Ideas to App Store (2010)

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This presentation on the opportunity in mobile applications was an executive briefing prepared for a client in the October of 2010. The content focuses on Apple devices and ecosystem, as requested by …

This presentation on the opportunity in mobile applications was an executive briefing prepared for a client in the October of 2010. The content focuses on Apple devices and ecosystem, as requested by the client, and includes a discussion of web apps vs. native apps.

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  • 1. Ideas to App Store The Opportunity in Applications for Apple Mobile Devices Joseph DeSetto 1 813 639 4270 . @desetto .
  • 2. Why Apple?
  • 3. Devices2007 iPhone iPod touch2008 iPhone 3G iPod touch, 2nd Generation2009 iPhone 3GS iPod touch, 3rd Generation2010 iPhone 4 iPod touch, 4th Generation iPad
  • 4. By the NumbersiPhone 33.75 million (Q4 2009)iPod touch 32 million (Q4 2009)iPad 3 million (June 24 2010)iTunes Stored Credit Cards: Over 100 million
  • 5. iPod touch
  • 6. iPod touchThe iPhone for Blackberry users.
  • 7. iPadiPadiPadthe Boomer tablet
  • 8. iPadtextbooks 2.0
  • 9. iPadimmersive games
  • 10. iPadBy 2015, the current iPad modelwill seem ancient.
  • 11. iPhoneA phone with poor reception, and so much more.
  • 12. iPhoneCameraMicrophoneGestures
  • 13. Location Aware
  • 14. Is a web app an app?Sort of. Web apps are...Browser based.Run from a server.Requires an Internet connection.No App Store, for better or worse.
  • 15. Famous Web App: Google Maps
  • 16. Mobile Web Apps
  • 17. Web apps instead of apps?For games? No.For data apps and simple utilities?Well, maybe.
  • 18. Promise vs. RealityIf mobile browsers all rendered the same,web apps would be the best choice.They don’t.
  • 19. What is an app?Software that...Installs on the device.Generally works offline.Can access device hardware.Distributed through the App Store.
  • 20. Promise vs. RealityIf mobile apps were easy to promote andsell, we would not need an App Store.They aren’t.
  • 21. What is an App Store?
  • 22. Promise vs. RealityHTML 5 means all mobile devices renderthe same, including audio and videoplayback.Not today, tomorrow, or the day after next.
  • 23. Promise vs. RealityApple will give in and run Flash, so wait tobuild apps with Flash for iPhone, Android,and even Blackberry.Apple mobile devices will not allow Flashcontent in the foreseeable future.
  • 24. Q&ADevicesThe App StoreWeb apps vs. Apps
  • 25. Making AppsStep 1.Join the iPhone Developer Program as anIndividual, Company, or Enterprise.
  • 26. iPhone Developer ProgramIsn’t my Company an Enterprise?
  • 27. iPhone Developer ProgramIndividual and Company. $99/year.Enterprise: Internal Distribution OnlyEducation: 20+ Copies, 50% offUniversity: Free tools for teaching iOS
  • 28. iPhone Developer ProgramI’m not a developer. Why should I join?
  • 29. iTunes ConnectThe brains of the operation.
  • 30. Demo
  • 31. Tools of the TradeXCode
  • 32. Tools of the TradeCorona Unity GameSalad
  • 33. Q&AiPhone Developer ProgramsiTunes ConnectDevelopment Tools
  • 34. The Rules
  • 35. By Order of SteveApps must not contain any obscene,pornographic, offensive or defamatory content ormaterials of any kind (text, graphics, images,photographs, etc.), or other content or materialsthat in Apple’s reasonable judgment may befound objectionable.
  • 36. The Rules
  • 37. Apps Must Do, Well, Something... this application contains minimal userfunctionality and will not be appropriate for theApp Store.
  • 38. The Rules
  • 39. Thoughts on FlashWe [Apple] know from painful experience that letting a thirdparty layer of software come between the platform and thedeveloper ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hindersthe enhancement and progress of the platform. If developersgrow dependent on third party development libraries and tools,they can only take advantage of platform enhancements if andwhen the third party chooses to adopt the new features. Wecannot be at the mercy of a third party deciding if and whenthey will make our enhancements available to our developers.Steve JobsApril 2010
  • 40. Limited Promo Copies Apps can be free. If you sell an app, you can’t just give it away. Huh?
  • 41. Limited Promo Copies 50 copies per version of an app. Gifts supported in iOS 4. Gift certificates or sale outside of iTunes? No.
  • 42. Limited eCommerceNo in-app purchase of physical goods.Shopping carts are okay.User input of credit card information isokay.Actual transaction processing is throughSafari only.
  • 43. Limited eCommerce
  • 44. Giveaways & ContestsApps may hold contests or give away prizes,but not as the sole purpose of the app.The focus should be on gameplay, not prizes.May not cross into gambling.
  • 45. Giveaways & Contests3.3.21 Your Application may include promotional, sweepstake or contest functionalityprovided that:You are the sole sponsor of the promotion and that You and Your Application complywith any applicable laws and fulfill any applicable registration requirements in thecountry or territory where You make Your Application available and the promotion isopen.You agree that You are solely responsible for any promotion and any prize, and alsoagree to clearly state in binding official rules for each promotion that Apple is not asponsor of, or responsible for conducting, the promotion.
