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  • 113 views a leading supplier and manufacturer ... a leading supplier and manufacturer
that offer a range of rapid prototyping services in China. We provide the most reasonable China Prototyping,China Prototyping Manufacturing solution with excellent level of quality, service and reliability at low cost.



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    China Prototyping Center China Prototyping Center Presentation Transcript

    • Our company <Triple-c> is a leading supplier and manufacturer that offers a wide range of rapid prototyping services in China
    • We, Triple-c Ltd, offer cnc machining for your product idea.In a short lead time we make your 3d cad model alive!
    • CNC milling is an ideal way to turn your CAD design into a three dimensional prototype, because of its accuracy and solid production of prototype building. Though prototypes can be made by 3d printing as per CAD design, which is sometimes cheaper too but with CNC machining the method is different to produce the sample of your final product.
    • Additive prototyping technologies s to create a mock-up through layering is practically cheaper and is of quicker of production. Many still opt for CNC machining instead because of the solid structure and accuracy. Also the final structure looks like it is real injection molded or casted, mass manufactured. Your designed parts for additive machines or prototype machines can be produced through CNC machining.
    • Design: it all starts with a 3d program or CAD program of the prototype. A product cannot be done without a three dimensional CAD-program. The next step is to enter the program for the prototype into the CNC Machine. Step aside and put the machine to work. With the set of programs in place, the CNC Machine is now ready to make the prototype out of the desired material like wood, metal, plastic and other synthetics (hard foam). The prototype is cut out of the programmed material to be used.
    • Lastly, the prototype is in its post-production stage. This allows for drying time, painting, hardening, plating and other desired post production staging for the prototype if needed. For testing out ideas first before mass production, start with prototypes first. You can make improvements prior to releasing your product and test its tolerances first.
    • 1. willing to deliver as quick as possible /AQAP (as quick as possible) 2. western management led by industrial designers who will advise you the right technology. Do you wish a quotation please email your wishes to :