The Shortest Path To Wireless Communications
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The Shortest Path To Wireless Communications






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  • Multi-Tech has key relationships with major carriers – Our products are carrier approved and ready-to-integrate and deploy
  • EnergyGovernment regulation and mandates are driving smart meter activity around the world.U.S. Stimulus Package:$11 billion funding for an electric smart grid$400 million for electric vehicle technologies - $300 million for federal vehicle fleets, to cover the cost of acquiring electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles6 billion for renewable energy and electric transmission technologies loan guaranteesEurope is the largest market for smart metering technology. The U.K. announced that every home in Britain will be equipped with smart meters by 2020.Key Multi-Tech Points:Environment – Multi-Tech products can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrationEnable both energy applications:Coulomb Technologies networked vehicle charging stationsCanadian Hydrogen Energy Corporation - Cellular Wireless Connection Six Times Faster than Satellite TechnologyCannon technologies - Communications-enabled Electric Utility Automation with Freedom and FlexibilityFat Spaniel (Now called Power-One)- Anytime, Anywhere Energy MonitoringM2M Communications - Energy Management for New York CityTelemetric - Secure, Two-Way Communication for the Utility Industry
  • HealthcareBerg Insight estimates that 250 million people in the EU and the US currently suffer from one or several diseases that may require home monitoring. The market for monitoring the health of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill is increasing rapidly due in part to its cost-effectiveness. With consistent monitoring, there is opportunity for enhanced care.Berg Insight expects data monitoring and distance disease management to become the key parts of tomorrow’s healthcare systemThe world market for telemedicine is projected to exceed $18 billion by the year 2015. (Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)The current market for telehealth and home health monitoring in North America and Europe is $3 billion and is projected to rise to $7.7 billion by 2012. (Data Monitor)The mobile wireless remote patient monitoring global market as a USD $1 trillion opportunity over the next 5 years. (MedApps)U.S. Stimulus Package: $19 billion for health information technologyKey Multi-Tech Points:Enable both home and mobile healthcare applications:Physio-Control portable defibrillator (helps emergency room be prepared for status of patient – quicker treatment equates to more lives saved. Cardiac patients need treatment within 90 minutes)Robert Bosch Healthbuddy home monitoring deviceIndustry must enhance care and reduce cost – Multi-Tech helps companies overcome challenges in the healthcare industry – Our approvals, reliable product, quick-to-market and flexible solutions and servicesCertifications include FCC Class B CompliantAdd non-intrusive solution with multiple connectivity options: analog, Ethernet to DSL, Bluetooth, Cellular, analog-to-wireless conversionExtend life of medical devices – excellent ROI
  • TransportationThe trailer tracking global market value is expected to grow to $860 million by 2013.Total worldwide fleet management subscribers are expected to grow to 36.9 million by 2013 (6.6 million in 2007).Multi-Tech PointsMulti-Tech offers 2G and 3G products that allows companies to choose from a variety of carriers – Plus there are GPS models availableAmeriTrak Fleet Solutions - Plug-n-Play Wireless Modems for Vehicle TrackingGeoTab - Wireless GPS Software Solutions for Asset TrackingLocarta - Complete Automated Vehicle Location SystemMobile Knowledge Corporation - Innovative Wireless Dispatch SolutionsSecurity Concepts - Global Positioning Satellite Surveillance SystemCale Parking meters
