Powershift how digital and social media is revolutionising nigeria and africa


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Powershift how digital and social media is revolutionising nigeria and africa

  1. 1. “Copyleft”All wrongs reserved.Among competitors in themarketplace you need to think like achess player… every move counts.Between a business and itscommunication is a thin line;I walk that line everyday. www.adeolakayode.com deola.kayode fb.com/deola.kayode @Delola deolakayode@gmail.com
  2. 2. 5 1 7 They won’t talk to a machine when theyThey won’t tell you are angry with youwhat influences their (0700 - ANGER)buying decisions Things Nigerian customers won’t bother to do (unless you ask) 6 They won’t tell you 2 who else likes to do business with you They won’t tell you 4 They won’t tell you what else they wish why they enjoy being 3 your business did your customerThey won’t offeradvice on how 7 They won’t tell you how best tobest you can keep reach themthem for life
  3. 3. But whether you ask ornot, customers havestarted talking aboutyour brand andpolicies…ARE YOU LISTENING?
  4. 4. They are telling anyoneCUSTOMERS who cares to listen about…CONSUMERS CITIZENS Exploitation CLIENTS……are quietly fighting back.They now have the power toinfluence their peers than everbefore. And great product (if you have one)
  5. 5. The power to controlthe perception of yourbrand is shifting fromadvertisers to thepeople they used totarget.PEOPLE ARE TELLINGOTHERS ABOUT YOURBRAND
  6. 6. The rules of the game has changed Welcome to the Word of Mouse generation
  7. 7. Welcome to thenext big thing… The People Revolution (before wakes up though!)
  8. 8. If your organization issleeping, it’s almost toolate
  9. 9. It is opening upopportunities for… Developers Advertisers Brands Agencies Researchers Marketers Citizens Customers Politicians
  10. 10. The customers you used to know are dead…
  11. 11. The ones living today nolonger obey old fashionedrules They spend more time snooping for news online than in hard copies.
  12. 12. Family viewing of alarge single TV isnow an old fashionedassumption…The TV flagshipperiod are more likelyto meet your targetaudience in traffic
  13. 13. Number of Number of telephone lines in telephone lines in 2001… 2011… 450,000 90.5 million…Nigeria remains the fastest growing telecommunications market for phones in the world
  14. 14. Radio stations,audience and incomehave shot up since theentry of radio-enabledmobile phones.
  15. 15. Leading radio brands nowleverage on Facebookand Twitter comments
  16. 16. Google remains the number one internet searchsite in Nigeria and the most visited in the world… 60% of all Google internet search from Nigeria come from mobile phones.
  17. 17. 62% of people 61% of peopletrust TV ads trust newspaper ads 90% of people trust the recommendation of other people.
  18. 18. When your customers areangry, they won’t call0700 – ANGER.They will tell …. Nairaland Are you listening?
  19. 19. 199x 201xWord Of Mouth = Word Of Mouse
  20. 20. More and more companiesapplicants are looking to lookto online job websites andforums for recruitment … JOBS!!! jobs4naija.com Joblistnigeria.com
  21. 21. While former PresidentIbrahim Babangida spentmillions to announce hispresidential ambition in EagleSquare (Abuja), PresidentJonathan used only 27 wordson Facebook… "I Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by the grace of God hereby offer myself and myGuess who won? (lol) services to the Nigerian people as a candidate for the office of President"
  22. 22. Google remains the number one search websitevisited globally. If your business, brand or name is checked out… your business? …what will Google say? (WWGS?)
  23. 23. Celebrities can now connect to their fans directly from their mobile phones… @OdemwingieP 8,623 @GenevieveNnaji1 30,000 @amdbanj 54,900@donjazzymohits 58,500
  24. 24. Omotola Jalade has more fans on Facebook than all registered voters in the President’s State (Bayelsa) 472, 389560,613
  25. 25. President Goodluck Jonathan hasmore friends on Facebook than thecombined tally of British PrimeMinister David Cameron, Germanchancellor Angela Merkel, and SouthAfrican head of state Jacob Zuma. 565,958
  26. 26. 40%… of all internet trafficfrom Africa originatesfrom Nigeria
  27. 27. 43.9 Nigerians now have access to the internet This population is 4 Million less the entire population of South Africa, it is the combined internet populationmillion of Egypt, South Africa, Morocco and Kenya combined.
