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1). joy life english - dy opp v1-dist copy



Live To A Full Life Of 100 - 120 years.

Live To A Full Life Of 100 - 120 years.



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1). joy life english - dy opp v1-dist copy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome to Transform your life! With A Natural Longevity Health Products 17-years of history Soaring New Heights, Seeking New Frontiers JoyLife
  • 2. Joy Life International Limited A direct selling and multi-level marketing company backed by: Joy Life International is now operating in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and will soon launch in the United States with plans for international expansion into 44 countries . 17-year history of high technology and world-class products based on years of scientific research. 16 years of stable growth. As a parent company, Joymain continues to function as a large, hi-tech health enterprise with 1700 distribution outlets and Maintains a sales force of more than 800 thousand distributors. China’s FASTEST GROWING health products and direct selling company, Joymain Sci & Tech Development Co. Ltd. For 3 Consecutive Years! Top 10 Revenue Contributing Private Enterprise Annual Sales 2 Billion RMB
  • 3. Global Expansion JOYMAIN officially announce their Global Expansion Plan 8 th Jan 2010 Soon into 44 countries . Company Vision / Mission:
  • 4. Joymain Sci & Tech HQ in Nanjing The Parent Company behind JoyLife International 17 年穩健發展 With 17 years of developments The Miracle Of Life A LEADING GLOBAL Company to improve Lifestyle Through Continuous Research, Development and Innovation. From: USA, JAPAN. CANADA & CHINA.
  • 5. R & D Strength JoyMain believes in Attaining World Class Standards Nanjing CHINA Life Science R & D Centre Japan Life Science R & D Centre USA Life Science R & D Centre Canada Life Science R & D Centre FROM 4 Difference Countries Without Taking Any Drugs Or Injection 中 國 南京科学研究院 日本生命科學研究所 美國生命科學研究所 加拿大生命科學研究所
  • 6. Management Team # Chairman of the Board, Joy main Group, since April 2000 – present # Deputy Secretary of Party Committee # Chinese Communist Party Member, Senior Engineer # Vice-President, China Health Care Association,2009 # First Vice Factory Manager of Textile Factory of Yan Cheng City in Jiangsu Province # Manager of Industrial Development Branch of Textile Group Corp. in Jiangsu Province # Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Tianbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. # President, Anti-Unfair Competition Association in Jiangsu # Province, enjoying the benefits of the State Council # Multi-awarded for business, social and civic initiatives WANG YOU-SHAN Chairman 王尤山董事長
  • 7. CEO,  Winalite Millionaire Member, Nu skin President of Operations, 6-4-2 System Sales Manager, Amway 14-year Direct Sales Experience Zhou Xi-Jian Vice - Chairman Management Team JoyLife Was Set Up in China but Lead By Mr. Grant Pace President - From USA.
  • 8. President, Nu Skin China. CPPCC Member,  Fengxian District, Shanghai. Chief Consultant, China Direct-Selling Research Center, Nanjing University. Special Professor, Nanjing Economic University. Member of Overseas Entrepreneurs, Central Party School. VP, Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce, China Industrial & Commercial Association. VP, Foreign-Invested Enterprises Associations, Feng Xian District, Shanghai. 30-year Direct Sales Experience. Frankie Kiow CEO Management Team Malaysian
  • 9. President, Shaklee International Inc. Division President, Nu Skin Vice President Sara Lee Corporation. President, Avon Asia-Pacific Inc. Executive Vice President, Pharmanex , Inc. MBA, Harvard Business School International Lawyer 22-years direct-selling and multi-level marketing Grant Pace President of International Management Team JoyLife Was Set Up in China but Lead By Mr. Grant Pace President - From USA. 裴 格 蘭 American
  • 10. 17 years of direct-selling experience Top earner / leader of US based International MLM Companies Senior management experience in international MLM Companies Responsible for the development of the S.E. Asia countries for Joy Life International including Hong Kong Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam, etc. David Yuen 袁煥 熹 Vice President 副總裁 Management Team Canadian
  • 11. JoyLife Was Set Up in China but Running with West & East - Management Team. With Timeless & Priceless Advance Technology Of This 21 Century With Over 1,800 Outlet In China .
