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  • 1. JUMPY 2011ww w.design-engineering.ee 1
  • 2. CONTENTS1 PRODUCT BACKGROUND 21.1 Project aim and objectives 21.2 Statistics 21.3 Market research 21.4 The idea 71.5 Giga map 72 PRODUCT 102.1 Design proposal 102.2 Product value 132.3 For business 132.4 Our product vs. market 132.5 User groups 142.6 Effects on user groups 142.7 Where to use it 142.8 Meeting with the professional 153 DESIGN AND MATERIALS 153.1 Design solutions 15 3.1.1 Technical solution 16 3.1.2 Appearance solution 163.2 Size 163.3 How it works 17 3.3.1 Sensors 18 3.3.2 LEDs 19 3.3.3 Controller 19 3.3.4 Materials 20 3.3.5 Processing 213.4 Transporting 224 AFFECTS ON THE USER 234.1 How it solves our problem 234.2 Effects on the body 23 4.2.1 Positive effects 234.3 Personalizing the game 245 INTERACTION 245.1 Product as a platform 24 5.1.1 Games 24 5.1.2 Scores 25 5.1.3 Leveling up 26 5.1.4 Community 266 FURTHER DEVELOPMENT 276.1 Problems 276.2 What next 27
  • 3. Egert Uibo Birgit Pulk Mihkel Joost Sao Baolian EKA EKA TTÜ XPUproduct design graphic design Product industral design Development and Production Engineering
  • 4. ReportThis report details a conseptual design project undertaken by Design and Engineering Mastersprogram students at Tallinn University of Technology.1 PRODUCT BACKGROUND1.1 Project aim and objectivesThe aim of the conseptual design project was to create a consept of a personal training equipmentconsidering the needs of the users and offering them the best possible solution taking into accountour teams viewpoints and focuses.The proposed project seeks to develop a personal training equipment that would be a help forpeople struggling with weight loss and searching alternative solutions for training their body.The outcome of this project is a concept of the equipment that can go beyond current and existingequipments and is a help to solve the focused problem which is traing the body in a best possibleway.The main objectives of the proposed project, delivered through a package of people-based activi-ties and a short-term feasibility study, are as follows:1. To develop new ideas in personal training equipment.2. To complement and build on the existing expertise and knowledge in the area of sport and train-ing a prototype that can be used in the ways necessary for the equipment.3. To carry out a short-term feasibility study to investigate the current situation at the market andpossible places for improvement.1.2 StatisticsNowadays lot of people join gyms. People want to stay healthy and find a way to loose or maintainweight and also increase metabolism and overall feeling of the body. But the statistics say thatabout 67% of people with gym membership don’t use it at all, so they only get the good feeling ofdoing sports while they purchase the membership and the actual process of training and visitinggym is not important anymore. The biggest causes for quitting are mainly bacause gym is boringand it takes a lot of time to go there (driving there, training, driving back). So people tend to justwaiste their memberships and also the money they bought it with.But those who still can manage to go to gym, a lot of them, actually 93% of them, quit gym in thefirst 90 days. The main reasons are boredom and monotony as mentioned before and also price.Gym membership costs about average 55 EUR/per month + also a joining fee, which is about 45EUR and spending that kind of money on something person doesn’t enjoy or use, isn’t very reason-able and doesn’t offer a person longtime effects on the body.So our team focused in the project mainly on these three big problems: gym is boring, monoto-nous and doesn’t offer too much adrenaline and motivation in long term run.1.3 Market researchMarket of the training products can roughly be divided into 4 parts: gym and home training equip-ment, interactive games, sport and leisure combining games and simulators.Reasearching the market, we firstly focused on the regular gym equipment. We found that theequipment is heavy, hard to use, clumsy and need lots of repeated action to get the results. Thatmakes the training process long, monotonous and not very stimulating.Secondly we reasearched home training equipment and found its positive and negative sides.Home use offers the equipment the opportunity to train on it without any previous preparation. 4
  • 5. But the downside in home training is that often home as a comfortable environment doesn’t offertoo much motivational basis for training and so the equipment stays unused and is just a burdenat home.Some examples of different kind of gym equipmentSome examples of home training equipmentAfter thorough research on gym and home gym equipment and relying on the statistics, our teamalso found that gym equpiment is clumsy, hard to understand and too monotonous. So our projectfocus was put on the more playful and fun exercising equipment.Fun training equipment 5
