Proper Internet Usage
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Proper Internet Usage






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Proper Internet Usage Proper Internet Usage Presentation Transcript

  • By: Deon Baker
  •  Netiquette help people understand communicating on the web. Also netiquette help people understand if a website is professional or not. Netiquette is a combination of network and etiquette.
  •  The word netiquette mean network and etiquette. Netiquette is a type of culture for the Internet. Netiquette also help you understand the Internet. Netiquette is a type of cyber word. Cyber word is a word with a Internet meaning.
  •  Behave online. Don’t use rude language online. Don’t do nothing illegal online. Identify yourself on the Internet. Respect other people privacy.
  •  There are 2 main types of plagiarism. The types are word for word plagiarism and paraphrased plagiarism. Word for word plagiarism is when someone copy 3 or more words and don’t give the author credit. Paraphrased plagiarism is when someone rephrase the author work and don’t give the author credit.
  •  When someone use word for word plagiarism they copy everything the author say or use and don’t put quotation marks around the information, the source is not cited, and the author is not cited.
  •  Paraphrased plagiarism is when somebody rephrase a author work and don’t give the author credit and don’t tell who said or made the information you want at the end of the sentence or picture you made. The author and title should be in (parenthesis).
  •  Copyrighting is when a author give you a document that let you use there work. If for an example you email someone about a picture and you ask if you can use it and they don’t reply back you still can’t use it. The author must say you can use it. If not you can not use it or it will be copyrighting.
  • Netiquette information: 7 rules of social media netiquette (2009). of netiquette: Rules of netiquette (2011). information: network etiquette (ND). my opera (2011). Eugenes Blog (2011). for word: amplicate (2012).
  • Paraphrased: just perspective (2011). : lulu (2010). :.nafclibrary (ND).