  • 12. Joymain Far-Infrared Far-Infrared Protector Garment Set Collaret, Vest and Girdle 3 Piece Set “ Shape Your Wellness “ New Thinking New Possibility
  • 13. Neck Ache Shoulder Ache Back Ache Collaret Ves t Girdle Loose Inches on the waist with Joymain Girdle
  • 14. Joymain Energy Cup A Bridge To Healthy Life Created by Nature, Tested by Scientist, Improved by Human . To catch the explosive global growth of the two “ Next Trillion USD ” industries “ The Wellness and the ICT industries “
  • 15. The Joymain Energy Cup contains 41 rare elements and has undergone 16 steps of nano-technology extraction, and 11 times of synthesis in a high temperature state. Joymain Energy Cup Converts ordinary drinking water to healthy water When drunk regularly, will activate the kinetic energy of the whole body’s cells, changing the inside physique gradually and fundamentally. The physiological functions of the body systems will be effectively regulated, thus enabling the human body to be in a balanced state to prevent the on-set of diseases, or to help enable a quicker recovery from illnesses. This high-technology product works in 7 ways: Effectively Hydrates – Converts macromolecular water particles to small molecule clusters with strong permeability and good solubility for easy and efficient absorption by the body. Fights Disease - Neutralizes acidic water to become slightly alkaline to help prevent diseases.
  • 16. Helps Prevent Aging – Neutralizes ordinary drinking water of positive potential with the healthy water’s negative potential, helping eliminate free radicals to resist oxidation and slow down aging. Energizes - Activates water to strengthen the biological magnetic field and activate the energy of internal cells. Provides Health-promoting Minerals and Elements – Supplements minerals and other trace elements which exist in ionic condition suitable for absorption by the body. Provides Anions – Negatively charged ions to provide more oxygen to the body for more energy. Removes Harmful Metabolites – Transports harmful metabolites and wastes out of the system, promotes metabolism and improves the body’s immunity. “ Freedom of Energy & Ultimate Health “ GET A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE
  • 17. A Person with age 60 th , do you realize HOW much ??? TOXIN did we put into our body ? Insecticide, Pesticide & Chemical from Food / Drink daily ? 20 yrs 40 60 80 100 yrs yrs yrs years Quality of Air, Food N Water To-Day ?? Asbestos (water Pipe) ? ? Human with 75% of Liquid in Our Body Structure Energy Cup
  • 18. Digging our graves with our teeth The Diet Epidemic The 10 leading causes of death Out of total US population of 267,636,061, eight out of ten from the above list are diet related. Source: NCHS Vital Statistics for number of deaths, Bureau of Census for population estimates (1999) Rank Cause of death Number 1 Heart Disease 726,974 2 Cancer 539,577 3 Pulmonary Disease 159,791 4 Pneumonia / Influenza 109,029 5 Diabetes 95,644 6 Car Accidents 86,449 7 Suicide 62,636 8 Kidney Failure 30,535 9 Liver Disease 25,331 10 Alzheimer ’ s Disease 25,175
  • 19. These highly absorbent feminine pads and panty-liners use advanced proprietary technology to provide gentle protection during menstruation. Each pad contains a unique anion strip that uses magnetic and far infrared ray technology to promote health and wellness. Available in day, night, and panty-liner packs Relieves body pain Improves circulation Enhances metabolism Strengthens immune system Balances the body’s natural pH levels Suppresses inflammation Kills bacteria and viruses Enhances hormonal balance Fights stress                   Dispels odors Combination Sanitary Napkin with Magnetic / Far-Infrared / Anion 3-in-one Benefits: Health, Wellness, and Ultimate Protection EnionJoy provides effective absorption of menstrual flow while also delivering unmatched essential health benefits: ( 3 - IN - 1 )
