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Rathbun danielle mobile_presentation


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  • The growth of mobile and tablet usage has impacted the way we use web design these days. Some ways that it has impacted web design is by how it helps prioritize the content. The navigation of a site has changed the way we view the site that our client would like to have in order to reach out to more than just computer users. I can’t forget that the way we view text and graphics are much different than they were before when we only used computers to look up information.
  • Some ways that we can use technology to improve viewing experiences for the client’s viewers can be by using proper HTML and CSS encoding. Without the proper codes the site may become a huge mistake and not show up in different browsers and devices. Copy and pasting is not the answer when it comes to writing HTML and CSS. Another way that we can keep in mind is to stay away from any thing that deals with flash because it will not necessarily look right on a mobile phone or a tablet like it would on a laptop. Also if we add in Alt text in images it will allow viewers to see what is there if the browser does not allow the image to show up.
  • Sites such as is an example of a bad site that you do not want to go off that design and use of flash that they use when it comes to a mobile/tablet viewing.
  • This website for clothing called grow is a bad example because if you are viewing on a mobile device you will have a bunch of errors and many of the images would not show up.
  • Some good sites that work very well on a mobile or tablet device is with how it is simple yet organized in a nice neat manor that allow the visitor to gain access of all the information and items that the customer is looking for.
  • Along with amazon we also have sites such as facebook, twitter as seen above and many other shopping sites that are out there today.
  • Some recommendations for the adult literacy league website is they should keep there site simple but change around there menus to make it look cleaner on a mobile or tablet device. Also they should stay away from any and all things dealing with flash. But as long as they make those changes they should be getting visitors from people on their cell phones and tablets.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Growth of Mobile and Tablet Usage
    • 2. Bad examples of websites that don’t work well on mobile/tablet devices
    • 3. Another Bad Example
    • 4. Another Good Site
    • 5. Recommended for Adult Literacy League
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