Southwest Airlines


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Southwest Airlines

  1. 1. Southwest AirlinesStephanie Colpo, Lauren Dixion, Shannon Pagels. Julie Walsh
  2. 2. Customer Service Key toSouthwest• The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.
  3. 3. Happiness = $• Life at Southwest: Happy Employees= Happy Customers. Happy Customers keep Southwest Flying
  4. 4. Leadership at Southwest• 10 Directors, 2 Female• 2011 Marked the company’s 39th consecutive year of profitability• 2011 Total Operating Revenue= $15.7 Billion
  5. 5. Southwest Social• Extremely active on company branded social sites, their “Nuts About Southwest” blog and Conversations Forum• More than 2,000,000 likes and 60,000 people talking about the corporation on a daily basis
  6. 6. Southwest Social• More than 300 videos surround their Rapid Rewards Program• Posts vary in frequency with at least one post a day, every day
  7. 7. Magazine Rankings, FastFacts• Airlines routinely left off “Best Places to Work” Lists• Southwest is stronger in reputation rankings than brand rankings• Highest Rank: 4 on Fortune’s Most Admired 2011
  8. 8. Magazine Rankings, 2012• Ranks 10 on Fortune’s Most Admired• Ranks 26 on Harris Reputation Quotient• Ranks 51 on Reputation Institute
  9. 9. Magazine Rankings, Yearover Year• Declined from 4 to 10 in Fortune’s Most Admired• Declined 2.28 points in Harris’ Reputation Quotient
  10. 10. Where Southwest Is...• 1 in Brandindex’s 2011 US Buzz Rankings for Airlines• Top ranking by Forbes Brands American Men and Women Desire•’s 50 Best Places to Work
  11. 11. Where Southwest is Not...• Interbrand• BrandZ• Fortune’s Best Places to Work• Boston College/Reputation Institute’s CSR Ranking
  12. 12. Southwest = Media Darling• Southwest stands out among the “villains”• Tone of coverage is positive to neutral• Positive reputation, continued growth, customer-service focus
  13. 13. News Outlets• Features or mentions in numerous elite media outlets • NYT, WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, CNN, MSNBC• Hometown pubs catch every detail
  14. 14. Coverage Focus• Airline Industry News• SWA Financial News• SWA Business Operations• Flight-Specific Incidents
  15. 15. Social Buzz• Despite operating in a negatively perceived industry, Southwest receives mostly positive sentiment (84% favorable) Negative sentiment has never reached above 17% in the past year Most conversation occurs on Twitter (mentioned in 343 tweets per day, or 14 tweets per hour)
  16. 16. Social Comparison 2,462,335 1,308,495 likes followers 8,097 8,244 likes followers 324, 929 378,269 likes followers 35,612 9,677 likes followers
  17. 17. Do you feel the LUV?
  18. 18. RecommendationsReputation Public Relations• Boost their R&D and •Maintain and continue toInnovation efforts improve current reputation• Continue to tout their CSR •Maintain close relationshipsGreen Initiatives with local media •Continue to address negativeSocial Media news as soon as possible• Expand to additional platforms• Establish Southwest memberexclusives
  19. 19. Thanks for the LUV!