Social Media: Getting Strategic for Business Building


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Presentation for IT Forum Gold Coast, Australia, on April 23 , 2013. Emphasis on aligning social and business objectives in what author Brian Solis describes as an era of "digital Darwinism".

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Social Media: Getting Strategic for Business Building

  1. 1. Getting Strategic about SocialNot about technology or specific social platformsGetting strategic is about:- dealing with digital Darwinism- aligning social and business objectives- “Gen C”, customer experience and the newsharing
  2. 2. #manhunt#Watertown#bostonmarathon#adamscott#masters
  3. 3. The future arrives too soonand in the wrong orderAlvin TofflerThe future of business isshared experiencesBrian Solis
  4. 4. Digital Darwinism, a state of business failure whentechnology and society evolve faster than yourability to adapt.Brian Solis, Author Whats the Future of Business?
  5. 5. If change is happening fasteron the outside than on the insidethe end is nigh.Jack Welch, former CEO, GE
  6. 6. The big disconnectIn 2012, only 22% of Australian small businessesclaim a social media presence, updating daily,compared to 34% for medium businesses and 72% oflarge businesses. (Sensis)Most companies surveyed for a recent Altimeter Groupstudy said they had a developed social media strategy,but only 34% felt their social strategy and businessobjectives were aligned.
  7. 7. Australians online - demographic percentages2-17 8.1%18-24 14.7%23-34 17.5%35-49 28.6%50+ 31.1%Thats 59.7% of Australians online are 35+
  8. 8. Challenge unresearched assumptionsThink Connected Generation - Gen C
  9. 9. UX - from FMOT to ZMOTand even UMOTShared experiences will shape the future of business.Brian Solis
  10. 10. Connected customers are adopting disruptivetechnologies faster than companies can keep up, andthe resulting complexity is overwhelming currentbusiness structures, causing confusion and disarray.The Connected Company
  11. 11. Brian Solis adds theUltimate Moment of Truthwhat the consumer shares after purchasing,fuelling other consumers’ journeysThe point?brands need to provide experiencesworth sharing
  12. 12. Align Social & Business Objectives: 7Steps1. Start2. Strategise3. Participate (especially listening)4. Engage5. Evaluate (appropriate tools)6. Re-calibrate7. Fail forward
  13. 13. The long term goal is social business- defined by the Altimeter Group asThe deep integration of social mediaand social technologies into the organisationin order to drive business impact.
  14. 14. Image CreditsCoolangatta Beach image - Des Walsh911 WTC Photo - 9/11 photos, Flickr | CC BY 2.0Purchase funnel image - Steve Simple, Wikipedia |CC BY 3.0Neurons image - MikeBlogs, Flickr | CC BY 2.0
  15. 15. LinksWhats the Future of Business? Changing the way businesses createexperiences - Brian Solis wtfbusiness.comThe Yellow Social Media Report June 2012: What Australian people andbusinesses are doing with social media Connected Company, Dave Gray, OReilly 2012The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation- Altimeter Group Online Landscape Review February 2013 - Neilsen Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - http://zeromomentoftruth.comWhat’s The Future Of Business? Brian Solis Tells Us In A Fireside Chat
  16. 16. Des Walsh dot Comdeswalsh.comIn a world of change, helping businesses get the social edgeCall to discuss having a no-obligation 30 minute exploratoryconsultationInternational: 61 413 089 355 | Australia: 0413 089 355or email