  • 20. The EnionJoy is an eight-layer pad, made of only the highest quality materials and is superior in its technology and design. The top layer is a dry, silky-thin cotton blend with leak-proof design for the sides. A patented combination technology strip runs down the middle of each pad using magnetic, far infrared, and anion technology for multiple health benefits. A lint-free layer ensures maximum absorbency as well as providing an anti-leak barrier. The pads contain an advanced super absorbent gel and a breathable adhesive backing layer for long-lasting comfort. 8-layer Technology : More than just a feminine pad Premium adhesive strips on the pads are organic-based, and naturally safe for the body. Each pad is wrapped in a semi-permeable material that is both sanitary and convenient. EnionJoy brings you peace of mind knowing you are protected from leaks and infection. The unique 3-in-1-technology strip in each pad provides extra protection against bacteria and viruses, bringing you better overall health. ( 3 - IN - 1 )
  • 21. Far Infra-Red Magnetic Health Travel Mattress ( Thin Quilt ) Size : 1.8m x 2.0m REGULATING BRAIN BLOOD SUPPLY INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION REGULATING THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM IMPROVE INSOMNIA Unveil The Mystery Full Set = RM 950 Only
  • 22. Far - Infrared Health Mattress 1 st Layer: Evolon printed fabric, top grade indispensable bedding material in the world, ventilation and waterproof. 2 nd Layer: Tourmaline fiber layer, emitting far-infrared and producing negative ions. 3rd Layer: Anti bacterial cotton, bacteria-resistant and ensuring comfort of the bedding. 4 th Layer: T/C fabric, increasing comfort and keeping surface toughness of Evolon fabric. 5 th Layer: Tyver fabric of Dupont, hyper ventilated and water proof. 6 th Layer: Wool fiber layer, moisture absorbing, sweat dispensing, warmth-keeping and comfortable. 7 th Layer: Environmental-friendly palm replacing cotton, highly resilient, moisture absorbing and ventilated 8 th Layer: Magnetic force line generator, emitting magnetic force line to activate cellular energy. 9 th Layer: Composite elastic massage mattress (cross-link polyethylene foamed) straightening the skeleton and adjusting the spine. 10 th Layer: Interweave fabric, comfortable, wear-resistant and deficult to deform. REGULATING BRAIN BLOOD SUPPLY, INCREASE BLOOD CIRCULATION, REGULATING THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, IMPROVE INSOMNIA AND IMPROVE SPINE PROBLEM LIVE TO A FULL LIFE of 100 – 120 years
  • 23. Infrared is light naturally produced by the sun. As part of the sun's invisible spectrum, far infrared light is a form of thermal energy. This is the warmth you feel penetrate your skin when you are outside in the sun. Far infrared light should not be confused with ultraviolet light which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. Far infrared does not cause sunburn or skin damage. WHAT IS FAR INFRA-RED? You may be familiar with the infrared heat lamps sometimes used in Hospital. Far infrared produces heat in a similar fashion, but is much more efficient because it penetrates even deeper into the skin.
  • 24. 我国 300 人 / 小时全球平均 1 人 /2 秒
    • 数据表明,我国人群心脑血管病逐年上升,总人数已大大高于美、加、法、日、瑞士等国。 15 岁以上人群高血压患病率约为 14% ,比 30 年前增加了一倍。 全国约高血压患者 1.6 亿人左右。每年新发生脑卒中病例约为 300 万人,心肌梗死 60 万人,心脑血管死亡人数约 260 万,平均死亡 300 人 / 小时。 Around the country about 160 million patients with hypertension. New stroke cases occur each year about 300 million people, 60 million of myocardial infarction and cardiovascular deaths in about 260 million, an average of 300 deaths / hour.
    • 流行病学研究证明,造成心脑血管病上升和年轻化趋势的主要原因是经济发展带来的生活改善所导致的不健康生活方式。
    • 心脑血管病的主要危险原因有:高血压、高血脂、吸烟、不平衡膳食 、糖尿病、肥胖、缺少运动和精神压力等。 The main risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease factors: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smoking, unbalanced diet, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise and mental stress.
    资料( 2007 死于心脑血管病人数: In China 300 Peoples / Hour. Globally 1 person Every 2 Second. Causes of death From : Heart Disease
  • 25. 医院能够做什么 ? What Can Hospital Do? 汽车进了修理厂人进了医院就像 青年期堵塞 20 % 中年期堵塞 50 % 老年期堵塞 90 % 微循环障碍导致动脉硬化
    • Osteoporosis
    • Cancer
    Heart Disease Sending Car into Workshop is just like people Admitted to Hospital .