  • 6. Fun training equipmentThe second category was interactive games that offer the player a lot of adrenaline, but training atte same time. The games have mostly been focused on children, but they offer good quality train-ing for adults as well.Interactive gamesThird big category is sport and leisure combining games which offer a good entertainment, yettrain body and keep the user occupied for several hours. Some of the games are also good teambuilding games.Sport and leisure combining gamesAnd the final category that would meet our criterias of sporting equipment were simulators. Theysimulate some kind of sport activity, yet the training can take place anywhere and doesn’t need theconcrete tools or environment as the real sport does. But the outcomes of the simulator training isa lot like real training, so the effect is quite the same. 6
  • 7. Different kind of simulators for sportTo sum up, there are a lot of different kind of equipment on the market that differ from the regulargym equipment and offer the user a lot more fun in the training process. This is a big motivator forthe user, beacuse it helps to keep the training process not turning into monotonous workout. Andif the user isn’t very motivated to do sports, then different interactive games or simulators all offera great deal of extra and upredictable action in the training process.So the one connecting keyword that would describe all of those fun and at the same time goodtraining equipments is randomness. Randomness in sport and games can be created in a lotof different ways: for example by changing the shape of the product during the process, usingmechanisms that offer random patterns of actions to the user, by distraction, environment, lack ofknowledge and also by adding a oponent, who creates the randomness by its own actions thatare not known to the other party.The team games also offer a great deal of randomness in the game and can give different resultsand endscore is usually never known and estimated, because the opponents actions are not pre-dicted.Motivation scheme 7
  • 8. Team sportsTeam sports are actually of the biggest randomness creators, because through training togther,opponents both have the desire to win so that creates the necessary motivation for playing somemore. It also has a social aspect in it that includes finding a partner for the game, communicationgthrough game, passing time and bonding. Through team sports comes also a responsibility to at-tend training all the time because teammates can’t let each other down.Team sport effectiveness can be explained also by dopamine effectDopamine is a neurotransmitter that is naturally produced in the body. It is present in the regionsof the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation and the feeling of pleasure. Dopaminestabilizes the brain activity, regulated flow of information to other parts of the brain and controlsmovement. It plays a major part in addiction. Since Dopamine is a chemical messenger, it is similarto adrenaline. It activates the dopamine receptors.When Dopamine supplies as a drug, it acts on the sympathetic nervous system. This produces ef-fects such as blood pressure growth, and increased heart rate. Dopamine is connected with thepleasure system of the brain. This means that is provides feelings of enjoyment and reinforcementwhich motivates us to do or to continue doing certain activities. It is also released when a pleasur-able activity is expected to happen. This tells us that the activity does not even have to actuallytake place for dopamine to be released. Therefore, it could be more involved in “desire” rather than“pleasure”. 8
  • 9. 1.4 The ideaThe idea of the project as based on the statistics and thorough research is to make a concept fora personal training equipment that offers randomness, can be played by several people and is alsofun and training at the same time.1.5 Giga mapGiga map of the research was also made during the beginning of the project process. It includedthe most important points of the process to that point and also some new conclusions and view-points to the topic.Our team learned in the process to map all of the activities and write them down. A lot of smallermini-maps were made during the giga-mapping and they led to the discovery of the direction theproject should move on to and also some previously missing viewpoints, such as the real meaningof randomness in training and the most important Potential points and Innovation point of theproject.The missing parts in this stage of the prohect were the concrete user groups and concreete idea ofthe product. The project had a direction to balance and muscle training through random and teamactivities but not yet a concrete outcome or and idea how to apply these keywords to a productwas not formed.The giga map is added in between the project report. 9
