Enterprise Application Integration
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  • 1. EnterpriseApplicationIntegrationIntroductionTomas Dermisek 2012
  • 2. Enterprise Application IntegrationModern enterprises use a number of systems
  • 3. Enterprise Application IntegrationCustomers dont care about systems... theyexpect service to be delivered.
  • 4. Enterprise Application IntegrationIntegration is the solution
  • 5. Enterprise Application IntegrationEAI seeks to provide efficient, reliable andsecure data exchange between multipleenterprise applications
  • 6. Enterprise Application IntegrationTypes of integration:● Information portals● Data replication● Shared business functions● Service-oriented architecture● Distributed business processes● Business-to-business integration
  • 7. Enterprise Application IntegrationFundamental challenges:● Networks are unreliable● Networks are slow● Any two applications are different● Change is inevitable
  • 8. Enterprise Application IntegrationMain integration approaches:● File Transfer● Shared Database● Remote Procedure Invocation● Messaging
  • 9. Enterprise Application Integration
  • 10. Enterprise Application IntegrationFile Transfer:● simplest form of integration● suitable for infrequent updates
  • 11. Enterprise Application IntegrationShared Database:● fast data exchange● requires strict team cooperation
  • 12. Enterprise Application IntegrationRemote Procedure Invocation:● applies the principle of encapsulation by hiding data to maintain their integrity● Web Services using standards as SOAP
  • 13. Enterprise Application IntegrationMessaging:● high-speed● asynchronous● reliable
  • 14. Enterprise Application IntegrationCXC Global
  • 15. Enterprise Application IntegrationSimplest messaging includes following 5 steps:
  • 16. Enterprise Application IntegrationWhy use Messaging:● it is more immediate than File Transfer● better encapsulated than Shared Database● more reliable than Remote Procedure Call
  • 17. Enterprise Application IntegrationSpecific benefits:● remote communication between separate applications● send-and-forget communication● store-and-forward
  • 18. Enterprise Application IntegrationChallenges:● Complex programming model● Sequence issues● Synchronous scenarios● Performance
  • 19. Enterprise Application IntegrationMessaging demonstration with RabbitMQ:● https://github.com/dermo666/Alfa● MessagingControllerProducerController::indexAction()● CliControllerCliControlle::consumeAction()
  • 20. Enterprise Application IntegrationPAYX integration with NetSuite
  • 21. Enterprise Application IntegrationPAYX integration with Error Channel
  • 22. Enterprise Application Integration
  • 23. Enterprise Application IntegrationCloud integration using Dell Boomi
  • 24. Enterprise Application IntegrationDell Boomi - Visual Process Modeller
  • 25. Enterprise Application Integration