  • 26. 血液不干净 血流缓慢 微循环障碍 细 : 头发丝的 1/20 薄 : 白纸的 1% 多 :100 亿根连起来绕地球两周半 我们的微循环 THE MAIN CAUSE OF ALL ILLNESS Microcirculation Slow blood flow Unclean Blood Microcirculation is the source of sickness The basic unit of body composition Our micro-circulation Fine: hair 1 / 20 More: 10 billion put together a half weeks around the earth
  • 27. Capillary with Excitement WRONG POSITION RIGHT POSITION Road Show in TanJong Karang 22 nd – 23 rd 2011.
  • 28. 甲襞微循环分区图谱 Reading Health Capillary L. Brain R. Brain L. Brain Nerve R. Brain Nerve Neck Throat Air Pipe Heart / Lung Colon L. Leg R. Leg L. Shoulder R. Shoulder Spinal cord Prostate Kidney Head Brain Nerve Neck Throat Air Pipe Knee Cap Lung Heart Kidney Liver Pylorus Sacral Ankle Lesser 左脑 右脑 左脑动脉 右脑动脉 颈椎 咽喉 气管 心肺 贲门 小弯大弯 幽门 十二指肠 结肠 妇科 、前列腺 肾 骶椎 坐骨神经 左肩 右肩 左腿 右腿 头部区 脑动脉区 颈部区 咽喉区 气管区 肺区 心区 脾胃区 肝胆区 生殖区 肾区 腰区 Waist 骶椎区 膝关节区 踝关节
  • 29. (1) 正常血管 Healthy Blood Capillary Normal blood vessels for the hairpin-shaped, straight blood vessels, blood vessels clear, neat, uniform release.
    • ( 2) 畸形血管 : Un healthy Blood Capillary
    • cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, connective tissue disease and other systemic diseases or local trauma prone to fungal infections of vascular malformations
    • arteriosclerosis, diabetes, severe deformity, the ratio is too high.
    • collagen diseases, Renault disease, mental illness, the variant form of blood vessels increased.
  • 30. (5) 舒张型血管 : Expended Blood Capillary Vascular input, output, significantly expanding branches, uneven thickness, blood flow slows down, light red blood cell aggregation, indicating that decreased vascular tone, blood returning bad, fatigue, abnormal autonomic regulation, blood viscosity becomes higher, common hyperlipidemia . (6) 淤血型血管 : Capillary with Blood Clot There was the phenomenon of vascular congestion, slow blood flow, erythrocyte aggregation serious in systemic lupus erythematosus, Renault disease, systemic sclerosis, pulmonary heart disease.
  • 31. 全 都 去 巴 马? Move Everyone To BAMA ? 可不可以把巴 马搬回家? Can We Shift Our City To BAMA? 解密巴马 ILLNESS FREE LONG LIFE CITY OF BAMA - China
  • 32. 1. 净化空气 ---- 环境警察 2. 使自由基无害化 3. 能平衡体液酸碱度 负离子 正常人体液为 弱碱性 ( P H值 :7.35-7.45) 森 林 1 - 2 万个 / cm 3 城市公园 400 - 1 千个 / cm 3 城市住宅区 40 - 50 个 / cm 3 空调间 0 - 25 个 / cm 3 NEGATIVE ION FRESH AIR HEALTHY BODY ( With the Healthy PH of 35 – 7.45 )
  • 33. 巴马的几十位百岁老人 The 100 Years Old Age Peoples in BaMa - China
  • 34. 巴马长寿村部分百岁老人风采 Long Living Peoples In BAMA - China 黄妈干 , 广西巴马县 巴盘村人 ,1905 年出 生 , 今年 105 岁。 眼不花,耳不聋 , 手脚有力,还能用家中的织布机织布。 照片中的土布围巾就是黄妈干亲手为我带上的 。 Bama County Pakistan disk village, out of 1905 Students, this year 105 years old. Eyes are not flowers, not deaf ears, hands and feet strong, but also with the home loom weaving. In the picture is the yellow homespun scarves for my mother to bring the dry hand. 死于心脑血管疾病! 巴马长寿的差异: 1 、 百岁老人不断增多 . 国际自然医学会经研究表明巴马长寿村为目前世界五大 “ 长 寿之乡 ” 中,唯一一个百岁老人呈逐年上升趋势的长寿乡。 Growing number of centenarians. Int. Natural Medicine Association of the table after the village is now the world Mingba Ma Changshou five "longevity", the only centenarians were increasing longevity Township 2 、 老人普遍无疾而终 . 巴马的老人们普遍显得年轻, 80 多岁似 60 多岁, 100 岁似 80 多岁,他们不光是健康地活着 , 还健康的死去。 