  • 10. 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. 2 PRODUCT2.1 Design proposalOur team proposed an idea of an interactive mattress, where people can balance on and which ismostly a platform for different games. It consists of squares where people can jump on during thegame. The colors on the mattress change according to the game.InspirationFirst version of the product was just a regular flat mattress. But the problem was that people couldonly jump on it and the flat surface didn’t need very much balance and work to be stayed on.First version of the mattressThe second version was an improvement of the first one: an airfilled mattress, where all the squareswould be independant chambers and if one opponent jumped on one square, a random squarewould appear in other players area. This ideas downside was that the structure of the mattresstended to be too hard and people might have injured themselves while playing on the mattress.Sidewiev of the mattress with chambers 12
  • 13. Also it hadn’t been decided how big the mattress should be, so our team proposed an idea of twosectioned mattress. It was a good way to offer also a possibility for people to train also alone. Butthe complexity of the pressure sensors and the overall structure and system of the mattress was abig downside.Two-sectioned mattress and solo trainingWe also offered a bluetooth version of the two-sectioned mattress, but it was also as complex asthe version before, so we moved on.Two-sectioned mattress without the connectionIn the very end of the project a one piece mattress was again proposed. But this time its dimensionswere bigger, so that two opponents could not et to each other so quickly and moving on the mat-tress would be a great workout. Seperate air-filled spaces, but the construction is also too complex.One-pieced mattress 13
  • 14. The final solution brought the mattress back to its origins, only that its top is preformed and as theperson jumps, the air moves in the mattress, the squares are not separate, but joined by air canals.Last version of the mattressSimilar productsTest area and test subjects 14
  • 15. TestsThe product is called Jumpy, which represents fun, speed and playfulness.2.2 Product valueJumpy offers its users three kind of different values for a good and satisfactory using process.Jumpy is training and having fun at the same time. It combines sport and also game which makesthe product a good alternative for gym equipment and therefore is good for people who seektraining opportunites and want to improve also secondary qualities of their body in addition tomuscle training. These qualities include speed and coordination improvement through game.Jumpy is also very good for developing team playing skills and good motivational tool for peoplewho don’t like sporting alone. As team playing sports are self-motivating, they are a good way ofsocializing and communicating with people through a game.The maintanance costs are also low beacuse it doesn’t have to be done by a specialist from theproducing company, but it can be repaired and maintained by almost anyone.2.3 For businessThere are several selling points of Jumpy for the businesses.It is the only game and sport combining equipment that is mainly a platform and offers a great dealof opportunities for different kind of games.The other very good selling point is the community opportunity our product offers, because sinceit is a platform, people can develop and sell or share their games via Internet and download themto their Jumpy. This connects together people around the world. And also gives the opportunity tochoose from wide range of different kind of games for persons own abilities (speed games, think-ing games etc).2.4 Our product vs. market Positive sides compared to the market Negative sides compared to the market Weight Size Interaction (games) Place where to use it 15
  • 16. Flexibility (lots of possibilities) Easy to use Sport + fun Maintenance Team playing skills Randomness factor (team + games) Durable2.5 User groupsThe main users our team firstly focused our were bored gym user, overweight persons and com-puter games addicts. These were the three main groups that needed the most motivation in theirtraining to the information based on the research and statistics.Bored gym user, overweight person and computer games addictDuring the work process we discovered our final main user groups: children and teenagers. Thatdoesn’t mean the product isn’t meant for older people, but the main focus is on young people.2.6 Effects on user groupsJumpy offers a great deal of fun and also opportunity to train the body. This meets the users mostimportant needs to have a good time while doing something active and at the same time burningcalories and training the whole body.It is also very good opportunity for parents to spend time together with children and also school-mates can communicate woth their friends for example.2.7 Where to use itThe product was firstly made mostly for home use, but developing the product and changing thesize of it, Jumpy fits more to larger areas and places where a lot of people could use it. Here aresome examples of the places:1. school2. kindergarten3. amusementpark4. childrens areas in supermarkets5. etc 16