  • FinancialABI forecasts global ATM-POS connectivity revenue to rise from approximately $286.6 million in 2007 to roughly $1.8 billion in 2013. “Cellular M2M in the Payments Industry: Opportunities for Modules and Services for POS Terminals, ATMs, and Vending Machines”, Sam Lucero & Stan Schatt, ABI Research, 2Q 2008New regulations and standards for transmitting financial transactions?Multi-Tech PointsMulti-Tech’s ready to deploy modems and routers are an excellent option for when DSL isn’t available or not practical – They are also a good backup solution for busy seasonal retail periodsCale Parking MetersBaywash Automatic - Internet-ready Car Wash DevicesConcordia Coffee Systems - Remote Systems Monitoring of Automated Espresso MachineHypercom - Wireless Dial Backup for Global IP Gateway DevicesOpninionmeter - Capture Customer Feedback at their Point-of-Experience
  • Remote MonitoringSecurity is the fastest growing vertical machine-to-machine markets:Remote home monitoringRemote building control systemsAccess controlOffender-monitoring technology – Multi-Tech enables the communication for Behavioral Intervention ankle braceletsOther remote monitoring applications: Surveillance, Restaurants – temperature control technology, energy, healthcareMulti-Tech PointsMulti-Tech offers secure, quick and reliable solutions for remote monitoring – Avid Wireless - M2M Telemetry is Made Seamless and EfficientBoxboro Systems - Embedded Device Server Provides Web-based User InterfaceCellular Specialties - Universal Socket Increases Solution FlexibilityCity of Atalnta Georgia - Cellular Wireless Water Flow Monitoring ProgramComlab - Remote Systems Monitoring of Critical Transmission SystemsDixon Automatic Tool - Industrial Modem for Remote Monitoring and DiagnosticsElectronic Sensors - SMS Wireless Liquid Level Gauging SystemsErco & Gener - Turnkey M2M Data Collection with Universal Socket Connectivity Equals Off-the-shelf SolutionsN-Tron - Embedded Device Networking for Industrial EnvironmentsNuvolet Corporation - SocketModem Enables Remote Diagnostics and MaintenanceSecureEye Systems -Live Video Over a Cellular NetworkWebdyn - Interchangeable Socket Modules Enable Connectivity Options for Internet GatewaysWorld Telemetry - Wireless Asset Monitoring and Management Control
  • Ideal for mission-critical applications which need to send and receive data over a wireless network.
  • Ideal for virtually any cellular wireless data communications application and integrates seamlessly with virtually any application.
  • A complete serial-to-Ethernet device server will IP-enable any serial device to provide remote monitoring, control and configuration of any system.
  • Hardware SpecificationsProcessor & Memory400 MHz ARM9 CPU, 256 NAND flash, 64MB SDRAM, 2GB SD Flash Card (included)Front Panel DisplaySlot for SD memory flash card; LEDs for Power, Cellular Link Status; Ethernet Link and Speed; 5 programmable LEDs for application specific use Internal PeripheralsRTC (Real Time Clock), Full GPS receiver, 2.5G EDGE cellular modem, Debug 3-pin serial console port, temperature sensorCablingEthernet, serial, USB, and 3-pin serial debug cable; combo GSM/GPS antennaPower Supply100-240V 9V-1.7A changeable blade power supply; three removable blades (US, Euro & UK)
  • Utilizes SocketModem cellular modem
  • A complete serial-to-Ethernet device server will IP-enable any serial device to provide remote monitoring, control and configuration of any system.

The Shortest Path To Wireless Communications Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Shortest Path toWireless Communications
  • 2. Multi-Tech Overview• 40 years focused on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications• 80+ patents• 20+ million devices, thousands of customers worldwide• U.S. based Eng., Mfg., Certification and Support• Debt-free, company owned campus Proprietary & Confidential
  • 3. Key Applications Asset Tracking  Energy Monitoring  Home & Mobile  ATM  Asset Monitoring Fleet  Smart Grid  Tele-Monitoring  POS  Security & Management  Renewables/Wind  Disease  Temporary Kiosks Surveillance Parking Meters/  Car Charging Management  Vending  Remote Service Terminals Stations Machines Alarming Telematics  Utility Controls  Assisted Living  Cash Registers Proprietary & Confidential
