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Social Media Release Explained
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Social Media Release Explained


Published on

Presentation for Barcamp Queensland, QUT Brisbane, June 5, 2010

Presentation for Barcamp Queensland, QUT Brisbane, June 5, 2010

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Getting Your Story Out the Social Way PR Evolved – the Social Media Release @deswalsh Barcamp Queensland, Australia QUT Garden Campus, Brisbane June 5, 2010
  • 2. One Text Does Not Fit All “ The days of creating and pushing one press release are over. These are the days of reaching diversified and equally pivotal communities when, where, and how they choose to be reached.” Brian Solis, PR 2.0 author and speaker
  • 3. R.I.P Press Release
  • 4. The Problem with Press Releases
    • Focus – on the company
    • - 30 years, industry leader, blah blah blah
    • Marketing jargon – who trusts that?
    • - cutting edge, revolutionary, user-friendly...
    • Broadcast – trying to speak to everyone
    • - we all want personal now
  • 5. Press Release
  • 6. Social Media Release Template - 2006
  • 7. Towards a New Media Release
  • 8. Microformats Microformats are a way of adding simple markup to human-readable data items such as events, contact details or locations, on web pages, so that the information in them can be extracted by software and indexed, searched for, saved, cross-referenced or combined. More technically, they are items of semantic markup, using just standard "plain old semantic (X)HTML" (i.e. "POSH") with a set of common class-names and "rel" values. They are open and available, freely, for anyone to use. Microformats Wiki
  • 9. Social Media Release Template 1.5 - 2008
  • 10. Bookmark: http://
  • 11. Wire Services Are Going Social PR Newswire PR Web Marketwire Others
  • 12. Distinction There's making a press release social and there's making a social media release You can have one or the other, or both but they are not the same
  • 13.  
  • 14. Sample Social Media Release
  • 15. Getting Social – Some Tips
    • Atomised content (microformats)
    • Ditch the marketing speak
    • Think blogs, tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube …
    • Support engagement – e.g. blog powered newsroom
    • Keep up with technology changes – e.g. short url
    • If you use a distribution service, know their rules
  • 16. Links - 1 “ Die, Press Release! Die! Die! Die!” Silicon Valley Watcher – Tom Foremski, Feb 27, 2006 Slide “The Problem with Press Releases” - paraphrase, 3 points and all, from Muhammad Saleem's How to Write a Social Media Press Release post - http:// /social-media-press-release/ - looks like it was posted early in September 2007 Slide with press release – screenshot of free downloadable template from Motion PR Social Media Release Template, 2006, Todd Defren/SHIFT Template download at http://
  • 17. Links - 2
    • New Media Release Standard from the Community, Chris Heuer post – June 29, 2006
    • Microformats: definition from the Microformats Wiki (and see the discussion there)
    • http://
    • Social Media Release Template Version 1.5 – Todd Defren, 2008
    • Bookmark: http:// Ian Capstick's excellent, extended post, with examples critiqued Social Media Must Evolve to Replace Press Release April 23, 2010
  • 18. Links - 3
    • Sample Social Media Release, Cloudveil – from PitchEngine site
    • Getting Social – on the reference to knowing the wire services' rules, See Dave Fleet's post: PR Web Takes the 'Social' Out of Social Media
  • 19. Thank You @deswalsh http://