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  • 1. „Selected Chapters from the Cross-Sectional Anatomy of the Human Body”Pelvis and genital organs András Jakab MD, Levente István Lánczi MD
  • 2. Pelvis – anatomical landmarks oncross-sectional images Bones  sacrum (S1-S5), iliac bone  acetabulum  pubic symphysis  ischial tuberosity Reproductive organs Urinary bladder, rectum
  • 3. Iliac bone sacrum, lateral promontory part coccyxischial bone pubic bone pubic symphysis
  • 4. L4 Iliac crest L5 sacroiliac joint ala of ilium sacrum lateral part ant. sup. iliac spine sacrum Hip jointant. inf. iliac spine ischiadic spine head of femur neck of femur obturator symphysis foramen pubis
  • 5. superior articular process sacral canalwing of sacrum sacrum, basis of lateral part sacrum promontory
  • 6. superior articular sacral canal process basis of superior articular sacrum process sacral wing promontory lateral partmedian sacral crest anterior sacral foramen intermediate sacral crest lateral sacral crest apex
  • 7. Arteries – common iliac arteryand its branches Bifurcation of abdominal aorta oszlás: L4 Bifurcation of common iliac artery: in the level of sacroiliacal joint External iliac a.  On the medial part of psoas major m.  Under the inguinal lig. – femoral a.  Branches:  inferior epigastric a.  deep circumflex iliac a.
  • 8. External iliac a. – femoral a.
  • 9. Internal iliac a. and itsbranches Parietal branches  iliolumbal a. (segmental lumbal arteries)  lateral sacral a. (sacral canal)  superior / inferior gluteal a.  obturator a. – acetabul ramus – femur head!!
  • 10. Internal iliac a. and itsbranches Visceral branches  umbilical a. (umbilical lig)  superior vesical a.  inferior vesical a.  uterine a.  median rectal a.  internal pudendal a.  deep/superficial arteries of the penis
  • 11. iliolumbal a. lat. sacral a. sup. gluteal a.obturator a. inf. gluteal a.umbilical a.superior vesical a. internal pudendal a. uterine a. median rectal a.
  • 12. Muscles of pelvis, abdomen and back Muscles of abdomen  rectus abdominis m.  external oblique abdominal m.  internal oblique abdominal m.  transverse abdominal m. Dorsal muscles  psoas major m., iliacus m.  erector spinae m., gluteus maximus, medius, inferius mm. Perineal muscles  internal and external obturator mm.  levator ani m.  coccygeal m.  urogenital diaphragm  puborectal m.  int. and ext. anal sphincter m.
  • 13. Muscles of abdomen rectus abdominis m. external oblique abdominal m. internal oblique abdominal m. transverse abdominal m.Dorsal muscles psoas major m. iliacus m. erector spinae m. gluteus maximus, medius, inferius mm.
  • 14. obturator internus m. coccygeus m.
  • 15. obturator internus m. coccygeus m.levator ani m.int / ext. anal sphincter m.
  • 16. pectineus m.obturator externus m.obturator internus m. Outer hip muscles and extensors gluteus maximus m. levator ani m.
  • 17. Perineal muscles bulbocavernosus m. ischiocavernosus m. bulbospongiosus m. transverse perineal mm. obturator fascia ext. anal sphincter m. levator ani m. gluteus maximus m.
  • 18. Urogenital diaphragmPubococcygeus m.Iliococcygeus m.Coccygeus m.Sacrococcygeus m.Rectococcygeus m.
  • 19. Sigmoid colon and rectum levator ani m. int / ext. anal sphincter m. Blood supply:  Sigmoid: inf. mesenteric a. –> sigmiod aa.  Rectum: inf. mesenteric a. –> sup. rectal a. internal iliac a. –> median/inf. rectal a. levator ani m. ext. anal sphincter m. int. anal sphincter m.
  • 20. superior rectal a. levator ani m.ext. anal sphincter m. median rectal a. obturator Inferior rectal a. internus m.
  • 21. Urinary bladder, ureter, urethra Fundus, body, apex Ureter (medial-anterior part of the psoas major m.) Male: ductus deferens, seminal vesicle  prostate gland
  • 22. Urogenital tract of the male Kidney – renal pelvis – ureter – urinary bladder Prostate Seminal vesicule – ejaculatory duct Testis Epididymis – ductus deferens – ejaculatory duct Urethra Penis
  • 23. Prostate – seminal vesicule ductus deferens seminal vesiculeprostate, medial lobeprostate, right/left lobe urethra
  • 24. Coronal AXIAL
  • 25. Male pelvis T2 weighted, axial MRISource: info-radiologie.ch
  • 26. Female pelvis T2 weighted, axial MRISource: info-radiologie.ch