  • 4. Energy Proprietary & Confidential
  • 5. Healthcare Proprietary & Confidential
  • 6. Transportation Proprietary & Confidential
  • 7. Financial Proprietary & Confidential
  • 8. Remote Monitoring Proprietary & Confidential
  • 9. Products
  • 10. External Device Networking MultiModem® MultiModem® MultiConnect™ AW MultiModem®Intelligent Cellular Cellular Converter Analog Communications Devices for M2M Applications ∙ Real-time access to data anywhere, anytime ∙ Multiple interfaces ∙ Quick-to-market solutions ∙ Industry, regulatory and carrier certifications
  • 11. MultiModem® rCellIntelligent Wireless Routers• 2G & 3G, GSM & CDMA HSPA ‐ Tri-band HSPA 7.2• 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN connectivity EV-DO• RS-232 serial port so that Ethernet and legacy ‐ EV-DO Rev A/CDMA2000 1xRTT serial devices can share the same cellular EDGE connection ‐ EDGE (E-GPRS) Class 10, GPRS Class 12• Stateful Packet Inspection firewall ‐ Quad-band GSM /GPRS/EDGE GPRS• Built-in dynamic DNS client ‐ GPRS Class 12• Supports IPSec VPN Tunnels for secure LAN- ‐ Quad-band GSM/GPRS to-LAN access CDMA• Intelligent OS: Automatic/Persistent ‐ CDMA2000 1xRTT ‐ Dual-band Connectivity• GPS models Proprietary & Confidential
  • 12. MultiModem® iCellIntelligent Cellular Modems• 2G & 3G, GSM & CDMA HSPA• Ready-to-deploy, standalone modems ‐ Tri-band HSPA 7.2• RS-232 and USB interfaces EV-DO ‐ EV-DO Rev A/CDMA2000 1xRTT• Carrier approved EDGE• GPS models available ‐ EDGE (E-GPRS) Class 12, GPRS Class 12• M2M functionality ‐ Quad-band · Universal IP GPRS · Persistent Connectivity ‐ GPRS Class 10 · Device Monitor ‐ Quad-band GSM · Wake-up on Ring CDMA · Integrated GPIO Ports (event monitoring ‐ CDMA2000 1xRTT and reporting) ‐ Dual-band · Supports SMS Proprietary & Confidential
  • 13. Universal IP™A Consistent Development Interface • Future-proofs applications as new technologies are introduced • Allows developers to write a unique host application with freedom to select from a growing number of communication devices Proprietary & Confidential
  • 14. MultiModem® CellCellular Modems• Ready-to-deploy, standalone modems• Rugged industrial chassis design• Integrates seamlessly with EDGE virtually any application ‐ EDGE (E-GPRS) Class 12, GPRS Class 12• Embedded TCP/IP stack ‐ Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE GPRS• RS-232/RS-422 or USB interfaces ‐ GPRS Class 10• Carrier approved ‐ Quad-band GSM CDMA ‐ CDMA2000 1xRTT Proprietary & Confidential
  • 15. MultiConnect™ AWAnalog-to-Wireless Converter• Turnkey solution allows legacy analog equipment to connect to the cellular network• Integrated quad-band GSM/GPRS modem• V.34/33.6K analog modem and SLIC for PSTN emulation• Supports packet data, circuit-switched data and PPP pass- through• RJ-11 port provides dial tone, ring busy and DTMF detection• Serial port configuration• Rugged, industrial metal chassis• LEDs for monitoring• SMA antenna connector and SIM socket• FCC, PTCRB and R&TTE certified Proprietary & Confidential
  • 16. Embedded Device Networking SocketModem® SocketEthernet® Embedded WirelessCellular & Analog Device Servers Universal Design & Development ∙ Quick-to-market solutions ∙ Future proof ∙ Industry, regulatory and carrier certifications
  • 17. Universal SocketFlexible Comm-Port Architecture• Interchangeable socket devices• Cellular, Ethernet, PSTN or Wi-Fi® network access• Quick-to-market• Global approvals• Easy migration to future networks • Simply upgrade your connectivity module and keep your product current and design intact Proprietary & Confidential
  • 18. SocketModem® iCellEmbedded Intelligent Cellular HSPA ‐ Tri-band HSPA 7.2 UMTS/EDGE/GPRS Modems & GPS ‐ Serial only or serial + USB models ‐ GPIO ports SocketModem® iCell EV-DO ‐ EV-DO Rev A/CDMA2000 1xRTT • 2G & 3G, GSM & CDMA ‐ Serial only and serial + USB models • Universal IP ‐ GPIO ports • GPS models available GPRS ‐ GPRS Class 12 • Persistent connectivity ‐ Quad-band GSM/GPRS • Multiple Interfaces (-MI) on 3G ‐ Packet data up to 85.6K bps ‐ Serial interface supports DTE speeds to models 115.2K bps CDMA ‐ CDMA2000 1xRTT ‐ CDMA IS-95A, IS-95B backwards compatible ‐ Packet data up to 153.6K bps forward and reverse Proprietary & Confidential
