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Xenorgs open stack_related_initiatives
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Xenorgs open stack_related_initiatives


Published on has several initiatives that aim to have an impact onOpenStack adoption and feature richness. This talk will include adiscussion on the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), the XCP toolstack (XAPI)port … has several initiatives that aim to have an impact onOpenStack adoption and feature richness. This talk will include adiscussion on the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP), the XCP toolstack (XAPI)port to popular Linux distributions, and the Xen on ARM initiative.

XCP combines the Xen hypervisor with enhanced security, storage, andnetwork virtualization technologies to offer a rich set of virtualinfrastructure cloud services. These XCP cloud services can beleveraged by OpenStack cloud providers to enable isolation andmulti-tenancy capabilities in their environments. XCP also providesthe user requirements of security, availability, performance, andisolation for private and public OpenStack cloud deployments. is working to make XCP and OpenStack work seamlessly so thattogether they can be the ultimate open source cloud solution. Inaddition to deploying XCP as a separate component with OpenStack, is simultaneously porting the XCP toolstack (XAPI) to Linuxdistributions, which will give cloud administrators an easy-to-installOpenStack and Xen-based integrated alternative.

Finally, industry thought leaders, such as Mark Shuttleworth, aresupporting the adoption of ARM in server-class systems. Consequently,the port of Xen to the ARM platform could make it possible forOpenStack and Xen to lead the way into the future of ARM-based clouddeployments.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Xen.orgs OpenStack-related Initiatives Todd Deshane and Ewan Mellor OpenStack Conference - Boston October 7, 2011
  • 2. Outline● Xen.orgs OpenStack-related Initiatives ○ Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) ○ Project Kronos ○ Xen on ARM
  • 3. (in the Cloud) History
  • 4. Global Public Computing"This dissertation proposes a new distributed computingparadigm, termed global public computing, which allows anyuser to run any code anywhere. Such platforms pricecomputing resources, and ultimately charge users for resourcesconsumed." - Evangelos Kotsovinos, PhD dissertation, 2004
  • 5. (in the Cloud) History
  • 6. XCP Overview
  • 7. XCP and OpenStack
  • 8. Project Kronos Overview
  • 9. Project Kronos OverviewXen API (XAPI) Hypervisor
  • 10. Project Kronos and OpenStackXen API (XAPI) Hypervisor
  • 11. XCP vs. Project KronosXCP Project KronosPros Pros ● Isolation of compute VM ● Simple install ● Security properties ● Flexibility ● Pre-package + appliance ● Simpler overallCons Cons ● Slightly more complex ● Less isolation ● Less flexible ● Nova is a potential entry point to Dom0
  • 12. Xen on ARM
  • 13. Xen on ARMSo Far: ● Xen paravirtualization for ARM v5 - v7 ● Real-time guarantees in a virtualized environmentNext: ● Full ARM virtualization to Xen ○ Using ARMv7 virtualization extensions for the Cortex A15 ● Merge ARM support into mainline Xen by 2012