Building Your LinkedIn Network


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30 Day Linking Blitz Webinar 2 - resolving the "quality vs quantity" conundrum

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  • Just saw the comment above from Business Industrial Network. The slide is actually there to illustrate the options LinkedIn offers. In the actual presentations I give I always counsel caution in using those easy invitation options. In fact, I think that having them there is not helpful for anyone wanting to build a quality network.
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  • It should be noted on slide 3, to ignore if you only have a free LinkedIn account else it will be dangerous. We tried it the auto invite from our existing contacts (which accessed our 8000+ customer's email) and it used up all the 2k allowed invites given by LinkedIn. took a lot of time and work to get Linked to give us back invites. An important warning to business who may have over 2k contacts, don't use auto-invite offered by LinkedIn (your slide 4)
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Building Your LinkedIn Network

  1. 1. 30 Day Linking Blitz Week 2 Webinar Building Your LinkedIn Network- why you dont need to choose between quality and quantity and why you need both Des WalshBusiness Coach, Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Specialist LinkedIn profile: Social web links: Copyright © Des Walsh & The Webarts Company Pty Ltd 2012
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis presentation is for information only, should not be taken as representing the official views of LinkedIn and should not be construed as constituting business or financial advice.Logos are copyright of the respective companies.
  3. 3. The Official Line..., we grant you a limited, revocable, nonexclusive, nonassignable, nonsublicenseable license and right to access the Services, accordance with this Agreement. Any other use of LinkedIn contrary to our mission and purpose (such as seeking to connect to someone you do not know or trust , or to use information gathered from LinkedIn commercially unless expressly authorized by LinkedIn) is strictly prohibited and a violation of this Agreement . LinkedIn User Agreement, Sn. 3 Your Rights
  4. 4. LinkedIn Makes Connecting Easy
  5. 5. But Impersonal
  6. 6. Email List and People You May Know
  7. 7. Quality or Quantity?Quality matters  I never knew of any of the “super connectors” saying they didnt care about quality!  Know what “quality” means for you (e.g. “hub” connector, ideal client, influencer)Think Quality and Quantity
  8. 8. Quality or Quantity?Numbers matter For networking  the more good connections you have the more you can help others with introductions – and be helped by them For search  finding others  being found
  9. 9. Dunbars NumberAcademic Robin Dunbars theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain a stable social relationship. The number? Somewhere around 150.*But: we are not early humans living in neolithic village societies the web and social media have changed what “stable social relationship” means
  10. 10. Granovetters Strength of Weak Ties you can never have enough connections it doesnt matter if you dont know them. *
  11. 11. Strong, weak & absent ties“The strength of a tie is a ... combination of the amount of time, the emotional intensity, the intimacy (mutual confiding) and the reciprocal services that characterize the tie”.“It is remarkable that people receive crucial information from individuals whose very existence they have forgotten.” Mark Granovetter
  12. 12. Coming Attractions!Future webinars – possible topics How Building Your Own Group on LinkedIn Can Accelerate Your Success Lessons of #30dlb – Whats Worked, What Hasnt (or hasnt yet) - crowdsourced from the Group
  13. 13. Admin StuffImage creditIllustration of Granovetter’s strength of weak ties concept: Image by Sadi Carnot, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons dfNotes:Dunbars number: This was based on observation non-human primate behaviour, then supplemented by some complex calculations of how people related to one another in neolithic villages. Strength of Weak Ties recordingVideo version to be uploaded to YouTube. Audio version also to be available. Watch on the forum for access detailsSee/download this slide deck at my Slideshare page