Nothing came of the elderly in general. Bama old people generally look younger, like 80 years old 60 years old, like 80 years old 100 years old, who not only alive and healthy, but also the health of the die. 3 、 巴马没有疾病 . 百岁高龄无病无灾、耳聪目明、步伐轻盈,在巴马没有恶性肿 瘤(癌症)发生,心脑血管疾病也少的可怜,很多人一生没有见过感冒,也没听过医院这个名称。 Bama absence of disease. centenary old disease-free without disaster, and paying attention, the pace of light, not in Bama malignant tumors (cancer) occurs, cardiovascular and care brovascular disease is also pitiful, many people never had seen the cold, heard The name of the hospital. Live Over 100 Years Old
  • 35. 我们还能给你更多 ! JoyLife Can’t Provide You More ! Blood Cell Unhealthy Blood Cell Healthy Blood Cell At Age 60 With A Body Of 40. Feel - Felt - Found
  • 36. 有命挣 , 没命花 人生有几个十年 ? Earn & Spend While You Can ALL IN GOLD HOW MANY 10 YEARS WE HAVE IN LIFE ? 人生有几个十年 ?
  • 37. COMING SOON! Launched in USA On 12 th Feb 2011 Galaxy High Impact Blend 25 ml daily Presented at a VIP dinner in Nanjing, China Galaxy Supper Juice Galaxy Supper Juice Everyone need it . HEALTH LOGEVITY
  • 38. ● 37 years research in natural products ● Recently testified to Members of U.S. Senate and House on data shown in this presentation. Dr. Gary M. Booth Professor, Plant and Wildlife Sciences Brigham Young University 37 Years Of Hard Work JoyLife Galaxy Juice Launched in USA - 12/2/11
  • 39.
    • Galaxy
    • Contains 32
    • bioactive ingredients
    • 5x more active ingredients than any other such products
    The ingredients include: Galaxy SuperFruit Blend SuperFood Blend Antioxidant Blend No other drink on the market contains as many superfruits, superfoods, and antioxidants as does Galaxy !! To catch the explosive global growth of the “ Next Trillion USD ” in the Wellness industries Galaxy Supper Juice
  • 40. Synergistic Benefits of Galaxy’s High Impact Blend:
    • Contains 32 bio-active ingredients that sustain health
    • A blend of phytonutrients that scavenge free radicals that
    • cause aging
    • Reduces pain from joint and viral disease
    • Increases energy
    • Decreases anxiety from stress and fatigue
    • Stimulates normal sleep patterns
    • Enhances ability to concentrate and focus
    • Contains sugars (fructose/glucose) which reduces insulin
    • spikes
    • Kills multiple forms of breast, colon, and lung cancer cells
  • 41. Galaxy Particulate and USA FDA Drug ( Onxol ) Toxicity to Breast Cancer Cell Line 231 ● Galaxy has same order of magnitude of of toxicity to breast cancer cells as Onxol (FDA approved drug for breast cancer) ● Particulate is 47x more toxic to breast cancer cells than the supernatant (liquid). ● the one oz drink of Galaxy has 30x the concentration of anti-cancer compounds than any of the concentrations shown on this graph…therefore, Galaxy could be a Significant preventative liquid nutritional.
  • 42. EC 50 = 11 mg/mL Percent Cells Alive Trendline (Genesis)
  • 43. A final personal (Gary Booth’s) observation of the health effects of Galaxy :
    • Clearly decreases pain from Post-herpetic neuralgia (disease after Shingles)
    • Increases energy within 20 minutes after consumption.
    • Increased alertness.
  • 44. A final personal (Gary Booth’s) observation of the health effects of Galaxy :
    • Clearly decreases pain from Post-herpetic neuralgia (disease after Shingles)
    • Increases energy within 20 minutes after consumption.
    • Increased alertness.