  • 17. But its function and usability also lets to use it in more unconventional places such as retirementhomes, gyms etc.2.8 Meeting with the professionalSince the topic for the project was jumping and balancing, we contacted Skypark, the only tram-poline center in Estonia. Our team met one of the trainers there, Eero Joon, who taught the basicsof jumping, the rules and also talked us about what muscle groups jumping improves and why it isgood to our body.The most important facts for our project as well were:1. Average about 1000 kcal burned in one training in one hour.2. Biggest problem in jumping: ankle injuries.3. During the jump you have to keep your back straight and chest forward, have to keep all themucles tense.4. Different exercises for abs, shoulders (the biggest training), arms.5. Jumping is not suitable for pregnant women and very overweight people.Trainer Eero Joon at Skypark and jumping3. DESIGN AND MATERIALS3.1 Design solutionsThe development of design solutions are combined from two main parts. One part is the technicalsolution and another part is the appearance solution.Picture of the product 17
  • 18. Picture of the product3.1.1 Technical solutionTechnical solution include technical principle and mechanical structure, the first one explains howJumpy works and the second one shows the realization of the solution.For technical principle, firstly, air movement which is the main idea of Jumpy equipment and ithelps to realize the action of jumping and pressure transmission. It is caused by player’s continuousjumping so that air moves between different neighbored chambers. Secondly, LED lights representdifferent situations, which is the base of man-machine interface system. Thirdly, there are pressuresensors which determine the position of players; controllers which control the LED lights are alsoimportant for the working of Jumpy equipment.For mechanical structure, there are two main layers of components inside Jumpy equipment. Toplayer is chambers, in which different parts are laid in proper order, from thermoplastic elastomer,LED lights, sensors to controllers. Base layer is rubber foam with air channels, in which inlaid circuitsystem, battery charger and other electricity is placed.3.1.2 Appearance solutionAppearance solution is based on the technical solution and functional requirements of the equip-ment. Jumpy has a square shape with round corners, which makes it comfortable and close to per-son. Square is a common form which been used in indoor facility design. It is easy to make Jumpyequipment to set in different areas and be harmonious with others. In addition, square is betterthan other shape in connecting with each other. The round top surface of each chamber is causedby deformation of thermoplastic from air movement, which helps to practice the balance controlof player.3.2 SizeJumpy should be in a fit size for setting in common size room, additional, the area should be bigenough to make players do enough exercise. 70 3500Dimensions of the product 18
  • 19. 2100 3500Dimensions of the productCurrently, Jumpy is 3500 millimeters long, 2100 millimeters wide and 70 millimeters high. The areasize is as the sum of size of 60 chambers, which is proper for players to jump and run. These 60 cham-bers are laid as 10 vertical lines and 6 horizontal lines. Each chamber has an area in 350x350(mm),which calculated as average length of normal adult’s feet.3.3 How it worksJumpy is an interactive jumping mattress, which consists of 60 35mm x 35 mm pillows. The pillowsare situated in 6 rows, with 10 pillows in each row.Jumpy layoutThe mattress is made out of two sheets of „rubber“, which are welded together in a specific pattern.By welding the two sheets together specific rooms or „pillows“ are formed. The intersection pointsof the inner walls of the pillows are not welded together. From the intersection 10mm the walls arenot welded. This creates the passage in which air can pass from one pillow to another. 19
  • 20. Welding patternWhen a person jumps on one pillow the air starts to go to the pillows next to it through thepassage. The connection with nearby pillows has several purposes. For one thing, it adds morecomplexity to the platform, because a player cannot stand on one pillow for too long, becauseotherwise it gets flat.Secondly the connection between the pillows eases the process of inflating the mattress. As thereare 60 pillows, inflating them one-by-one would be very tedious. Furthermore each pillow shouldin that case have its own valve for inflation. So the connection between the pillows allows us to useone valve for inflation.3.3.1 SensorsTo determine the player’s position we need to use some kind of sensors. The choice came down totwo kinds of sensors: the proximity sensor and a pressure sensor.We decided to choose the pressure sensor because it would be more easily mounted on the bot-tom part of each pillow which is removable. For proximity sensors we also would have needed toput one side of the sensor on the rubber, which moves up & down.We decided to choose PSF102-7651-710 pressure switch, for its low cost and the appropriate work-ing range.Pressure switch PSF102 part of the mattress 20