  • 46. GamblingNo lotteries or gambling.An app cannot have the sole purpose ofwinning a game of chance for a cash orcash equivalent prize.Winning virtual goods, however, is allowed.
  • 47. Too Many Rules?Selling an app Ad Hoc, or without the AppStore, limits distribution to 200 copies.Build for each device based on uniqueidentifier, not user credentials.App Store is a curated retail environment.
  • 48. Q&AThe Rules of the App Store
  • 49. iOS 4
  • 50. iOS 4
  • 51. iOS 4
  • 52. Design for Web, 1995 - 2005 Typical user? Seated at a desk. Standard mouse and keyboard. Office or home office environment. Single task oriented.
  • 53. Design for Mobile, 2005 - ?Typical user?Surrounded by DistractionsMultitaskingMovingInterrupted
  • 54. Requisite Powerpoint Chart Source: Jan 2010 Flurry
  • 55. Build a Better GameAchievementsLeaderboardUnlocked ContentEasy to learn, hard to masterMundane ideas, done well
  • 56. Achievements
  • 57. Keep Score
  • 58. Unlocked Content
  • 59. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
  • 60. Mundane Ideas, Done WellPlant crops to ward off zombies.Slingshot birds at pigs.Jump from building to building.Slice fruit.Land planes.Cook and serve food.Classics: Scrabble (twice) and Solitaire.
  • 61. Q&AiOS 4 vs. iPhone OS 3Design for MobileGames
  • 62. Income StrategiesTiered PricingFreemiumAd SupportedMobile to Brick-and-Mortar
  • 63. Tiered Pricing 70% for developer 30% to Apple Includes: credit card processing currency conversation wireless carriers
  • 64. FreemiumFree to download.Upgrade still 70/30 split.
  • 65. Ad Supported
  • 66. iAd Supported
  • 67. Mobile to Brick-and-Mortar
  • 68. UpdatesApproved by AppleApp Store DownloadOptional to UsersIs Dynamic Content an Update?
  • 69. Q&AIncome Strategies
  • 70. Advanced FeaturesPushIn-App PurchaseUniversal Apps
  • 71. Push
  • 72. In App Purchase
  • 73. In App Purchase
  • 74. Universal AppsOne binary file that includes iPhone, iPad,and iPod touch versions of an app.
  • 75. Universal Apps
  • 76. Universal Apps
  • 77. Universal Apps
  • 78. Universal Apps
  • 79. Non-Universal AppsCommonly uses HDname for iPad.Keeps download sizeunder 3G limit.May charge user twice!
  • 80. Q&APushIn-App PurchaseUniversal Apps
  • 81. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow85% of “day zero” users lost in 30 days.A great app may have 5% of “day zero”users in only 6 months.The App Store is designed for highturnover.
  • 82. Requisite Powerpoint Chart Source: Jan 2010 Flurry
  • 83. Yesterday’s NewsEvery 6 months, major OS changes likely.
  • 84. Yesterday’s NewsEvery 6 to 12 months, new devices.April, iPadJune, iPhoneSeptember, iPod touch
  • 85. Yesterday’s NewsWithin 2 years, today’s devices will missout on new features.
  • 86. Party Like Its 1995.Like the early days of the web, App Storedevelopers have diverse backgrounds.As such, potential vendors are likely to bemulti-disciplinary teams.
  • 87. Who creates apps?Advertising/Marketing types.Console game, web application & desktopsoftware coders.Flash refugees.Zynga. 37Signals.Math nerds. Students.Offshore sweatshops.Obscure Mac developers that suddenlyfeel vindicated.
  • 88. Chart Showing What I Just Said Source: Jan 2010 Flurry
  • 89. Two ApproachesAgile
  • 90. Two ApproachesWaterfall
  • 91. Make Your Vendors BetterKnow your audience.Keep to your niche.
  • 92. Niche success: Proloquo2Go
  • 93. Make Your Vendors BetterRemember an app is not a small website.Or print ad.Or television show.
  • 94. Make Your Vendors BetterLeave out features and adapt quickly.Frequent updates keep users interested,so don’t wait for perfect.
  • 95. Make Your Vendors BetterApps can’t solve bad products.**This message brought to you by developers everywhere.
  • 96. Make Your Vendors BetterGreat apps are not desktop software inminiature.
  • 97. Make Your Vendors BetterRemember, making an app simple forusers does not mean it is easier orcheaper to develop.
  • 98. Q&ATypes of VendorsProject ApproachesMaking Vendors Better
  • 99. Information SourcesIn-App AnalyticsApp Store Reports
  • 100. Analytics
  • 101. What can we track?Device Data may not be provided or disclosed to a third party withoutApple’s prior written consent. Accordingly, the use of third party software inYour Application to collect and send Device Data to a third party forprocessing or analysis is expressly prohibited.
  • 102. What can we track?Some company called Flurry had data on devices that we were using onour campus -- new devices. They were getting this info by gettingdevelopers to put software in their apps that sent info back to thiscompany! ... Its violating our privacy policies, and its pissing us off! So wesaid were only going to allow analytics that dont give our device info -only for the purpose of advertising.Steve JobsJune 2010
  • 103. App Store ReportsSKUCountryPrice PaidYour ShareIn a text file to import to Excel, etc.
  • 104. Standard EquipmentStandard UI ControlsNo databasesNo animation
  • 105. Optional Equipment OpenGL-ES Core Audio Custom UI Core Data / SQLite Push Notifications In-App Purchase
  • 106. Q&AAnalyticsCost Considerations
  • 107. Best in Class iPad
  • 108. Best in ClassiPhone & iPod touch
  • 109. Q&ABest in Class Apps
  • 110. Next in Mobile?More social.More virtual goods.More non-traditional devices.Television 2.0.Bandwidth Battles.
  • 111. Social Integration
  • 112. Virtual Currency
  • 113. iOS 4 on... BMW?
  • 114. TV + App Store = ?
  • 115. Bandwidth
  • 116. Q&ASocial features.Virtual goods.Future directions.
  • 117. n.
  • 118. than k yo u!Joseph 813 639 4270