  28. 28. 3 124 160Number of Nigerians on Facebook … and counting.
  29. 29. Of 1000 randomNigerians surveyed, 84% post a personal message on a social site 58% had chatted online82%had uploaded a photo Every week!
  30. 30. With Social media, oneman can make a GREATdifference…
  31. 31. 4,717people signed an online petitionand eventually resulted inprotest march that forced TheBritish Airways to apologise formaltreating Mr. AyodejiOmotade and 135 otherpassengers on flight BA075bound for Lagos from LondonHeathrow Airport on the 27March 2008.
  32. 32. An unknown cameraman(Femi ‘Closecalls’) secretlyfilmed the assault on UzomaOkere by the Nigerian Navalratings and uploaded it onCNN ireport…It was viewed 46,502 times,shared 433 times and with437 comments(5057 views – on Youtube)…. CNN TV took it up fromthere Your camera phone can now make you a star! (lol)
  33. 33. Governor Sule Lamido (Governor of Jigawa State) State got Muhktah IbrahimAminu arrested for insulting him on his Facebook wall.
  34. 34. ReVoDa, a mobile appfor monitoring the 2011elections wasdownloaded by over7,700 people forthe 2011 Nigerianelections
  35. 35. Online social media isnot more a distraction; it has shifted the way brands communicate.
  36. 36. It has given smallbusineses the power forMASSIVE results
  37. 37. George Wright the VicePresident (marketing) ofBlendtec, a company in Utahdecided built a campaignabout their cornerstoneproduct, Total Blender. *(a high performance blender used in restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial concerns).
  38. 38. The total cost of startingwas about $50 (being costof a lab coat, six-pack ofcoke, a rake, and a domainname). He got the CEOand recorded him blendingunusual things and postedthe videos online.
  39. 39. The result was astonishing;blending an iPhone was its mostpopular video with 5.2 millionviews on YouTube alone in thefirst year ... media estimation ofthe resultant effect is estimated at$40 million. As of now, § YouTube has 58 million views. § Total Will it Blend views are 101 million. § They have 150,000 subscribers. § Sales have increased 7 times over since the campaign. § The sales have grown in commercial products as well. § Brand awareness has grown. § Traditional media picks up on it without Blendtec paying (National TV, local media, blogs, Newspaper, you name it.)
  40. 40. 21 year old Ahmad Mukoshy wholives in Sokoto was said to havesold about sold off yrn.me (whichremotely shortens long webaddresses) and yarnable.com( a twitter like platform) for about$4500.
  41. 41. In a fashion uncharacteristic ofthe Nigerian market, an onlinejob portal reportedly securedventure funding. Gists say itsabout $1 million.
  42. 42. Advertising is now aboutcontent. it needs to becompelling + remarkable
  43. 43. If your business is busyBANNING social media,your competitors are busyBANKING on it.If your clients havemoved, you shouldn’t bea dinosaur
  44. 44. COMMUNICATING COLLAORATING CONVINCINGPeople connected to socialmedia have a powerfulvoice, their voices haveimpact, they are changingexpectations - they arechanging the perception ofother people.