  • 21. Pressure switch3.3.2 LEDsIn the bottom of each pillow are LED lights which can light up according to the game program run-ning. We decided to use RGB LEDs for the purpose of using multiple colors, which enable multiusergames to be programmed.We chose LS5150RGB LED’s because they are cheap and durable and the power supply needed isconcurrent with the outputs of the Arduino board we are planning to use.LS5150RGN LED lights and LED sensor in the mattress3.3.3 ControllerOne main aspect of the product is that it is a platform. The players themselves can create games.For this reason we need to use a controller which is easily programmable and commonly used. Wedecided to use Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller.Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller 21
  • 22. The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 . It has 54 digitalinput/output pins, 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, aUSB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button.Arduino can sense the environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors and can affect itssurroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators. The microcontroller on the boardis programmed using the Arduino programming language (based on Wiring) and the Arduino de-velopment environment (based on Processing). Arduino projects can be stand-alone or they cancommunicate with software running on a computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP).The Arduino Mega can be powered via the USB connection or with an external power supply. Thepower source is selected automatically. USB current is allocated in units of 100 mA up to a maxi-mum total of 500 mA per port. As our product has 60 40 mA LED, which may need to be lid upat the same time, the power supply from the USB port is insufficient. This means we have to use apower adapter. Arduino Mega 2560 requires a 9 to 12V DC, 250mA or more, 2.1mm plug, centrepin positive power adapter. For our product we need an adapter with at least 2,5 A for the hypo-thetical situation when all the LEDs are lid up. These power adapters are easily found. For examplewe can use the MW2006GS universal power adapter.3.3.4 MaterialsThe biggest question considering the materials of the product, was the material of the top level ofthe mattress. The product requires that the upper part of mattress is durable, flexible and transpar-ent. Also it should be as cheap as possible. We decided to look into thermoplastic elastomers as apotential materials group to find the exact material.Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) combine the good processing properties of plastics with the elas-tomer properties that are so important for product developers and designers. The use of TPEs of-fers a number of key advantages:- Easy thermoplastic processing- Short cycle times- Low energy consumption- Thermal stability, providing large processing window- Multi-component processing and thus reduced assembly costs- Combination of two materials (hard-soft composite)- 100% recyclable- Versatile dying options, including colour effects for more advanced designFor the mattress we need some material with yield strenght between 5 to 10ksi. When it is softer,people will not more “float”. When the stiffness is higher, the mattress will be too hard. So the Ma-terials between Polyvinylchloride and Polycarbonate is in this case interesting. 22
  • 23. Yield strength of termoplastic elastomersThrough analysis we came to the conclusion that Polyvinylchloride (PVC) would be the most suit-able thermoplastic elastomer for our product. This is the material with best combination out ofprice, usable temperature, recyclability, yield strength and long time strain. The material is alsovisible.3.3.5 ProcessingAs the most suitable process of joining the upper and lower layer of PVC we saw hot gas welding.The process is designed to join thermoplastic materials in an airtight manner. The process is similarto the gas welding of metals. The weld torch is just a souped-up hairdryer that directs a streamof hot gas, at scalp-searing temperatures (200-300 °C) at the joint area and at a rod of the samethermoplastic as the substrate. Polymers are very viscous when heated, so they do not flow in theway that metals do - that is why filler material is needed; the filler is pressed into the softened jointto form the bond.The equipment cost and set up time are both low, making this an economic process that can beperformed on site. The biggest drawback of hot gas welding is that the process is slow, and thusnot suitable for mass production.Lower part of the mattress is also made of PVC, it is as one big whole. 23
