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MU iPhone App MU iPhone App Presentation Transcript

  • By: Jessica Derr MU iPhone App
  • Problem
    • Many people can forget to carry their Miami ID with them
    • People living off campus are more likely to forget their Miami ID
    • Without a Miami ID you cannot purchase food, get into your dorm room or even get into a bar uptown
  • Solution
    • Get rid of the Miami ID
    • Students always carry their phone with them
    • Create an iPhone app that allows students to purchase food in dining halls, enter dorm halls, and get into uptown bars.
  • How it works
    • Click on the iPhone App titled “MU” on your phone
    • Your Miami University ID will appear with a bar code underneath
    • When scanned the bar code will allow a person to purchase food, gain access to their dorm, or present anyone who needs it with your Miami ID
  • Purchase Food from Dining Hall
    • Tell the dining hall attendant ringing up your food you wish to pay by phone
    • The attendant will push the “purchase by phone” button on the cash register
    • Then they will use the bar code scanner (all dining halls have one) to scan the bar code on a students phone accepting their purchase
    • When the bar code is scanned the amount of the food purchased will be subtracted from your meal plan account balance
    • YouTube - IMS
  • Gain access to dorms
    • There will be dorm scanners to allow a person access to the dorms
    • The person simply holds their phone under the scanner and the door will unlock to gain entrance
  • Use ID uptown
    • Many bars uptown such as Brickstreet require people under 21 to show their Miami ID in order to get in (I know this because I used to work the door at Brick)
    • A person over 21 must present 2 forms of ID: a drivers license and a Miami ID
    • The MU app will allow a person to show their Miami ID at the door so unders do not have to carry their ID and overs only have to carry their license.
  • PAY BY PHONE Person at the cash register will push this button before scanning the bar code on your phone
  • Click on the MU App Miami U.
  • Make the picture larger by touching it
  • Miami ID on the phone
    • The picture on the Miami ID is too small
    • By adding the Miami ID on the phone the dining hall attendants and person at the bar will able to know that you are who you say you are
    • They can touch the picture to enlarge it so they can be certain that it is your phone ID