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Corporate Websites

  1. 1. A corporate website is NOT the page that no one is interested in, because it‘s the brands‘ and products‘ pages where everyone goes. The digital revolution has changed the expectations of people towards companies. And their corporate websites are becoming the place of truth. Three main convictions on how to create a credible window into your company àPOVCORPORATEWEBSITES© FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization
  2. 2. The digital revolution hasbrought new expectationsfrom people out there,regarding the topics:-  Traceability-  Bio engagement-  Social engagement-  Marginal groupsWhat is needed is:-  Transparency TRANSPARANCY IS KING-  Openness WHAT’S YOUR ROLE?-  Ethic-  ResponsibilityThat means you have to:-  Prove proximity-  Support identification with the company-  Aim for exchange and dialogue-  Be transparent-  Position the company as a leader in a good cause
  3. 3. Take into consideration:-  You clearly need to display the role the brand wants to play in the lives of the target groups-  Target groups or corporate websites are multiple: -  Employees (#1) -  Job seekers FULFILL YOUR ROLE -  Investors TRANSPARANCY IS KING -  Journalists -  Consumers-  At the same time this site is the place where the role needs to come true – offer services, content, applications and ideas with which you actually play the defined role for the specific target group
  4. 4. The corporate website is wherethe company should lead theconversations with consumersand fuel the companies image.The institutional conversationwith the consumer should feedthe marketing people –everything is an insight!Put instruments in place tostart and continue those LEARN AND USE WISELY FULFULL YOUR ROLEconversations, to analyse themand to forward the learnings toother parts of the group.Do that with all different targetgroups.
  5. 5. A NEW CONTEXTFOR CORPOORATE SITESChallenges:-  The corporate websites are/will be the #1 source of information for the digital society-  Reflecting the modernity and image of a brand by not lacking behind the product communication-  Do not forget the added value / services-  it’s an “always on “relationship-  The site lives with the content (à playground)
  6. 6. CORPORATE WEBSITES -  SFR.COM is a great example for the somehow new finding that also corporate websites have the right to look good and create pleasure for the user! -  SFR.COM has won a design price in France. -  SFR.COM has been developed in HTML5. -  The design is completely responsive, so that users can enjoy it on all screen sizes, incl. Tablets and mobile phones. -  And the regularly updated content tells interesting and relevant stories that users like to follow and explore.
  7. 7. CORPORATE WEBSITES -  A completely different approach to a corporate site. How could it be constantly relevant to the LCL customers and employees? -  By analysing the search behaviour in the area of banking every month we found out what the mostly asked questions were, that people had. -  In a monthly video magazine the LCL specialists would give answers to those questions, which clients and investors could find directly, and employees could take a s input for their daily consulting work.
  9. 9. BENCHMARKSA LOOK AT KWD WEBRANKINGS Lets check them out à FullSIX Clients
  10. 10. 1  ENI.ITFindings:-  (1) Integration of online services (via login) and explanation with videos and interviews 2   4  -  (2) Info is presented in key- points and with visualization / easy to understand-  (3) Not only adressing stakeholders-  (4) Multimedia, YT integration 3  
  11. 11. BASF.COM 3   1  Findings:-  (1) Open to SM platforms and mutiscreen-  (2) explanation of the company world for everyone 4  -  (3) constant invitation todialogue 1   2  
  12. 12. UBS.COM 1   3   5  Findings:-  (1) Very conservative appearance-  (2) Content opens in clear and 2   4   short pop-up overview not to get lost in navigation-  (3) Articles start with video formats-  (4) Mobile Site-  (5) Not enough updates for a financial site / for a site of 2012
  13. 13. © FullSIX GmbH 2012 – Strictly Confidential – All Rights Reserved – No reproduction or diffusion without written authorization WHAT DO YOU THINK? THAT’S IT FOR NOW. MARKETING IN SYNCHRONIZED THE DIGITAL AGE
  14. 14.