Beyond Passwords: FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) and the Larger Market for Strong Authentication


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From Voice Biometrics Conference San Francisco (May 8-9, 2013), Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer, PayPal -- With the explosive growth of electronic commerce and mobile banking, the need for strong authentication is growing. PayPal is helping spearhead the FIDO Alliance, which introduces a viable alternative to passwords with a standards-based approach to authentication that raises security and ensures privacy, while simplifying authentication. FIDO unleashes vast potential for both existing and many new markets. The question is: "How big is the market opportunity for voice and all biometrics in a FIDO enabled world?"

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Beyond Passwords: FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) and the Larger Market for Strong Authentication

  1. 1. PayPalTMMichael Barrett, CISM, CISSPChief Information Security OfficerVoice  Biometrics  Conference  May  8,  2013  
  2. 2. Opportunity for Better Authentication is Upon UsPasswords Just Do Not Work…For Users For OrganizationsPainful to Use  •  25  Accounts  •  8  Logins  /  Day  •  6.5  Passwords  Difficult to Secure•  $5.5M / Data Breach•  $15M / PWD Reset•  $60+ / TokenFor the EcosystemImpossible to Scale•  Fragmented•  Inflexible•  Slow to Adopt
  3. 3. Common experiences related to authenticationfailure (respondents who say it happened to themone or more times over the past 2 years)Users are frustrated -password complexityrequirements workingagainst them insteadof supporting themExperiences with Identity and Authentication
  4. 4. JUST EASYSECURE & EASYJUST BADHighSecurityLowUNPLEASANTLow HighUsabilitySecurity is not a Continuum…
  5. 5. DO YOU REALLY WANT YOURREFRIGERATOR TO KNOW YOUR PAYPALPASSWORD?Do You Really Want Your Refrigerator to Know YourPayPal Password?
  6. 6. Newer Technologies Exist
  7. 7. 0204060801001202006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Authentication VendorsIncreasing Options
  8. 8. Authentication Standards Combined with Advancesin Biometrics Provide a New Path Forward
  9. 9. How FIDO WorksFIDO AuthenticatorsWebsiteBrowserFIDO PluginDevice SpecificModule64123 5ValidationCachesecret secretsrefreshVendor TokensFIDORepository
  10. 10. •  User picks their own token type•  User decides when/if to bind theirtoken to their account•  Existing tokens (like finger) can beused by downloading the FIDOplugin•  User can download the plugin fromvarious sites•  User could have a PIN-protectedUSB drive to use while travellingThe FIDO “User” Experience
  11. 11. Please say your passphrase to log into youraccountSpeakVoice Experience
  12. 12. Finger Experience
  13. 13. USB Experience
  14. 14. Ø The Internet needs better authentication, nowØ Stronger authentication is not “betterauthentication”Ø An industry standards based approach is theonly viable way forwardØ “Whether you believe you can do a thing, ornot, you are right” (Henry Ford)
  15. 15. Michael Barrett, CISM, CISSPChief Information Security Officermbarrett@paypal.comPayPalTMThank You for Your Time!