  45. 45. With an internet penetration rate of only 31%, Egyptian protests began in December2010 with a college-educated street vendor’s (Mohamed Bouazizi’s) self immolation intown of Sidi Bouzid in despair at the frustration and joblessness in the country. Over30,000 videos have now been uploaded on YouTube tagged “Sidi Bouzid”
  46. 46. 90,000people…signed up on Facebook to attend the January 25, 2011 “Day ofRage” march where protesters took to the streets against PresidentHosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule
  47. 47. On the 25th of May 2011,NaijaCyberHactivists took overNAPEP and NDDC websites inprotest againstthe spending of N1 billionfor President Jonathan’sinauguration(Sahara reporters put the cost at 5 billioni.e. including costs of events preceding theinauguration day)
  48. 48. Long servingAfrican leadersnow have to payattention to SocialMedia. Be veryAFRAID
  49. 49. Top 5 Nigerian ▀ Always 110,843 followersBrands onFacebook ▀ GTBank 173, 046 followers ▀ MTN 22550 followers ▀ The BeatFM 323,396 followers ▀ Samsung 22950 followers
  50. 50. GTBank was rated as themost customer focusedbank in Nigeria
  51. 51. It is the only bank listedamong the top 10 visitedNigerian websites visited GTmoveby Nigerians 84.2 % of its website traffic use e-banking services The website is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 45-54, have children, are graduate school educated and browse this site from work. gtbankonline has 1,259 followers on Twitter 95,423 people like GTBank on Facebook
  52. 52. 13 – 16 % Image and reputationaccounts for 13 – 16 % of reasons why customers maintain relationships with brands
  53. 53. Your image and reputation areinfluenced by conversationsgoing on about your brand… are you listening?The way you respond candetermine the future of yourbusiness
  54. 54. Social Media is now a majorconsideration in BrandStrategy, ReputationManagement, Public Relations,Marketing, Human Resource,Advertising and Research
  55. 55. 10 rules ofSocial MediaEngagement
  56. 56. Have a clearCommunicationStrategy
  57. 57. Develop a social mediapolicy for youremployees not snooparound them.… they still use itanyway. Just turn theminto ambassadors.
  58. 58. Integratetraditionaland digital media.
  59. 59. Changing Consumerpsychographics willdemand you makeadjustments
  60. 60. Identify and profile yourpotential customers
  61. 61. Don’t thinkoutside thebox…… there is no box!
  62. 62. GetCreativeDon’t just create products,satisfy human needs in acreative and comfortable way byunderstanding how they we live.
  63. 63. Getpersonal:
  64. 64. If your business is aboutreaching out to people, thenlet your brand be human.Share, link, communicate(extend customer servicefrom bored officers andautoresponders)
  65. 65. Go join theconversationIf your target audienceare talking about you,why not join the gist.
  66. 66. Go viral Get others to tell your story – give them something to talk about.You cant just say it. You have toget others to say it to otherpeople- James Foley, Group VP Global Marketing (FORD)
  67. 67. RelinquishOwnershipCreate opportunitiesfor customers to ownthe brand
  68. 68. Measure andControl
  69. 69. Learn.Unlearn.RelearnIn a rapidly changing world,your ability to measure andcontrol your initiative will takeyou far…
  70. 70. Your customers nowhave less time todecide + more choicesto make from.They can even affordnot to see you to makea buying decision
  71. 71. Engage or Die!
  72. 72. The way you respondto these changes can determine the future of your brand.
  73. 73. Welcome to tomorrow!
  74. 74. Credits:§ Personal opinion of consumer insight, not a statistic§ Personal opinion, not a statistic§ Personal opinion, not a statistic§ Personal opinion, not a statistic, hiking artist.com§ Personal opinion, not a statistic§ Personal opinion, not a statistic§ Personal opinion, not a statistic§ http://www.clickafrique.com/Magazine/ST010/CP0000003419.aspx)§ www.inmobi.com/research Radio brands now leverage on Facebook and Twitter comments§ G| Nigeria§ 62% of people trust TV ads§ 61% people trust Newspaper ads§ 90 % people trust recommendations of other people§ (Degrees of trust in forms of advertising, the Nielsen Company April 2009)§ Personal opinion, nor statistic§ jobberman, poetsolvers, jobs4naija.com, naijabestjobs.com, careersnigeria, e.t.c.)§ President Jonathan | Facebook page§ Alexa.com§ Twitter.com |@donjazzymohits, @iamdbanj, @GenevieveNnaji1, @OdemwingieP§ Omotola Jalade | Facebook page; http://234next.com/csp/cms/sites/Next/Home/5679297-146/northwest_tops_voters_register_list_.csp ....§ CNN§ International Telecommunication Union§ 43.9 million Nigerians now have access to the internet§ This population is 4 Million less the entire population of South Africa, it is the combined internet population of Egypt, South Africa, Morocco and Kenya combined. (Josiah Kimanzi, Research and Marketing Services Nigeria, August 2010)
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