    Galaxy clearly kills human breast and colon cancer cells in vitro at low concentrations. Both the liquid and solid portions of the blend kills cancer cells…i.e ., it’s all good!! No other drink on the market contains as many superfruits, superfoods, and antioxidants as does Galaxy!! There is still much to be learned… Conclusions:
  • 45. SuperFruit Blend: (Galaxy contains 5 x more active ingredients than any such products)
    • Acai
    • Pineapple
    • Red Grape
    • White Grape
    • Pomegranate
    • Red Raspberry
    • Acerola (Barbados Cherry)
    • Aronia (Black Choke Cherry)
    • Elderberry
    • Cranberry
    • Goji
    • Mangosteen
    • Inulin/fructo-oligosaccharide
    • /oligofructose (Long Chain Polysaccharide)
    • Xylitol (A natural sugar)
    SUPERFRUIT : a marketing term first used in the food and beverage industry in 2005, refers to a fruit which combines exceptional Nutrient richness and Antioxidant activity. Mangosteen
  • 46. SuperFood Blend
    • Barley
    • Acai
    • Cayenne Pepper
    • Buckwheat
    • Flaxseed
    • Alfalfa Sprout
    • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
    • Soy Isoflavones (40% Extract)
    • Garlic 100:1
    • Wheatgrass 33:1
    • SUPERFOOD : a term sometimes used to describe food with high Phytonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result.
  • 47. Antioxidant Blend
    • Green Tea Extract (Caffeine Free, 35% EGCG)
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid
    • DMAE
    • Idebenone
    • Ascorbic Acid
    • Citric Acid
    • Pineapple Syrup
    • Xanthan Gum
    • Potassium Sorbate
    • Sodium Benzoate
    Antioxidants address the very serious problem of oxidation (free radical damage).
    • Keep your heart strong
    • Protect yourself from premature aging
    • Improve your sex life
    • Protect yourself against cancer
    • Prevent heart disease
    • Help prevent Diabetes
    • Keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free
    • Maintain balance throughout your bodies systems
    • Have more vibrant energy
    Some of the benefits
  • 48. Galaxy High Impact Juice Blend Boosts energy levels in a novel way. Contains a unique proprietary blend of antioxidant ingredients that may slow-down the Aging process. Enhances ability to focus and concentrate. Taken with breakfast, this product has the singular unique property of reducing stress and in some manner enhances a positive outlook for the rest of the day. Intense Anti-Aging Skin Care This formula is truly amazing. Top Chemists in the field of skincare have pooled their knowledge and expertise together to create the Ultimate Anti Aging Formula. This formula begins with an exfoliating agent that helps skin achieve the ultimate radiance. Next is the immediate tightening effect which occurs within minutes after application. Within 15 days of continual use there is a noticeable reduction in facial wrinkles due to the triple peptides contained within the Matrixal 3000. Finally, the highest end and best moisturizer we could find provides the product a silky smooth feel and serves as a moisturizing facial treatment. This product is literally amazing and if you or your clients are even remotely interested in an anti aging formula then this is the product for you. The Moment We Have Been Waiting For ……..
  • 49. Brigham Young University Provo, Utah U.S.A. Dr. Booth’s Laboratory Nature’s Blessing To Humanity
  • 50. Opportunity Network Marketing Lifestyle More than 62 million independent sales representatives around the globe.
  • 51. USA Russia China Thailand Hong Kong Malaysia Philippine Taiwan Indonesia Opening 9 International Markets by mid 2011 Singapore Take This Opportunity To Grow your Business Globally Total = 44 Countries .
