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Ancient Egypt
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Ancient Egypt


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Ancient Egypt By Poorvi S, Sridivya K, and Chris G.
  • 2. Black and Red land
    • Q: Why did the Egyptians divide their land and name them”The Black and Red land”?
    • A: ”Black Land”- because of the rich black soil, farmers planted crops. “Red land- dessert that protected Egypt on both sides from enemies.
  • 3. Egyptians Rituals
    • Q: Why do Egyptians wear masks of birds, wolves and other animals?
    • A: Egyptians wore masks of animals, to represent the gods and goddesses they worshiped.
  • 4. Dead Egyptians
    • Q: Where did they burry the dead Egyptians?
    • A: The dead Egyptians would be buried in small pits in the dessert, so they would dry up quickly and look like mummies.
  • 5. The Kings Jobs
    • Q: What are the Pharaohs jobs?
    • A: The Pharaohs had absolute power thought-out the whole country. He also took care of governing Egypt .
    • Note: A Pharaoh was what Egyptians called their King in Egypt.
  • 6. Egyptians Temples
    • Q: What were the Egyptian temples made of, and why.
    • A: The temples were made out of a type of stone, called limestone.
  • 7. Pyramids
    • Q:How many pyramids are there in ancient Egypt?
    • A: They are about 80-110 currently know Pyramids.
  • 8. Pyramids Structures
    • Q: What are the pyramids, made of , and how are they built?
    • A: It was made of a rock called limestone, and was a stacked on top of each other, one by one.
  • 9. Schools
    • Q: What did the students learn in Egyptians schools?
    • A:The students had to know how to read and write, so they could jot down information, or be scribes.
    • Note: A scribe is a person who kept records of Ancient Egypt.
  • 10. Jewelry
    • Q.How many people did it take to make one piece of jewelry?
    • A. They would have different jobs,like one person would string the beads, and the other one would tie it, and so on
  • 11. Daily Life
    • Q.What was a daily Egyptians jobs?
    • A.There were many different jobs, people would have, so one example would be like, for a woman she would have to sit and do house cleaning for the whole day, and make food for the family.