CRM Best Practices for Hunting, Farming

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This presentation describes ways to generate prospects for Hunters, and ways to identify prospects who are available for cross selling. …

This presentation describes ways to generate prospects for Hunters, and ways to identify prospects who are available for cross selling.

We also cover MQL v. SQL, and how to distinguish each.

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  • 1. CRM Best Practices
    Derek Grant, Vice President
    Pardot Marketing Automation
  • 2. CRM Platforms Are Inherently Similar
    • Whether you utilize NetSuite, SugarCRM,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or some other brand, the tools are generally similar.
    • 3. These similarities are grounded in the basic functionality of any Customer Relationship Management System
    • 4. Salesforce Automation
    • 5. Master Database
    • 6. Contact Information
    • 7. Demographics
    • 8. Pipeline Management
    • 9. Sales Rep Effectiveness
    • 10. Customer Service (optional)
  • Mining Your Own Gold
    • Since the CRM is the master repository for all prospect and customer data, it can be mined to locate prospects for an initial sale or cross sale.
    • 11. This repository is likely one of the most valuable commodities your organization has when you consider:
    Each Lead in your DB has a Cost (e.g., $50)
    Time erodes the value of the Lead DB
    • So Why Not Mine for Gold in Your Database
  • Is Your Rep a Hunter, Farmer, or Farmer with a Gun?
    New Business Development
    Always about the next deal
    High Cost of Customer Acquisition.
    Account Executives
    Upsell existing customers surrounding an existing product
    Low Cost of Customer Acquisition
    Farmer with a Gun
    Titles Vary
    Cross Sell existing customers
    Medium Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • 12. Farming Your Existing Customer Base
    Your CRM Must Be Configured to Capture:
    Product Type
    Stored at Opportunity or Prospect (Lead / Contact / Customer) record
    Multi-Select pick list containing available products
    Relationship Status
    Drop Down pick list containing Good, Neutral, or Bad
    Competitive Products in the Account
    Related Products in the Account
  • 13. Hunting for New Business
    • The Internet is filled with terrific resources to help you find and appropriate targets for your marketing
  • Hunting for New Business
    • All of these sources provide the ability to filter the search results to locate the correct person at the appropriate type company
    • 14. If Vertically-focused, leverage Jigsaw’s “Find Companies” or LinkedIn’s “Advanced People Search” feature and filter based upon Industry and Sub-Industry
  • Hunting for New Business in the Social-Sphere
    The buying process has changed, and people are beginning to crowd-source questions.
    Why Not Ask You? – You’d only have great things to say about your solution
    Tapping into the Social Sphere:
    TweetDeck / HubSpot / for real-time Twitter alerts
    Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups
    Google Alerts (Captures Blogs)
  • 15. Let’s Grab Their Attention
    Now That You’ve Found The Right Size Company and the Appropriate Contact:
    Sales Outreach Via Phone
    Inside Sales, Lead Qualification Team, Etc…
    Tough to determine who is interested
    Marketing Email Blast
    “Fishing with Dynamite”
    Provides Maximum Reach
    Will Likely Turn Off Prospects (e.g., they didn’t opt in)
    May Lose The Opportunity to Contact Again (Opt Out)
  • 16. Are They Engaged?
    Voicemails should have a call to action
    Can we schedule a Demo?
    Check out our Online Demo, ROI Calculator, Trial, etc…
    Track with Outlook Plug-In
    Emails Should Link to Web Content
    Whitepapers (early stage)
    Content Library
    Third Party Blogs
    The Destinations Don’t Have to be your web properties
  • 17. Did They Seem Interested?
    Click Path
    In this example, the prospect viewed the pricing page 3 times.
  • 18. What Brought Them To Your Site?
    Were they searching for your brand?
    A competitor?
    A feature?
    A product?
    Search provides insight about what is important to a prospect
  • 19. Are They Even Qualified?
    Have a Method to Separate the MQLs & SQLs from Suspects
    • Explicit Factors
    • 20. Demographics for MQL
    • 21. Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT) for SQL
    • 22. Implicit Factors
    • 23. What did they do?
    • 24. Don’t Chase Bad Leads
    • 25. Little Interest
    • 26. Wrong Demographics
  • If Not AnMQL, Nurture
    Forrester Estimates that only 20% of Marketing-sourced leads actually engage with Sales.
    • Prospect Nurturing delivers relevant content to prospects to move them forward in the sales process.
    • 27. Marketing Nurturing
    • 28. Education to MQL
    • 29. Automatically
    • 30. Sales Nurturing
    • 31. Stay top of mind
    • 32. Trigger from CRM
  • Ideal Customer Profile for MQL
    The “Jigsaw Rule” of Finding MQLs:
    Can you complete the “Advanced Search” feature of Jigsaw to narrow your scope?
    Key Considerations:
    * - May focus on the number of key personnel rather than total company size
  • 33. BANT Model for SQL
    Are You Trying to Get Blood from a Stone?
    They are just a suspect / lead until you are able to determine some of the BANT criteria:
    We require 2 of 4 to convert to an opportunity
  • 34. Questions?
  • 35. Thank You For Your Time Today
    950 East Paces Ferry Rd
    Suite 3300
    Atlanta, Georgia 30326
    Derek Grant
    VP of Sales