Get 350 Percent More Satisfaction In BED | Local Mattress Buyers Case Study


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Get 350 Percent More Satisfaction In BED | Local Mattress Buyers Case Study

  1. 1. “Get 350% More Satisfaction in Bed!” [A Case Study: On How I Taught The French Romance?] Case Study: 3 popular mattress lines were researched in a study which found nearly identical results – but only one common effect produced significantly more satisfaction and Great Reviews... (Read more) If you’re like most people, you think of a mattress as mostly a firm boring white rectangle used to either get your groove on and/or to sleep on. But in all actuality, your mattress has a far more important purpose than that. Assuming that your current mattress is no longer doing what it is supposed to do, providing you both comfort & support (by determining it's satisfaction level) is actually the first step in selecting the right mattress for you. And to demonstrate exactly how simply this works, I’m going to share a case study that compares overall satisfaction level produced by three different mattress types. You’ll see the surprising results of three satisfaction level rates best and I’ll show you precisely which ones outperformed the others. I’ll also show you the base that drives each of these satisfaction levels so you’ll be able to experience, create, and enjoy similar sleep satisfaction levels quickly and easily. By the end of this short case study, you’ll be able to apply these tips to improve your own sleep environment right away. Additionally, you’ll discover what nearly every mattress buyer gets wrong when it comes to selecting a new mattress and how to fix this instantly. Correcting this one element alone can easily double your sleep benefits. Are You Ready? Then let’s take a look at this case study right now. Which Bed Sleeps Best For You? In this case study, I’m going to show you three different real-time experienced (satisfaction levels) that a select group of consumers used to gauge: 'what makes a mattress the best bed for me? The only difference in the mattress lines was that mattress line was so different from each other, each had a slightly different support recipe (firmer or plusher). Otherwise, the Zer0-Gravity Experience was identical. These tips were used to promote one of the services I offer in my business, which is better sleep for better health campaigns that have been provided me access to a network of professionals in the health & sleepsystems industries to inform (educate) consumers and add additional value for patients & private clients. The process was created and invitations for personal sleep support & comfort satisfaction audit was sent out by the professionals to their list. Now, all three of these satisfaction levels performed well. And by that, I mean that they produced some degree of satisfaction. However, while they all performed well, one of them dramatically outperformed the other two. Why is this so important? Because having a great subject line is more than just a device to get your email opened. It’s actually the beginning of the process of converting more prospects to paying customers, or converting more prospects to buying higher priced products and services. So it’s really all about improving your sleep-system and getting more sleep-benefits. With this in mind, here are the Three(3) Critical Satisfaction Levels vital to your selection of the best mattress for you: To Continue Reviewing The Complete Case Study “How To Get 350% More Satisfaction in Bed?” Call: (517) 962-1747 or Visit
  2. 2. Satisfaction Level #1 [Foam+Coil]: Conforms to my body's support & comfort requirements 100% Satisfaction Level #2 [Hybrid]: Proven 100% Complete Support and Some Pressure-Relieving Properties Satisfaction Level #3 [Memory Foam]: Scientifically Proven 100% Pressure-Relieving Properties Yeah, I know I said there were only three BUT the Ultimate Satisfaction aka: The Zer0-Gravity Experience is what made all three mattress lines rate a 100% overall improved sleep benefit to those who participated in this trial! Want To Learn MORE About The ZER0-GRAVITY EXPERIENCE??? To Get Your Complete Copy of The Complete Case Study: “How To Get 350% More Satisfaction in Bed?” Call: (517) 962-1747 or visit: To Continue Reviewing The Complete Case Study “How To Get 350% More Satisfaction in Bed?” Call: (517) 962-1747 or Visit