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Adding events to Eagle Mail

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Eagle Mail - Events

  1. 1. Eagle Mail - Events Adding, editing and deleting events You can add a new task in many different ways: • in the left menu, click on New email / New event • or in the day view, click on the hour where the event should start • or in the week or month view, click on the day where the event takes place You will be brought to a page where you can input the event details (Title, notes, location, start and end times , and so on). Start and end time Events can be either full day (like a birthday), or have a start and end time. To set the start and end time, select date and time in the begin and end fields. You can pick a date by clicking on the icon and selecting the date from the pop-up window that will appear. Calendar Finally, if you are viewing multiple calendars (ex.: My Calendar + Group calendar), you can select which calendar this event belongs to. Note: you cannot save events to a calendar that is read-only.
  2. 2. Deleting an event To delete an event, simply open the event and click the Delete button. You cannot delete events that belong to a read-only calendar. Invite other teachers or admin to an event You can invite other people to a meeting, or book resources. DeskNow can automatically show you the availability of required attendees/resources, and track the replies from other attendees. To invite attendees or book resources for a meeting, simply create a new event and then click on the Attendees tab. In this window you can add an attendee or resource by looking up its address (using the Pick button, or typing directly the attendee's or resource email address). Click the Add button to add the attendee(s) to the list of attendees. Below the Add and Pick buttons, on the left pane you will see the names of all the attendees and resources. The list of attendees By clicking on the relative icon, you can change: • the delivery mode. This defines if and how an invitation is sent to this attendee: • invite via email with iCal. This is the default, and will send the invitation using an internet standard. The event will appear in the attendees calendar. This can be used with other DeskNow users, or users that use a standards compliant calendaring application (Outlook and Notes - not Outlook Express). • invite via email with plain text. Use this option if the attendee does not have an iCal client. DeskNow will send a plaintext email. Replies from the attendee regarding his/her availability will not be tracked • do not send invitation • the attendance level: • required attendee/resource • optional attendee/resource
  3. 3. In this pane an icon will also display the attendee response: • accepted • declined • delegated • waiting for reply • tentatively accepted • unknown (this is typical of attendees not invited using iCal) The attendees' availability In the right pane, DeskNow will show the known availability of each attendee for the given day. Refer to the colour table below to decode the meaning of each color (free, tentative, busy, out of office, unknown). These status codes are typically set by the user when they create an event in their calendar. A vertical white stripe (bounded by a green and red line) highlights the event's begin and end time. To display availabilities for the previous of next day, simply click on the Prev or Next button. To display the availability for all hours in the day, simply click on the Show full day button.