Youth field hockey improvements


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Youth field hockey improvements

  1. 1. Youth Field HockeyWhat can be improved?Derek E. Pappas
  2. 2. MissionRunCommunicateHave funBe committed
  3. 3. No around the backswitchesMove the ball across the midfield outside the 2516 yard hits Make a gap by standing in front of the other teams forwards Our forwards run back behind the gap to receive the ball
  4. 4. Cant receive a through ballon reverse stick if ... If dont’t run diagonally to the right behind the defender If the passer does not push the ball down the line.
  5. 5. If you dont run back toreceive thru ball ... The other team will cut you out and get the ball Creating a counter attack.
  6. 6. Cant push ball on the runif ... The straight part of the stick is not on the ball If your wrists are not bent If the ball is not by your right foot
  7. 7. No really strong hits If the ball is left of your left foot Get the ball between your feet Get your right hand on top keep you eye on the ball turn you shoulders on your backswing plant you left foot and bend your right knee
  8. 8. Cant pull ball back and hitright If you make the first touch to the left. Stop the ball Play it to your right foot Turn your body 90 degrees and drill it This will probably make the biggest difference
  9. 9. Cant stop hard hits Use a vertical stick stop Don’t be lazy and use a horizontal stick stop
  10. 10. Ball not by right foot If your first touch is with your front sticks to the left you are finished on grass or slow turf Get the ball by your right root Bend your wrists, back, knees, and ankles
  11. 11. Bad hits Will give the ball away. Watch the ball Sweep hit the ball while standing up Don’t chop wood Don’t play baseball and swing and miss. Stay down on the ball (bend your back)
  12. 12. Not much running off of theball On offense run off of the ball run right around the back of the ball carrier for a flat pass run diagonally through for a through ball On defense stay with your man don’t watch the ball
  13. 13. Problems receiving ball onthe run Use short steps Be in balance Keep your eye on the ball Stop the ball on the straight part of the stick Get the stick vertical if the ball is bouncing First touch away from the defender
  14. 14. Once they start running anddribbling they look downand do not pass Look up Don’t count bugs on the ground
  15. 15. Defenders dont step up toput pressure on the player
  16. 16. Player with the ball when introuble does not go for thefoot to-maintain possession When you are in trouble get the ball on the defenders foot Stop the ball. Pull it to your right foot Or curl it into the defenders foot
  17. 17. retain possession Don’t give the ball up easily Pass into the gaps where people are RUNNING Put the ball onto the players stick If you do lose the ball chase the player who has it their team is probably not organized yet and you can get it back If you are winning 1-0 put the ball in the right corner and ICE IT
  18. 18. Once the ball starts travelingin on direction it continues inthat direction If you move the ball from right to left and then are faced with the sideline SPIN AWAY backwards and pass right If you are running to the end line pass 5-10 yards before you get there if you cannot run the curl around the baseline. Put the other team other pressure. Don’t let the sidelines or the end
  19. 19. Defenders do use stickfaintsto move offensive player with theball aroundDon’t commit your body-Bruce LeeBasketball defense-stay in front ofyour man
  20. 20. Not much deception whenon the ballGives the defender control over the situtuationMove the defender around with body dodges andlooking one way and passing anotherFake moving the ball one way and go the other.Fake a pass right pass left and get the return passVisa versa
  21. 21. Not many give and goes
  22. 22. Not Many diagonal runs offof the ballWill allow the defense to control the situationIf you run diagonally behind the defense and getthrough passes sent down the channels you will breakthe game open
  23. 23. The entire team runs fromside to side And then the other side is wide open for attack or counter attack. Maintain some width Attack down the side lines where there are fewer defenders Defense don’t get caught pushed to one side and with a flat back line-someone has to be the sweeper to cover
  24. 24. Sticks are not flat on tackles No swinging the stick. Slide the stick when you tackle Jab tackle when the move the stick over the ball Use Faints/fakes Bend your knees
  25. 25. No lifts on the run overdefenders sticks And you run it flat into their front stick and they will dispossess you lift the ball over the defender’s flat stick tackle
  26. 26. Lots of lifted hits An d you lose the ball
  27. 27. Ball outside of left foot onhits And you lose the ball
  28. 28. No spin sways with ball fromdefender And it becomes a 50/50 situation Move away from the defenders stick
  29. 29. No vertical stick stops And you will probably miss the bouncing ball Push your left hand forward Thumb down the back of the stick Catch the ball with your right hand
  30. 30. No running the arc And you do not put the other team under pressure Run the arc and change the angle of the attack Force the defender to turn Create new gaps to pass the ball into and for others to run into
  31. 31. No more than one pass andthen they run with the ballIf you receive the ball and don’t know where you aregoing to pass to you have a problem and will probablybe under pressureLook where to pass before you receive the ballMove the ball into space as you receive the ball if youcan.Pass as soon as possible. The ball moves faster thanthe man. Turn the defenders by changing the play
  32. 32. They dump thru balls thrubehind defenders and run If you are playing a run and gun team which pushes the ball down the field and then pressures the ball You need to get to the ball first You need to get the ball on your right foot. You need to make a good first pass pass
  33. 33. When running with the ballthey only pass when under If you only pass when the defense is pressuring you then you are letting the defense dictate the play Dominate by passing into space and running onto the ball Repeat
  34. 34. No over the ball dummies
  35. 35. Players pass the ball whenthey really arent under any
  36. 36. it ends up going to the otherteam
  37. 37. How do teams dominateHit the ball harder past the pressPass down reverse stick and run after ballPressure the other team’s 16 yard hitsBe fitter and run by people
  38. 38. Commit fouls to break upthe other team’s flowhip checkbody checkstick foulEspecially after you score and at the beginning and endof the game and do it outside of the 25 yard lineI NEVER SAID THIS :)
  39. 39. End gameIf you are tied towards the end of the game and thegame goes to strokes to decide the winner ICE THEBALLDon’t get beaten with a counter attack
  40. 40. If you are playing a teamthat is hitting long throughpasses You need to make sure you do not get beaten because you missed the ball. Do not deflect the ball past your defenders Deflections usually help the offense Space out the defense and don’t get caught flat
  41. 41. Short cornersPush it out to the top Keep it simple Push the ball on goal and rush the pads-reboudPush it out run around to the right to receive the ball Shoot if you have space or drive to the goal or get a foot
  42. 42. 3-2-13 defenders2 midfielders1 attacker
  43. 43. RolesAttacker-receive ball with back to defense and dish itoff to midfieldersAttacker run into spaceRight mid-go into attack along side line and cut in passthrough or pass squareLeft mid-pass left to right square or forwards diagonallyor run left to right to put pressure on defenseRight defender supports the attack-if he goes up leftmid must drop in defenseLeft back and center back are DEFENDERS
  44. 44. Tactics Short passing to control ball Long hard hits/overheads to release pressure See other pages
  45. 45. Words of wisdomRemain calmDon’t be introspective-scores are 1-0 2-3Mistakes will be madeThe other team wants you to get mad because theyknow you will play poorly
  46. 46. Final wordsRunCommunicateHave funBe committed