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  • 1. Fluorescent Light Bulbs By Chaitanya, Robert, Kiana, Tiffany
  • 2. Cost
    • The cost of buying a fluorescent light bulb may be more expensive than that of a yellow light bulb, but in the long run, they actually cost less. Since its life span is longer than that of an yellow light bulb, you don't have to keep on replacing it, which means less money. So, for all you money savers out there, the fluorescent light bulb is the perfect bulb for you.
  • 3. Life Span
    • The life span of a fluorescent light bulb is a lot longer than a yellow light bulb. It can last between 6,000 and 15,000 hours, while a yellow light bulb will only last about 750 to 1,000 hours. One very interesting fact about a fluorescent light bulb is that it will actually have a shorter life span if it is only turned on for a few minutes at a time. You have to leave them for at least 15 minutes at a time to keep it up to its normal life span.
  • 4. Energy Savings
    • One fluorescent light bulb takes up at least a third less energy during their life span compared to a yellow light bulb. It also takes up less electricity which is very good. Fluorescent light bulbs can be used to decrease energy usage at the place in which they are used. There are some countries where electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Fluorescent light bulbs will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases if they are used in such places. Reduction of greenhouse gases will help the long battle to end global warming.
  • 5. Noise Level
    • One negative aspect of the fluorescent light bulb is its noise level. When turned on, fluorescent light bulbs emit a high pitched, buzzing sound. It will really annoy you if you are in a quiet room. Sometimes, newly purchased light bulbs (fluorescent) will not make a single noise and will work very quietly.
  • 6. Disposal and Hazardous Issues
    • Another negative thing would be the ways you must dispose of fluorescent light bulbs. When they are broken, they release mercury vapors which can harm people and environmental health. The EPA has a page that shows how to properly clean up broken fluorescent light bulbs, but it is not printed on packages with fluorescent light bulbs.
  • 7. Bibliography
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  • 8. For More Information
    • Visit:
    • www. teamforce . wikispaces .com/
    • CRKT+Homepage