  • 24. The baseThe part is 20 mm thick, with a 60 mm hole positioned in such a way that the holes are centered ineach pillows center. The base for each pillow can be looked at as a separate part. Inside each holea sleeve is mounted and fixed in an airtight manner. Inside the sleeve a threaded part is insertedwhich contains the LED and the pressure sensor. These are the parts that have the potential ofbreaking or wearing off. They are positioned in the module because they can be easily changed ifnecessary.3.4 TransportingTransporting the mattress and maintaining itTransporting is showed as the logistic flow chart which is a process:– Persons book and purchase a product online.– Company provides delivery service.– The original product from warehouse is rolled up without air filling.– Mattress is rolled open and filled with air by pumping.– Jumpy is ready for using. 24
  • 25. – The mattress can be flattened by vacuum machine and be rolled up again to store.– Company support maintenance on-site service if there is any problem. The maintenance can alsobe done by anyone else with previous experience.4 AFFECTS ON THE USER4.1 How it solves our problemThe most important problem what we want to solve is creating an addiction, which can be reflectedas fun of physical practice, interaction of physical practice, body training and attractiveness ofphysical practice.Firstly, we faced problems as below: how to get fun and randomness from physical practice? Howis it different from other boring practices? So, our product should consist of games not only anequipment for practice. Different preinstalled games and editable games increase interests of usingthe equipment.Secondly, what we focus on is not only muscle practice but also coordination, body balancing, brainreaction and speed. While jumping on this mattress when playing games, players have to mobilizebrain, legs and arms to control their bodies. It is a real overall physical improvement practice.Thirdly, we need equipment which is attractive and amazing. So, we need randomness and chal-lenge. Before stepping on the mattress players do not know what will happen. Actually, playersnever know what will happen next. If you want to get the answer, the only way is jumping andjumping. Sometimes people need to win others to get the feel of satisfaction. The games on Jumpycan be competition for two or more persons. Different levels and increasing scores always makeplayers want to use the product more.All above lead to a result which is practice addiction.4.2 Effects on the body + + body overall posture metabolislm abs coordination side muscles speed buttocks balance thighs stamina legs weight lossEffects on the body4.2.1 Positive effectsJumping games are a real overall physical improvement. Therefore, the positive effects on the bodycan be divided into two parts: physical effects and emotional effects.Players can exercise most muscles of their bodies by playing Jumpy games. Even side muscles gettrained which are easy to be ignored in common practice. Besides muscle practice, there are many 25
  • 26. other positive effects as below:– Players can get better balance by the action of jumping and controlling their body.– Jumping is an aerobic workout which helps to increase metabolism by sweating.– Players can also improve their coordination by controlling feet, body and even brain at the sametime.– After more practice, players will find themselves to be better at fast speed moving and have bet-ter reaction.– Jumping is one of the best practices for losing weight. Weight loss is about 1000 kcal/h.– Jumping exercises grow stamina.– Because of the advantages of aerobic practice, jumping is also a good cardiovascular workout.After exercise for a period of time, players brain produces dopamine which is a kind of doping.Dopamine can make people feel good and motivated. It is very good for people who are depressedand lazy. In addition, Jumpy games are social for players, which help promoting communicationbetween them.4.3 Personalizing the game Change mattress Change games pressure game type speedHow big is the pressure? how fast is the speed? what are the rules? All of these questions dependon individuals. There is an example; too big pressure in the mattress and too fast speed are difficultto follow for overweight players. In order to get a satisfied result which is also safe, these playerscan choose relatively smaller pressure and lower speed at the beginning and make more practiceto get to higher level. So, game rules should not be strict for overweight players and beginners.To sum up, different game characters provide different choices for different players to get satisfiedresults to play safely.5 INTERACTION5.1 Product as a platformJumpy is a platform that includes a variety of games, score system, leveling up rules and also com-munity characters.5.1.1 GamesJumpy comes with some preinstalled games, but there is a possibility for downloading games.And there are 3 different types of games for different usergroups: thinking games, acting fastgames and both