Social Media Proposal for Youth
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Social Media Proposal for Youth



This is a proposal on how youth can use social media for community outreach.

This is a proposal on how youth can use social media for community outreach.



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Social Media Proposal for Youth Social Media Proposal for Youth Document Transcript

  • Social Media Project Proposal for YouthThis was part of a proposal written for an agency to promote the use of social media using youthto promote information in their communities as well as peer support for each other. All ofagency specific information has been removed, but hopefully this can be used as a starting pointor a budding idea for those interested in youth using social media for community outreach. The workshop aims to help youth identify potential future career paths in journalism,communications, video production/editing, social media marketing, and website design. Theworkshop will utilize technology driven projects to help increase public awareness of availablepublic and nonprofit resources for youth, adults and families. This proposal targets middle tohigh school aged youth ranging from 12 to 18 years old to utilize social media as forum to dooutreach with the community.Project Design The project design for this workshop stems from the challenges public and nonprofitagencies encounter when trying to distribute information to low income and underrepresentedpopulations. As a result of the recent governmental budget cuts in prevention and healtheducational programs, the task of public and nonprofits reaching their target populations willbecome even more challenging. This workshop seeks to use innovative and creative ways toproduce and promote public service announcements (PSA) for areas such as diabetes, heartdisease, domestic violence, peer pressure, parks and recreation services, public health, socialservices, and free counseling services to name a few. Youth will be encouraged to interviewpublic and nonprofit officials and/or research literature on the area of their choice to produce awritten article, e-newsletters and/or video skit relaying their information in order to distribute on DRH-1
  • the various social media forums. The workshop will utilize free software programs and socialmedia to collectively organize and promote the completed projects. Ideally, the project’s goal isto encourage public or nonprofit agencies who are the subject of these public serviceannouncements to create links or promote the completed projects on their websites and socialmedia forums as well.Social Media and Video Permissions I will create and be the administrator on the social media account used to promoteworkshop projects. Participants will not have any administrative authority. However, theparticipants will have created input on the appearance and name of site. Participants will createvideo skits for public service announcements on topics of their choice using their own cellphone/ video camera. The workshop will teach them how to edit and storyboard their clips tocreate a completed PSA. After approval of completed projects, participants will be allowed toupload their projects and written information to the social media site. Parental permission willnot be required for video capturing of the participants, since the workshop is only assisting theparticipants in editing their own material by teaching them how to use free software programssuch as Windows Movie Maker. Vimeo and Youtube are the two video forums that will be usedfor this project.Deona Hooper, MSW DRH-2