Retail Furniture Store Mobile Marketing Whitepaper


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Why Your Retail Furniture and Mattress Company should have a Complete Mobile Marketing Strategy... And What Your Competitors May Be Doing In Your Backyard That You Haven't A Clue About?

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Retail Furniture Store Mobile Marketing Whitepaper

  1. 1. Two and One Half Times The Reach of Email Title slide Leverage Mobile for Big ProfitsMsg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  2. 2. • 72% of Americans text message across all demographics • 67% of customers would like to receive mobile alerts or reminders • Twice as many people send Text Messages as own a Television set • 82% of Americans do not leave the house without their cell phones • 50% of 18-34 year olds are willing to give their mobile number in exchange for coupons CTIA 2009Msg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  3. 3. Text Call to Action Live Demonstration “Try it KEYWOR D SHORTCODE (CHANGES ) (STAYS THE SAME) To: 5175555555 on your phone Now!” MSG: Beds Text Beds to 517-555-5555 to get 20% Off the next visit When client texts, They are entered Into the database!Msg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  4. 4. 3 Ways to Get an Opt-in To: 5175555555 MSG: Beds 1. Get the client to Text (BEDS) to SHORTCODE (5175555555). Point-of-Sale Engagements Hand Flyers in-store to customers as they leave but Did Not Buy today as well as those that do! Use in Social Networks 2. Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your current Website Lead capture online traffic 3. Traditional Media l Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to EVERY mber l Media; Television, Radio, print, and more l become more powerful, trackable, and l capture leads with MOBILE Integration.Msg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  5. 5. Traditional Marketing/ Web “Traditional” Campaigns Extra 10% OFF Market Campaign Suggestions Mobile ONLY 25% Anything Text SAVE to Traditional Media a. Send offers through existing email lists in the Store 5175555555 b. Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to Text ALDO to every Advertisement; print, radio, TV, 72727 coupon, event, etc. Examples: Win Free FURNITURE See our instant coupons, Text COUPONS r View our New Inventory, Text LIVINGROOM See our Secret Sale INFO, Text SECRET Environmentally friendly coupon right to your phone! Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option 517-962-1747 to your current Website Save Paper, Ink, and The Environment!! Instantly capture clients while delivering Your Mobile Coupons from the Web!Msg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  6. 6. LEAD GENERATION FREE Lane Recliner! Text LANE to 55469 NOW! Lane Furniture Sale: FREE Lane Recliner when you buy one this weekend ONLY, show coupon mb2334, see more Reply STOP 2end Extra 10% OFF Mobile ONLY Text SAVE to 55469 New BusinessMsg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  7. 7. In-Store Engagement Leads: Buyers Today Clients that come in and don’t Clients that buy today can be buy Today Engaged with a chance to win, an instant discount, or an offer Each client is handed a business card the future! for or flyer on their way out! Get 10% OFF next time you walk in the store! Text MCGREGORS to 5175555555 For your coupon right to your phone! FREE is FUN! Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree by Simply Sending a Text! Text WIN to 517555555Msg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 5175555555
  8. 8. Database Marketing Working together to create promotions with specific concentration on New customer acquisition andMcGregors FurnitureWeekend ONLY sales event increasing revenue.starts Right NOW through These Promotions would encourage uniformity ofSunday. Come in and showmessage for an additional messaging, increases in email database, social5% OFF. Reply STOP 2end networks, and primarily transactions and revenue!
  9. 9. Send Promotions to your Database to do More Than Just Coupon! • Increase Social Network Followers • Capture Email • More Transactions per year • Support Causes McGregor’s Facebook ONLY Furniture and More: Our Offer, “Like” us NOW for even more VIP treatment and To complete your entry to annual Toy Drive has just savings. Reply STOP 2quit win a FREE Living room set got underway, come by this reply with your email week and bring your toy address and watch for more Panchero’s Gift Cards are will donations and we great deals! the best gift! the dollar and match Click here amount! Reply STOP 2quit be finished shopping. http://xmaspanch.wap Reply STOP 2quitMsg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 72727
  10. 10. Utilize Databases Based on Who They Are! Frequency of Messages 1 per month 2 per month Current Client Potential Client Database Database Title slide Send Messages that Match Objectives:Drive Social Network Behavior Lead Mine for New BusinessCapture Email for additional Touch Point Grow Brand AwarenessCreate FWD 2 Friend Opportunities Convert LeadsDrive additional transactions Send Premium OffersDrive Awareness of New Products Capture emailGROW TOMA And more…And more… Leverage Mobile for Big Profits
  11. 11. Promotions Match Organization Objectives Deliver Video Right to your Interested Clients Phones!McGregors: See why now isthe time to buy! Click here andwatch Chris tell you why! Reply STOP 2quit
  12. 12. Leads from in-store Current Leads from Clients who Traditional we want to media buy again TransactionsMultiple Communications throughout the year to potential and current clientsResults include;• Brand Awareness• Top-of-Mind Awareness• Referrals and increased revenue
  13. 13. Ask 100 of Your Clients To Like you on FB Expect 33% To fill out a form to get their email Expect 37% Ask them to Text? Expect 90% Where do you want to be to provide the best Results for your customers?
  14. 14. Contact HearAndProfit Publishing HearAndProfit Publishing Jackson Michigan 49203 Derrick Ali Marketing Solutions Pro Phone: 517.962.1747 derrick.ali.5179621747@gmail.comMsg&Data Rates may apply. To Opt Out, text STOP to 72727