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  • 1. EPW By Bill and Tyler Please Invest!!!
  • 2. Invention: The Wind Powered Car
  • 3.
    • Our Wiki
  • 4. How does wind energy work?
  • 5. How do machines like the gorilla pod generate so much energy?
  • 6. Why is wind energy used way more than other renewable sources of energy to create electricity?
  • 7. What is the most common material used in wind machines? Why? ?
  • 8. Why are wind currents faster and stronger in high places rather than in low places? I'm weak. I'm Strong!
  • 9. Why are windmill farms used to generate wind stationed at places a little bit off the coast?
  • 10. How do wind turbines work and what do they generate?
  • 11. Why do windmills generate mechanical energy but not electricity?
  • 12. Why are wind pumps used for pumping water?
  • 13. Where is the best place to harness winds? Why?
  • 14. What material is best to make the turbines of this invention? Why?
  • 15. Why would people want to buy it?
  • 16. What is the best part about this invention? Why? Wind powered No worst part
  • 17. Will this invention harness a good amount of energy in a short amount of time? How?
  • 18. Would this invention be fit for driving on highways? Why?
  • 19. Would this invention be able to make its way into the future? How? Time Warp
  • 20. What amount of money would this device be sold for, given its usefulness?  Why?
  • 21. How can this invention be made?
  • 22. T h a n k Y o u F o r W a t c h i n g ! Please invest in us!