The Not So Pretty Face of Perioral Dermatitis


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The Not So Pretty Face of Perioral Dermatitis

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  2. 2. The condition called Perioral dermatitis or POD is a persistent papulopustular and eczematous dermatitis usually affecting the face around the area of the mouth. The affliction commonly occurs in women aged twenty to forty-five but a variant occurs in children. The lesion features of the perioral dermatitis resemble those of rosacea. The disease can occur due to naive use topical steroids for minor skin alterations of the face. The perioral dermatitis is limited to the skin and is not life threatening. However, people suffering from the disease may develop emotional complications. The Not So Pretty Face of Perioral Dermatitis
  3. 3. People suffering from the condition may experience a sensation of burning and tension during the beginning of the disease. Periroal dermatitis does not normally evoke pruritus due to the rarity of itching. The lesions of the skin can occur as a group of follicular reddish papules, vesicles with papules and pustules on an erythematous base. The papules are located around the mouth though the lesions can also be found in the fold between the nose and mouth and the side portions of the lower eyelids. In the severe variant of perioral dermatitis called lupuslike, the disease's infiltrates appear yellowish. Symptoms and Causes of Perioral Dermatitis
  4. 4. In people suffering from the disease, the basic cause cannot be detected. However, the innocent use of the topical steroids usually precedes perioral dermatitis. There are causative factors in the form of fluorinated toothpaste, skin care creams or ointments containing petrolatum or paraffin, which usually develop perioral dermatitis. There are studies conducted showing that the application of foundation in addition to moisturizer and night cream can increase the risk of perioral dermatitis thirteen-fold. Topical steroids usually precedes perioral dermatitis
  5. 5. POD is also worsened by continuous exposure to UV light, heat and wind. There are microbiological factors that have been found in cultured lesions including specific species of Candida, the bacteria spirilla and other fungi. POD
  6. 6. Care for perioral dermatitis includes the systemic or topical therapies. The PDT or photodynamic therapy has also been proven to be effective against the disease until recently. The treatment applied for the ailments must be adapted depending on the severity and extension of the disease. There should also be reassurance and education regarding the possible underlying factors and the time course of the disease. These are important in helping patients to cope with the disfiguring characteristic of the disease. Additionally, the measures would help them minimize the risk of recurrences. Medical Care for Perioral Dermatitis
  7. 7. Consulting a dermatologist is also advised to evaluate the factors and to determine the treatment that can be applied for the perioral dermatitis. Substances that expand dermal blood vessels must also be avoided. These substances may include alcoholic beverages and spicy dishes. The physical activity of people suffering from the disease is not limited but strenuous physical exercises may worsen the condition. This is due to the occurrence of vasodilation of dermal vessels during such activities. Consulting a dermatologist
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