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The lost city of atlantis

The lost city of atlantis






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    The lost city of atlantis The lost city of atlantis Presentation Transcript

    • Lost city of Atlantis
    • What is Atlantis ?
      • A very famous wise man who lived a long time ago Plato wrote about a place called Atlantis
      • The story goes that Atlantis was a very special place of learning. It was a very good place to live.
      • Atlantis sank into the ocean !!
    • Underwater Theory Some volcanologists and seismologists gathered data and said Atlantis was destroyed cataclysm which is : Violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change. A volcano erupted and it was a catastrophe causing tsunamis, ending up in Atlantis burial underwater.
    • Atlantis Philosophy : Plato Greek philosopher, Plato talked of Atlantis as if it were in heaven. The resources said that “ His description were of huge island, larger than Libya and Asia put together. It had great mountain ranges, great plains and plenty of animals , like elephants & gardens filled with more splendor that anyone could imagine.”
    • Plato’s Philosophy continued Plato put Atlantis in the ocean & then there was a conflict if it was real because of its location on the lost continent. There is no known person who anybody knew for sure who kept this story going but it states “Egyptians helped to preserve the story with their tablets and sacred achieves”. It also thought that Plato lied about the whole thing just to live up to his parables .
    • Fact or Fiction Argument There are still argument and doubts going on if it was a fable or not.
    • Discovered ? Years and years later, the city of Atlantis was discovered. Researchers were convinced that they have found it. It was believed that people of Atlantis city were hiding there treasures over there but still the doubt has not been cleared.
    • Plato….!!!
    • About Plato ! Plato was a Greek philosopher, gave us first known account of Atlantis. Plato was said to have lived from about 428-348 BC. He was a student of Socrates. After studying Socrates he opened his own philosophy school. There he began to write philosophies in a play type form. These dialogues always featured Socrates as main character. In his play Atlantis was the place, his students thought it Is imaginary but Plato argued that it is original .
    • Made by ❀ ◕ ‿ ◕❀ Deepti & Niyati