Retirement Communities for COWS in Jackson Michigan


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Retirement Community Owners and Managers of Assisted Living-Centers in Jackson Michigan Discover The World's Most-Expensive COW!

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Retirement Communities for COWS in Jackson Michigan

  1. 1. Selling Houses for RETIRED Cows?This Amazing Article Also Reveals The Worlds Most-Expensive COW!Do You Sell Housing for Retired Community or Luxury Assisted Living Centers?Consider yourself a cow rancher who provides houses for cows... Well then you might be an easyprospect to do all kinds of advertising to: promote your brand, get more cow-seniors to rent from you,and get more retired-cows to purchase your cow-retirement-community listings.You might buy better ads in your favorite places/publications and even expand ads to other marketingmedia. You might branch out and begin to co-market your services with cow home builders, and cow-estate and/or lawyers to recommended your homes/center for their elderly-cows.Maybe you could specialize in Alzheimer-Ready homes for cows, luxury retiree-cows, and/or maturecow-house buyers... These buyers would most likely pay top dollar the sellers asks them to. But if your“cow-fence” is in disrepair, and all of your cow-clients and cow-prospects get loose and wander off orstampede towards your competition, then what good is all that other super-marketing stuff?I strive to teach owners and marketing managers of both Retirement Communities & Senior Assisted-Living Centers (like you) to think of yourself as I do, that is not as owners or managers but more likecow-ranchers putting together and taking care of their herd of good, responsive cow-customers, cow-clients, future cow-clients, and super-referrering-cows. Thats the only real asset of any business... Notjust retired cow-house seller or assisted-living space rental agents. ~smiles~For that cow-house rancher, its not so easy to do the math for the fence. Most owners and managers doa truly terrible job of keeping a fence around their prospective customers - in tip-top shape. Just like therancher, they view it as an "expense of operations," whereas I view it as "marketing." I believe youshould spend at least as much, if not more, per year on the fence as you did on acquiring the customerin the first place!Further, you should remember there are poachers and rustlers trying to steal your cows (customers)every single day. If your customers feel abandoned or ignored for very long, or under-appreciated, theyare more easily lured away to a competitors shiny-new cow retirement community or assisted-livingcenter...To prevent/lessen this possibility I recommend there be no less than25 to 52 "touches" per year, NOTincluding straight offers, sales pitches, or transactions. With the advent of virtually free e-mail, manyastute community owner or managers have added that on thus taking 52 into several hundred contacts!For example, if you are a member of my HearAndProfit Inner Circle, you are getting the newsletter yousubscribe to every month and the audio CD every month. You may be getting a free e-mail/smsmarketing tip everyday. You may be getting a weekly fax. Youll get a seasonal greeting. You may getseveral Books as Free Gifts during the year, in total, 24 to as many as 250 touches during the year!Just a little Something you should consider before your next marketing and/or advertising spend.Oh, I almost forgot to mention to you about"The Worlds Most Expensive The word COW is an acronym of C+O+W;Meaning : C- Cost + O- Of + W- Waiting"So Whats Your Excuse for NOT Building Maintaining Your Retirement Community Sales FENCE?-Derrick Ali(517) 962-1747
  2. 2. Limited Time OfferHearAndProfit Inner Circle has a few openings in our "Marketing as "Fencing-Building & Mending"Weekly 30 Minute Workshop for Owners or Managers of Retirement Communities and Assisted-LivingCenters primarily in Jackson County Michigan. But Open to All! The $197 Workshops are held eachWednesday as a lunch-n-learn and designed to create and/or correct poor performingmarketing/advertisements to give serious retirement community owner & managers an unfairadvantage over their competition!Free Trial Membership- Attend Your First Workshop Free of Charge... These Weekly Workshops areFREE To Members of the HearAndProfit Inner-Circle. To Join the HearAndProfit Inner-Circle (30Days Risk-Free); then be billed at your choice of either $2,999.97 (one time) or $399.97 per Monthclick here: Before MAY 31, 2013“SAVE OVER $10,250.03!”HearAndProfit Inner-Circle Membership Includes:• - Free Admittance to the Weekly Workshops (45 per/yr) $8,865.00• - Monthly Printed Newsletter and "Tips of the Month CD (audio)" $497.00• - Weekly Best of "Fence-Builders Mending Tips" by Fax (or SMS to Mobile Phone) $297.0• - Daily Email Marketing Tips $197.00• - Seasonal Greetings and Quarterly Marketing Recommendations $397.00• - Books from Our Highly-Recommended Quarterly Reading List (4 Total) $297.00• - Annual "HearAndProfit Real Estate Professional-Marketers Underground Event"• [Members Only Discount] $1,997.00---------------TOTAL VALUE OVER $10,550Act fast to R.S.V.P. Your Inner-Circle Membership Today for only one payment of: $2,999.97or pay just $399.97 after 30 Days (Your First Month is Free.)You may pay online by major credit card (or personal check) No matter if its 2 AM in the morning.Have your credit card or check info ready then click here: If youchoose to pay over the phone please contact us Monday thru Saturday between the hours of 7AMand 6 PM Eastern at: (517) 962-1747 NOTE: This Offer Expires MAY 31, 2013====================