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What is SocialCRM?
How is SocialCRM a great answer for today's marketing challenges?

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  1. 1. SocialCRM How to create a strong client relationship today Kai Platschke Directeur des Stratégies web deux connect conference Paris, 22.11.2010 1
  2. 2. SocialCRM WHO ARE YOU? 2 There is social media: Facebook, Twitter & Co. There is traditional Customer Relationship Marketing: Mailings, loyalty programs & Co. And then there are brands today - looking for a closer relationship with there clients, because the old messging doesn’t work like it used to. This is where SocialCRM comes in.
  3. 3. SocialCRM TEARING DOWN WALLS 3 Brands shift from SAYING to DOING. ALL marketing now begins with the relationship. Traditional agencies shift their models towards a more consumer centric approach - promising brands a better relationship. Clients urgently have to rethink their internal structures to be able to respond to this new demand. PR, digital, marketing & communications can no longer work as independent entities with individual agencies.
  4. 4. Example LEVI’S FRIENDS STORE 5 This is an eCommerce site, because you can buy jeans. This is a social media campaign, because it is linked with Facebook. This is a CRM program, because it manages 1,5 million clients. This is an advertsising platform, as it shows videos of a new collection. Wo is responsible to create, grow and manage relationships?
  5. 5. 6 Relationships HOW TO CREATE THEM Per definition relationships are always social. And «social» involves at least two parties first. Then a third, etc. Brand X
  6. 6. 7 Relationships A TWO-WAY THING So, brands slowly understand that they need to engage. But they also need to unerstand that relationships are a two-way thing. And consumers have demands, too, in this relationship. First task: Finding a way into the lives fo the consumers. Second task: Letting the consumer participate in the brand.
  7. 7. HOW CAN I ... ... play a significant role in the lives of my consumers? ... open up to let consumers participate in my brand? CUSTOMER UTILITY
  8. 8. 9 Step Two of Two A PLACE IN MY BRAND «What on earth can I do so that this consumer let’s me engage? He can decide whether he wants to talk to me or not. I f I could only find something that is really useful for him, or entertaining, something that answers a need, demand, feeling - if I achieve this, I could play an important role in his life!» So, brands slowly understand that they need to engage.
  9. 9. 10 Step Two of Two A PLACE IN MY BRAND «What does this brand want from me? A place in my life? And what do I get in return? I do have some proposals to make: I want a new flavour, I think the distribution system is too old, I have a funny idea for an advertsising and I wanna design a version of the product myself! How can I become part of the brand? If you let me in, I’ll let you in as well!» But, brands have more problems in letting the consumer engage with them.
  10. 10. 11 A Concept for an Answer CUSTOMER UTILITY We at MRM invented the concept of the CUSTOMER UTILITY(C). A CUSTOMER UTILITY is everything that allows the brand ... to define its role in the lives of the consumers. ... to let the consumer participate in the brand. This can be everything from applications, life enhancing programs or entertainment ideas to listening platforms, personalisation tools and cocreation approaches.
  12. 12. 14 A Role in a Life THE COCA COLA HAPPINESS FACTORY What is the role? Bringing more happiness into the lives of people. Is the engagement real? They have reached 15 million social relationships on Facebook. They hired 30 staff to manage the social mdia involved.
  13. 13. 16 A Role in a Life LEVI’S ENGAGEMENT IN THE CITY OF BRADDOCK What is the role? A jeans for workers helps a city full of real workers to revitalize an abandoned village. Is the engagement real? The city is real. The people are real The investments are real.
  14. 14. 18 A Role in a Life THE REPLAY PROGRAM OF GATORADE What is the role? Giving the possibility to replay the match of my life. Is the engagement real? The insight works well - many people have the desire to replay lost games. Gatorade supports players with the exact recreation of the highschool situation, including invitation of ex team members and provides a real training that should lead to a better match ending this time.
  16. 16. 21 A Brand for Participation A PERSONALIZATION CLASSIC: NIKE ID How can I participate? Online tools, boutiques and competitions let me design my own pair of shoes in colors and styles I like - to make it my own. Is the engagement real? Personalisation has become on of the Nike’s core values. Whenever there is the possibility to personalize collections, or do cooperations with artists, Nike does so.
  17. 17. 23 A Brand for Participation A NEWCOMMER GIVES CONTROL AWAY: GIFFGAFF How can I participate? The new mobile phone provider in the UK claims to be 100% run by customers. Is the engagement real? Clients can design services and products, help each other in the forums, create the advertising and earn points with every activity that they can refund in cash, phone minutes or give for charity.
  18. 18. 25 A Brand for Participation A GLOBAL BRAND FOR EVERYONE: MY STARBUCKS How can I participate? I can say what I want, develop products (coffee, food, starbucks card, ...), experiences (ordering, payment, locations, ...) and involvements (community, social respnsibility, ...). Is the engagement real? On a website poeple can post and discuss ideas. Starbucks reports exactly, which ideas are under review, in preperation or already launched (more than 100 ideas already).
  19. 19. SocialCRM AND NOW? 26 SocialCRM is a concept to create relationships. It is more than just a replacement for «social» and «CRM». Hopefully the ideas and examples have shown how this can be done. CUSTOMER UTILITY by MRM is one possibility to answer. There are barriers to overcome: internal organisations and responsibilities, traditional agency structures, etc.
  20. 20. SocialCRM The only way to truely reach your clients. Throuh Relationships. 27
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