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  • Guide on the side rather than a sage on the stageResearch very positive
  • Our world is changing so fast, it’s important to teach our students the skills that they need to succeed in a future that we cannot predict.Need to create independent users who can problem solve
  • Deliver curriculumLearning toolsAssessments
  • Craig and Omar – introduceEncourage students to drop byAt times, it takes a second time to solve
  • Wrap power chords properly – treat power cables properlyTransport D. A.’s turned offBatteries are another issue – have D. A.’s charged and ready to go
  • Insurance is never easy or fast – best bet is to avoid having to use it – that means students taking care of their D.A.s but it is there and it’s important to buy – 3 years
  • Formal AUP that students must signStandard for schools to do so
  • What students hate the most – and parents question the most.Filter
  • Necessary?


  • 1. AISK MacBook Program
  • 2. Why 1:1?
    • learning becomes more student-based
    • 3. accommodation of varied learning styles
    • 4. strong communications within community
    • 5. anytime, anywhere access to assignments, information, materials, and learning tools
    • 6. acquisition of 21st century skills for the workforce
    • 7. access and empower “digital natives”
  • Shift Happens
  • 8. Curriculum
  • 9. Why Mac?
  • 10. Practical Side of Things
  • 11. Help Desk
  • 12. How to avoid frustrations!
    3 steps
  • 13. Insurance
  • 14. Insurance
    • Insurance through CGM Gallagher
    • 15. Loss or damage from accident, theft, riot, strike or civil unrest, acts of God, malicious damage, surge
    • 16. Breakdown due to operator’s negligence/misuse
    • 17. 10% deductible per item
    • 18. Apple Care Warranty – covered on site
    • 19. 3 years coverage all parts and labor
    • 20. Does not cover accidental damage
  • How to purchase?
    via AISK: payment through Finance Administrator, Andrea Green; delivery right to AISK - different models available and education discount
    personal purchase: make sure it meets AISK configuration standards and AppleCare
  • 21. Cyberbullying
    Help Desk – safe place to come and talk about cyberbullying
  • 22. AUP - LARK
    L – Legal
    A – Appropriate
    R – Responsible
    K - Kind
  • 23. Apple Remote Desktop
    We cannot see what they are doing at home!!!!!!!
  • 24. Disk Image
  • Services
  • Questions