  • 52. VIP START-UP FUND ASSISTANCE BONUS NEW VIP DISTRIBUTORS GET : 6% OF INITIAL PURCHASES PV PAID IN A LUMP SUM IN EACH OF THE SEQUENT 3 WEEKS ( IN THE 6TH , 7TH AND 8TH WEEK ) Highest Income over RM400K/week = RM1,200,000-00/month Compensation Plan DISTRIBUTOR LEVEL INITIAL BV SETS SILVER 70-349BV 1 set=RM380 GOLD 350-699BV 5 sets PLATINUM 700-1399BV 10 sets DAIMOND 1400-2099BV 20 sets VIP >2100BV 30 sets
  • 53. SILVER 70-349BV 1Set 10% max/wk USD1,200 GOLD 350-699BV 5 Set 10% Max/wk USD3,000 PLATINUM 700-1399BV 10 Set 11% max/wk USD 8,800 DIAMOND 1400-2099BV 20 Set 12% max/wk USD11,800 VIP 2,100BV 30Sets 13% max/wk USD15,00 VIP VIP 1 BV = RM 3.05 SEAMLESS INFINITY VIP UNLIMITED SPONSORING Joylife International commission plan is one of the most lucrative plans in the Direct Sales industry. Most companies talk about having a lucrative and fair pay plan, we prove it. Documentation beats conversation every time! JoyLife Above Weekly BONUS Calculated Base on 1 Leg with 5 difference Levels
  • 54. Paid OVER RM 1,200,000.00 PER MONTH
  • 57. BUSINESS BUILDER MULTI LEG SALES BONUS BASED ON THE SPONSORING NETWORK - WEEKLY SETTLED VOLUME REFERS TO PV VALUE OF INITIAL, UPGRADE AND UPGRADE PURCHASES HIGHEST VOLUME REFERENCE LEG 5000 PV 4000 PV 3000 PV 3800 PV 4200 PV 2000 PV 0% 10%-13% 10%-13% 10%-13% 10%-13% 10%-13% Compensation Plan VIP DISTRIBUTORS CAN HAVE UNLIMITED LEGS BUT OTHERS CAN HAVE 6 LEGS ONLY NO MAINTANANCE REQUIREMENT HERE Highest Income Paid Over RM400,000 WEEKLY ! Distributor Level Bonus Entitled Ref Leg P1 P2 USD P3 USD P4 USD P5 USD P6 USD P1 Max Carry Over Silver 10% 0% 1,200 1,350 1,500 1,650 1,800 8,800 Gold 10% 0% 3,000 3,700 4,400 5,100 5,800 22,000 Platinum 11% 0% 8,800 9,900 11,000 12,100 13,200 58,000 Diamond 12% 0% 11,800 13,200 14,600 16,000 17,400 88,000 VIP 13% 0% 15,000 16,500 18,000 19,500 21,000 132,000 YOU A C D E F B
  • 58. You VIP Multi Leg Weekly Bonus PAY ON EACH LEG 13% 13% 13% Matching Bonus. ( Unlimited levels) ( 2nd Income ) P3 P4 P2 P1 P5 13% 13% 13% P6 Refer Leg NO Payment Infinity Max. USD 15,000 Infinity Max. USD 16,500 Infinity Max. USD 18,000 Infinity Max. USD 19,500 Infinity Max. USD 21,000 USD 15,000 USD16,500 USD18,000 USD19,500 + USD21,000 Total USD132,000 __X 3.20_______ RM 422,400-00 NO MAINTANANCE REQUIREMENT HERE JoyLife BUSINESS BUILDER MULTI LEG SALES BONUS VIP DISTRIBUTORS CAN HAVE UNLIMITED LEGS BUT OTHERS CAN HAVE ONLY 6 LEGS. BASED ON THE SPONSORING NETWORK - WEEKLY SETTLED VOLUME REFERS TO BV VALUE OF INITIAL, UPGRADE AND UPGRADE PURCHASES Above Weekly BONUS Calculated Base on VIP Position From 5 difference Legs. Refer Leg NO Payment
  • 59. BUSINESS BUILDER REWARD BONUS BASED ON ENROLLMENT NETWORK - MONTHLY SETTLED BONUS TOTAL 60% UP TO 9 NATURAL LEVELS AT MOST WITHOUT LEVEL COMPRESSION, LIMITED TO DISTRIBUTORS' LEVEL AND MAINTANANCE REQUIREMENT . Compensation Plan Galaxy High Impact Blend Super Juice Contains 32 bioactive ingredients COMING Very SOON From UAS ! Distributor Level Monthly Maintenance Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Silver 42 PV 10% 5% 5% 3 Levels Gold 42 PV 10% 5% 5% 3 Levels Platinum 84 PV 10% 5% 5% 10% 5% 5% 6 Levels Diamond 84 PV 10% 5% 5% 10% 5% 5% 6 Levels VIP 9 Levels 126 PV 10% 5% 5% 10% 5% 5% 10% 5% 5%
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