Sweat Induced Dermatitis Being Extensively Researched


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Sweat Induced Dermatitis Being Extensively Researched

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  2. 2. An allergic reaction can occur in patients because of sweat if they are suffering from atopic dermatitis. It is a form of Sweat induced dermatitis, because sweat is one of the most aggravating factors in atopic dermatitis. A lot of research is still being conducted in this field, because for all patients suffering from atopic dermatitis sweat is not always the deciding factor. Sweat Induced Dermatitis Being Extensively Researched
  3. 3. Since sweat may induce allergic reactions in patients with atopic dermatitis, sweat allergy is treated as a useful marker for the diagnosis of the dermatitis, and this gives a target for new therapeutics. Atopic Dermatitis
  4. 4. The exact mechanism of Sweat induced dermatitis and the role of sweat in atopic dermatitis is still unclear for many doctors. There are both allergic and non-allergic mechanisms, and there are actually no satisfactory scientific evidences. Exact mechanism of sweat induced dermatitis
  5. 5. Sweat induced dermatitis is common in people who are sensitive to nickel. If sweaty skin comes into contact with items containing nickel, it can immediately develop an itchy, prickly sensation within a period of fifteen or twenty minutes. Sometimes even a rash may appear within a day or two. But if there is no sweat on the skin, these nickel items can be worn for several hours and there will be no skin problems. Nickel
  6. 6. Not only jewelry but also clothing fasteners made of nickel, like buckles, zippers, buttons and metal clips can come into contact with the sweat in your body and immediately react on the skin and cause Sweat induced dermatitis. Hence people who are sensitive to nickel should substitute them with nylon accessories. Rubber products are often the cause of allergic contact dermatitis and this is caused by the chemical additives in rubber. Clothing fasteners made of nickel
  7. 7. Medical workers wearing tight-fitting gloves may be prone to Sweat induced dermatitis, because the skin of the hands under the glove experience sweating and could cause hand dermatitis. Powder free rubber gloves may prevent sweating or gloves made of other material should be used, so that there is no sweating. Treatment Medical workers
  8. 8. If there is any indication of Sweat induced dermatitis, then the best thing to consider is to prevent that portion of the body from sweating. Wearing light and cotton clothes, using powder under gloves would be some of the precautions. It is easy to prevent touching nickel objects or wearing nickel jewelry especially when you are sweating. Your dermatologist can help you to identify the items that you should avoid. Sweat induced dermatitis
  9. 9. It is easier for you to detect the cause of the Sweat induced dermatitis than your doctor, because you can check out whether you are allergic to some product only when you sweat, and then you can use it as well when there is no sweat in your body. This can prove that the itching and rash is only Sweat induced dermatitis, and only when sweat comes into contact with the product, it causes the allergy or dermatitis on your skin. Causes the allergy or dermatitis on your skin
  10. 10. This Slide Show is brought to You by http://www.free-health-care.info