked for trans-defined, the final legs design was also made. The porting. Therefor the legs are separated from thedesign of the legs was based on three main prin- top frame and can be attached to it with screwciples. First of all, it had to support the table base bolts. The third aspect of the frame design con-from all four angles. Since the base is lowered in sidered the way how the table could be positionedthe back, the frame had to support the base rela- in the room. Legs are positioned with an angletively well from the middle. The second most im- to make the positioning of several tables togetherportant part of the leg design was the fact that more easy. Hinges used in the plate Vacuum form for the base of the tableANSYS calculations of the frame with total deformation, weight applied is 100kgThe base is vacuum formed and made from felt. It The creases between different parts of the tableconsists of an area for working and a “pocket” for are connected to each other with hinges that al-larger things. In the pocket there is also a “flower”, low the plates to turn 180 degrees.stamped area for cables. The working area of the baseis covered with plastic to make writing on it better. Technical drawings of the legs and plate, pages 30-35.The plate is made of MDF and consists of 4 mainparts. One part attaches the plate to the table, twoplates can be used as a separator when the plate ofthe table is open and the fourth part of the tableis attached to the third one and acts as a cover forthe front of the table. Hole for cables and open plate as a separator; place for hinges
  17. 17. RAAM EESTVAADE RAAM KÜLGVAADE A SCALE 1 : 5 SCALE 1 : 5 EESMINE PÕIKPUU 95 70 95 70 12,500 1360 12,500 465 1385 490 RAAM PEALTVAADE SCALE 1 : 5 KEEVITUS 90-KRAADISE NURGA ALL DETAIL A SCALE 1 : 1 25 TAGUMINE PÕIKPUU 90 ° KÜLGMINE PÕIKPUU KÜLGMINE PÕIKPUU 465 465 70 95 487,500487,500 EESMINE PÕIKPUU 1360 23,452 1385 22 25 1 KÜLGMINE PÕIKPUU LAUARAAM KOOST 3 SCALE 1 : 5 25 ° ITEM NO. PART DESCRIPTION QTY. 45 45 ° 20 1 Külgmine põikpuu 2 25 440 25 25 2 Eesmine põikpuu 1 490 3 Tagumine põikpuu 1 2 Material Tolerances Mass Scale 25 1/5 1 Author A.Arusaar, B.Pulk Title 490 Laua raam/ Supervisor Pent Talvet Validated Külgmine põikpuu TUT Department of Sheet Drawing nr. Mechanical Engineering 1/1 No. 004 VASAK LAUAJALG EESTVAADE VASAK LAUAJALG VASAKULT VAADE PAREM LAUAJALG PAREMALT VAADE PAREM LAUAJALG EESTVAADE SCALE 1 : 5 SCALE 1 : 5 SCALE 1 : 5 SCALE 1 : 5 18 ° 18 90 90 6,5 mm ava ° 6,5 mm ava 6,5 mm ava 6,5 mm ava Painutus 90-kraadi Painutus 90-kraadi 26mm tsentriraadius 26 mm tsentriraadius 11 Painutus 90-kraadi Painutus 90-kraadi 26 mm tsentriraadius 26mm tsentriraadius 668,3 668,3 11 718 700 700 718 648 700 718 718 700 648 ° 74 ° ,42 90 ° ,4 90 74 2° A B 6 18 6 A R2 B R2 18 6 R2 R2 6 569,874 569,874 VASAK LAUAJALG PEALTVAADE 639,874 639,874 PAREM LAUAJALG PEALTVAADE SCALE 1 : 5 SCALE 1 : 5 SECTION B-B SECTION A-A SCALE 1 : 1 SCALE 1 : 1 ° 01 6,5 mm ava 10 6, 6,5 mm ava 6, 10 01 ° 90 90 0 6,50 6,50 25 0 25 639,874 639,874 096 418, 14 14 096 418, 18 18 10 6, 01 6,5 mm ava ° 0 6,5 mm ava 6,50 6,50 25 0 25 18 18 64 64 90 90 Material Tolerances Mass Scale 1/5 Author A.Arusaar, B.Pulk Title Supervisor Pent Talvet Parem lauajalg/ Validated Vasak lauajalg TUT Department of Sheet Drawing nr. Mechanical Engineering 1/1 No. 003
  18. 18. 25 A 25 C 95 95 82,500 82,500 82,500 22 25 6 R5 R5 6 56 144 50 860 50 144 56 12,500 56 1248 56 12,500 A 1360 1385 20 25 25 20 12,500 56 144 50 860 50 144 56 12,500 1360 1385 SECTION A-A DETAIL C SCALE 1 : 1 M6 mutter DIN934 SCALE 1 : 1 (pinnakatteta) 45° 1,500 25 25 22 56 25 25 6,500 50M6 mutter DIN934 Material Tolerances Mass Scale 12,500(pinnakatteta) 1/5 Author A.Arusaar, B.Pulk Title Supervisor Pent Talvet Tagumine põikpuu 19 20 Validated 22 25 TUT Department of Sheet Drawing nr. Mechanical Engineering 1/1 No. 001 25 A 25 C 95 95 82,500 82,500 82,500 22 25 6 R5 R5 6 56 24 50 1100 50 24 56 12,500 56 1248 56 12,500 A 1360 1385 20 25 25 20 12,500 56 24 50 1100 50 24 56 12,500 1360 1385 SECTION A-A DETAIL C SCALE 1 : 1 M6 mutter DIN934 SCALE 1 : 1 (pinnakatteta) 45° 1,500 25 22 25 56 25 25 6,500 50M6 mutter DIN934 Material Tolerances Mass Scale 12,500(pinnakatteta) 1/5 Author A.Arusaar, B.Pulk Title Supervisor Pent Talvet Eesmine põikpuu 19 20 Validated 22 25 TUT Department of Sheet Drawing nr. Mechanical Engineering 1/1 No. 002