  • 19. SocketModem® CellEmbedded Cellular Modems SocketModem® Cell • 2G (GSM & CDMA) GPRS ‐ GPRS Class 10 • Serial interface ‐ Quad-band GSM/GPRS • Embedded TCP/IP stack ‐ Packet data up to 85.6K bps ‐ Serial interface supports DTE speeds to 115.2K bps CDMA ‐ CDMA2000 1xRTT ‐ Dual-band ‐ CDMA IS-95A, IS-95B backwards compatible ‐ Packet data up to 153.6K bps forward and reverse Proprietary & Confidential
  • 20. Embedded Wireless Device ServersSerial-to-Bluetooth® & Serial-to-Wi-Fi® SocketWireless® Bluetooth® SocketWireless® Wi-Fi® • 100 meter (330 ft.) range • 802.11b/g wireless networking • Class 1 Bluetooth V2.0 compliant • Wi-Fi security using WEP, WPA and WPA2 • Point-to-point and multi-point • Supports ad-hoc and infrastructure mode communications • Serial interface speeds to 921.6K bps • Global approvals • Global approvals Proprietary & Confidential
  • 21. Universal Socket Developer’s Kits• Easily plug in the Multi-Tech embedded socket communications device to test, program and evaluate your solution• Convenient platform• Streamline development efforts For use with Multi-Tech’s: • Embedded Cellular Modems • Embedded Analog Modems • Embedded Device Servers Proprietary & Confidential
  • 22. Cellular Development Platform All-in-one Hardware andOpen Source Linux Development Environment
  • 23. Cellular Development PlatformAll-in-one Hardware and Open Source Linux Development Environment• Quick-to-market solution for rapid ROI• Proven hardware platform for increased reliability• Simplifies development using CoreCDP™, a Linux-based open source software• Approved for ease of worldwide deployment• Cost-effective alternative to custom manufacturing• Service and support backed by an industry leader• Easily adapts to future technologies• Use for external or embedded solutions• GPS available in deployment models Proprietary & Confidential
  • 24. Cellular Development PlatformA Cost-Effective, Quick-to-Market Solution Proprietary & Confidential
  • 25. Cellular Development Platform• Processor & Memory - 400 MHz ARM9 CPU, 256 NAND flash, 64MB Front Panel Display SDRAM, 2GB SD Flash Card (included)• Cables Included• Power Supply - 100-240V 9V-1.7A changeable blade Development Platform Hardware Interfaces Proprietary & Confidential
  • 26. Cellular Development Platform Block Diagram Proprietary & Confidential
  • 27. Multi-Tech ServicesLifecycle Management of M2M Communications Solutions ProfessionalExtensive portfolio of M2M communication servicesthroughout the life of your solution.• Reduce time-to-market Manufacturing• Reduce total cost-of-ownership• Extend solution lifetime• Maximize ROI Support Proprietary & Confidential
  • 28. Professional ServicesBring solutions to market quickly, efficiently andreliably• Quick time-to-market• Cost-effective solution• Internal resource optimization• Quality assurance • Design & Integration • Pre-Certification & Product Validation Testing • Certifications & Approvals • Project Management Proprietary & Confidential
  • 29. Manufacturing ServicesUtilize Multi-Tech’s world-class U.S.-basedmanufacturing facility to ensure quality• Maximum control and flexibility• State-of-the-art facility offers on-site manufacturing and testing• Quality control includes 100% functional testing for every product • Custom Manufacturing• Track record of on-time delivery • Kitting, Packaging & Assembly• Committed to environmentally responsible • Activation & Provisioning manufacturing practices • Custom Configurations • Launch Services Proprietary & Confidential
  • 30. Support Services• Reduces total cost of ownership• Extends investment protection• Maximizes solution or product up-time and reliability• Streamlines resolutions• Provides up-to-date features and functions • Extended Warranty • Overnight Services (U.S.) • Installation Support • Priority Support Services Proprietary & Confidential
  • 31. Multi-Tech Systems Customers Proprietary & Confidential
  • 32. Please contact us: Multi-Tech SystemsMain Sales Phone: (888) 288-5470