Digital Youth and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Dra. Matilde Maddaleno


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Digital Youth and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Dra. Matilde Maddaleno

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Digital Youth and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Dra. Matilde Maddaleno

  2. 2. Cell Phones and Text Messages •  Adolescents 14-19 years of age in the USA spend as much time texting as talking •  Altered sleep pattern
  3. 3. NET SPEAK TEXT SPEAK P 911 POS www.noslang. com (slang translator)
  4. 4. Avenues for Learning : USA Study ü Source: ISIS Inc. TECHsex USA: Youth Sexuality and Reproductive Health in the Digital Age. Oakland: ISIS; 2011.
  5. 5. Internet Sexuality Sexual exploration, romantic partners, involved in interpersonal relationships and initiate sexual activity, sexuality needs developing. Use the internet to control their sexuality (in development) and become sexual beings. Sex talk , share jokes, literature and use of sexual slang y for their need of information, communication, body exploration and confusion, ambivilance towards the use of emergency contraceptives, performance anxiety Sexual content on the internet is accessible, anonymous, and doesn’t cost anything.
  6. 6. Sexual Exploration •  Frequent Questions (related to body change) •  Access information and interact with people •  Dictionary of sexual terms •  Sex in different states of the US (rights of adolescents to sexual education, emergency contraceptives and others)
  7. 7. CONSTRUCTING SEXUALITY ONLINE Adolescents use the content online (chats and mobiles) and different tools (avatars, nicknames ,photos, ect) to explore their sexuality Analysis of chat y texts demonstrates that adolescents discuss a wide variety of themes: premarital sex, contraceptive methods, aboriton.( 2006) Using nicknames allows them to explore *Experts says that this reflects adolescents interest in the theme.
  8. 8. Internet Sexuality National Teen Pregnancy campaign ( 2008) adolescent survey 13-19: •  22% girls y 18% boys say they have uploaded content, or sent videos or photos of themselves semi-naked ( 11% among 13-16 year olds). Sexting : explicit material or photos on the cell phone. Cyber sex (definitions vary: pornography, explicit communication) conversation between people that includes or does not include role playing activities or masturbation( NETSEX)
  9. 9. Internet Sexuality Surveys of 681 adol 12 - 20 years of age in Checkoslovakia 16% men y 15% women engage in virtual sexual activities Researchers postulate that they are involved in virtual sex to gain knowledge and although it may be seen as undesirable (superficial, impersonal, or not natural), adolescents explore to gain knowledge and experience (risk revels their identity)
  10. 10. Access at Explicit Contents and Pornography 420 million pornography websites and 28 million users view pornography Industry of $97billion dollars per yar Different definitions: explicit sexual content ( photos that show genitalia, films that show genitalia, erotic websites) 23 - 71 % of adolescents exposed to pornography ( 25 % involuntarily) Swedish youth 15-25 years of age report that 46% of boy sand 23% of girls view pornography (but they consider it degrading)
  11. 11. Exposicion a Pornografia / Impacto USA estudio longuitudinal exposicion pornografia ( Brown & Lengle 2009): •  Mayor permisividad sexual y conducta permisiva (2 anos de seguimiento) en hombres •  Mujeres roles de genero progresan menos •  Hombre mas acoso a mujeres ( sin impacto en mujeres) •  Hombres y mujeres mas frecuencia de sexo oral y RS ( 2 anos de seguimiento) Holanda hombres que acceden mas a pornografia y la consideran real tienen actitud mas positiva a la exploracion sexual sin compromiso
  12. 12. Noviazgo en Internet Checoslovaquia 2008 12-18 anos : 43% visita sitio de dating y han contactado a otra persona ( id hombres y mujeres) 23% tiene perfil en internet, 1/3 llama por telefono , 9% usan web camaras, 8% intercambia fotos eroticas , 35% ha conocido en persona Carisma virtual = proximidad, intereses, visiones , sentido del humor, creatividad , inteligencia Solo 22% busca relacion seria, 66% relacion sin compromiso, 46% solo virtual, 7% offline. Explorar, entretenerse ,interactuar sin compromiso
  13. 13. Mobile Optimised Features •  Reminder service •  Allows visitors to sign up for sexual health check reminders by email or SMS according to appropriate testing schedule.
  14. 14. ü Teen Source ü
  15. 15. ü Hookup
  16. 16. ü © 2009 ISIS, Inc. All rights ü 32 Estadisticas de USO •  4500 interacciones las primeras 25 semanas •  Preguntas mas frecuentes TOP 1. Q’ HACER CUANDO EL CONDON SE ROMPE 2. SABER MAS DE ITS 3. QUE HACER SI UNO PIENSA QUE ESTA EMBARAZADA
  17. 17. PROMOTION
  18. 18. CONVERSATION TOPICS TOPIC PERCENTAGE Abortion 45% Emergency contraception 17% Pregnancy testing 17% STI testing 9% Other 11%
  19. 19. RESULTS
  20. 20. RESULTS
  21. 21. Cambios de Conducta y Resultados en Salud American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2009 Behavior change interventions delivered by mobile telephone short message service. Fjeldsoe, Brianna, Marshall, Alison and Miller, Yvette: American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2009, Vol. 36. •  Revisión de la literatura de los cambios de conducta usando mensajes de texto •  Cambios positivos en 13 de los 14 estudios •  Claves del éxito – Contenido a la medida audiencia – Interactivos – ISIS
  22. 22. PREGUNTELE AL MEDIATRA ( PEDIATRA) Rol de los proveedores de salud en Promover un Mundo Digital Positivo y Seguro •  Jóvenes oportunidad de interactuar ,acceso a Información y recursos •  Pornografía, violencia victimización •  Sociedades científicas : leyes de protección niños y adolescentes . ü ASK THE MEDIATRICIAN HARVARD MEDUCAL SCHOOL
  23. 23. “Frisky” or “Clumsy”?