thinking and acting fast games.Firstly, thinking games have relatively slower speed and focus on reaction practice. It is especiallyfor elder people and very young children and someone who has an interest in thinking games. Thenew game could be a combination of some popular games, for instance, chess, reversi and so on.These games are familiar for most players, so they are easy for them to play but Jumpy brings moresurprise in the game than the original game does.Secondly, acting fast games are especially for young people and enthusiasts who have much in-terest in games and exercises. Players have to move fast to get a good score. Therefore, in thesegames, players must have a strong physique and good overall physical condition. They want to getmore practice and better skills; furthermore, what they really want to do is challenging themselves.There are also popular traditional games can be played on Jumpy, which are tag, red and greenlights and so on. 26
  • 27. Thinking + acting fast games combine characters of thinking games and acting fast games. Thesegames combine difficulty and fun, which is more attractive for players. There are examples of fa-miliar games which is a real think and acting fast game. Hopscotch is a traditional children game. Ifwe play it on Jumpy mattress, it must be a very special experience.One game example5.1.2 Scores 4:2ScoresScore is one of the most important element in each game. Jumpy games are no exception. Howto get a score? It depends on different games, but we have same rules for all games, which is thefeedback given by sensors. More positive feedback is given if the scores gets bigger. On contrary,more negative feedback is given if the player fails. In some situations, a big mistake can cause a bigscore loss.The approach of score display is shown by the flash of LED lights and voice of warning. Each flash ofdifferent LED colors represent one positive feedback or one negative feedback, which also meansone score that players have. During playing time, there are voices of warning appear to notice whatsituations they are in. At the end of each section there is a signal to the winner where the wholeplaying area is colored to the winners colors. 27
  • 28. Winner5.1.3 Leveling upEach Jumpy game has a character of leveling up what is the critical element to create addictionfor players. Basically, there are four levels for players: beginner, elementary, intermediate and ad-vanced.There are several stages in each level. In single game, player has to get enough scores in each stageto go ahead to the next advanced stage; after covering all stages in one level, player has an op-portunity to go to next level and continue the game. In challenging game and while playing withmultiple opponents, the winner in each section has opportunity to continue playing and the finalwinner of each level can be continuing on next level and the losers will go out from the each level.5.1.4 CommunityWhat Jumpy established is not only game equipment but even a community, where enthusiastscan create new games and share them to others on the Internet. Games could be traditional andfamiliar for players, also could be totally new and never heard of. You can create any game youlike. Perhaps there would be a big surprise that your new game is on the top 10 download gamelist? Communications also include forum and blog. How to improve skills? How to design amazinggames? What is the best game for weight loss? We can share whatever we like about this crazyproduct. Game download Game making Game sharingCommunity 28
  • 29. 6 FURTHER DEVELOPMENT6.1 ProblemsIt was a pleasant process of doing this project and a solution we showed, was a concept. The prob-lems we still have are more related to the interaction and games.There are some mechanics related problems also such as air movement.– How fast the air goes from one chamber to nearby chamber?– How big pressure is proper for air movement?– How many channels are necessary for air movement?Some problems are related to specification and components.– What is the power supply approach?– How to design the man-machine interface?Another problem is related to the competitiveness in the market.– What is the price of the product?– How about the acceptance for customers?– What is the proper weight of this product?Besides the problems described above, some problems about games are critical for developmentof the solution.– What are complete game rules in game writing and playing?– How to design the leveling up system?6.2 What nextJumpy is an idea to solve problems what people have in physical practice. It is special enough toattract customers and product companies in current market. If there is an opportunity to introduceto market and get feedback to verify this idea, it will be the best way to continue the development.At least, listening customers’ voice is necessary for a complete design, so user testing is very neces-sary part of the continuous working process. 29
  • 30. 2011ww w.design-engineering.ee