Week of DECEMBER 1, 2012                          Issue One Volume 1                                                      ...
Todays Savings On Products & Services Tailored Just For You!Thinking of buying something today or tomorrow?Before you purc...
Inside of Our Next Issue:                      WINTER FOCUS on Outdoor Deals!               Help FSB To Fight  Homelessnes...
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ForSmarterBuyers Newsletter DEC 2012


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Thinking of Making a Purchase? Find Local Better Businesses who Want To Attract Smart Buyers... By Offering Big Discounts and Community Building Benefits!

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ForSmarterBuyers Newsletter DEC 2012

  1. 1. Week of DECEMBER 1, 2012                          Issue One Volume 1                                                              Personal Welcome message from Derrick Ali,Publisher/Founder of ForSmarterBuyers.com:Hi Everyone...First things first - I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being my Subcriber!And eventhough Thanksgiving has past... Being Thankful is still something we must continue to strive towards doing.Remembering those less fortunate than us can easily slip from our attention. And this is the main reason[mission/purpose] I created forSmarterBuyers.Our goal is to provide you and all of out other subscribers with great deals, wonderful savings from businesses in yourlocal area; and also contribute a portion of the proceeds from your transaction toward a local worthy cause [nonprofitcommunity organizations, schools, and/or spiritual-based family & youth development programs.]   So I invite you to commit to being thankful and aid us in our mission to help many others within your local area - whom are in need ofsupport through any purchase you make as well (as continuing to support the ForSmarterBuyers.com newsletter)together we can make a difference in the lives of 100s if not Tens of Thousands of families, youth, and smallbusinesses all over!How exactly does your purchase through ForSmarterBuyers [FSB] help local families and small business owners?  FSB works with your local product and service providers to create unique yet value-added offers for a limited [2 Day]timeframe. These offers are promoted by FSB via Outdoor + instore Advertising within your local community as well asOnline through Social Media platforms [like Facebook, LinkedIn Google+]and PayPerClick Advertising on Google,Yahoo, Bing etc. Each purchase you make through an offer appearing on the ForSmarterBuyers.com Newsletter  will ask you for the Name of the nonprofit, commiunity group or charitable organization you would like the local areabusiness to make a contribution to.NOTE: Only purchasers confirmed (ones having bought a product or service via the valid FSB Link) have the ability toselect a nonprofit, school, community(or charitable organization) to become the  recipient of contribution from the local business advertiser.Again, I Thank you for being a subscriber and supporter of  families & small businesses in your local area.Sincerely,Derrick AliPublisher/FounderHearAndProfit Publishinghttp://www.ForSmarterBuyers.com
  2. 2. Todays Savings On Products & Services Tailored Just For You!Thinking of buying something today or tomorrow?Before you purchase anywhere - Its easy to help out a local community group or charity within your area by purchasingthrough a FSB link.TO GET STARTED Reply by EMAIL To: want2buy@forsmarterbuyers.comin the SUBJECT Enter: The Product or Service You wish to Buy + You ZipcodeThen Simply email us the following information: 1. WHO: You Are Name + Email Address + BestContactPhone# (Optional) 2. NAME: of Local Business/es You Prefer to Purchase from? 3. WHAT: Item or Service You Plan to Purchase? 4. ZIP CODE: You Will Complete the Purchase in? 5. WHEN: The Exact Date You plan to complete your purchase, arrive for appoinment? And/or Need service performed? 6. HOW MUCH: You Plan to Spend? or Desire to Save? And/or $ Dollar Amount Request be Donated To the group/charity of your choice? And (FSB will work with this local business to create the BUY BUTTON [payment link] 7. WHICH: You then simply choose the local business or service provider whom you would like to complete an offer from - they will agree to send a portion of the proceeds from your purchase as a GIFT to the local community group/charity of your choice.OK So How Do I  Send My Purchase Request via Mobile SMS Text Message?TO BEGIN:Text FSB From Your Mobile Phone by SMS Texting thefollowing message: 1. Type in the word BuyNow  along with Product or Service Name + Zipcode 2. Also TYPE  SupportNow and complete in your message by adding the Name of the local Group or Charity 3. Send to: (415)599-2671 and within 24 hours FSB will respond with unique special offers from local businesses in your areaTHATS IT...
  3. 3. Inside of Our Next Issue:  WINTER FOCUS on Outdoor Deals! Help FSB To Fight  Homelessness in Your Community! We Welcome Your Comments, Ideas, and Suggestions   Here:  http://facebook.com/forsmarter.buyers/ Independent Sales Positions Available: Download Job Description and Application for Interview. Here: http://forsmarterbuyers.com/open_sales_position.pdf   "Giving Locally Adds Community Value & Gets You Great Savings From Local Businesses!"     To Advertise Call: (517) 315-3692Support: support -at- forsmarterbuyers DOT com                  www.forsmarterbuyers.com/gets/savings4/Jackson Smart Buyers Love Us! Others May Click Here To Unsubscribe! (Smile)