A2 product analysis denzil bailey


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A2 product analysis denzil bailey

  1. 1. A2 product analysis Yr 13: G325
  2. 2. The Brief <ul><li>I have chosen to do a promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer. I have chosen to do a film magazine front cover featuring the film, along with a poster for the film along with the teaser trailer for my film. </li></ul>
  3. 3. conventions of real media products? In regards to my magazine layout i have decided to use the usual convention of having the title at the top of the page and the name of the main film at the bottom, I also centred an image of the main characters of the film, to indicate a link between the title and who will be starring . Comparing the titles of both magazines, ‘empire’ is a more established movie magazine and there for can risk there title being covered by an image. ‘ Hell Boy 2’ is an American supernatural film, that falls into action/adventure genre, the use of using colours such as ‘red’ convey typical ideas or horror. Death and suffering, which links to the theme of ‘utopia’ which is trying to portray a horror theme image as the main film being advertised is in that genre. Empire has used a section in which they included other films and quotes that would entice readers, I have decided to follow this on my magazine in where I has added four actors names that would be well known to horror film enthusiast. Empire as an well established magazine tend to not really fill the front cover with other film advertisements such as ‘blockbuster issues’ but on the other hand concentrate on ne film e.g. ‘HellBoy2’. This is different in ‘utopia’ as i decided to use many more images to advertise more films that would be within the magazine. In regards to my magazine front cover the majority of it is based on the main film ‘friend or foe’
  4. 4. using special effects on adobe premiere allowed me to change the original blue ‘gb films’ logo into red, this was done to connote to the audience that the film is within the horror genre. This is because normal conventions are the red associates with death, horror, blood, pain and torture. The ‘gb logo’ was created by me by using www.logoyes.com . ‘gb’ is the abbreviation for Glowball films I created this image in adobe Photoshop the reason i used this image was to link with the ‘universal images’ logo, but on the other hand gave it a twist and a new title, this was done too familiarise the audience with what they are used to seeing Using a quotation from a newspaper and including it within my trailer was a way to engage with the audience, in a persuasive form, it also connotes and backs up the ‘hegemony model’ on society believing what they see from the higher and middle class groups.
  5. 5. This establishing shot goes further in connoting the media trailer is located in a woodland area, a usual and common horror movie convention. This shot also links to the ideology and the fear of isolation which is connoted by this woodland scene. Using adobe premiere this shot has been edited to have a darker effect as this was shot in day time e.g. Brightness was reduced also the contrast This scene is the second of the acting within the trailer , this close up shot is used to catch the expression on his face and for the audience to see that he can feel something is about to happen, which it then does as screams commence , this also links with the story line on who is the enemy and who you can trust.
  6. 6. Using adobe premiere i had added special effects ‘distortion’ on to this particularly clip, because at this point there is a loud scream and i felt it would add to the effect and the point of confusion as the audience doesn't know whats gone wrong, which is important in a teaser trailer.
  7. 7. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? <ul><li>For my a2 media project , creating a teaser trailer for a horror film, i have decided to use a marketing mix which consists of these three, the teaser trailer, movie poster and magazine front cover. The reason for using the marketing technique is that it covers a wide coverage to actually sell the movie. Using the horror theme throughout my project i have made all the marketing texts look similar. My magazine and poster both use colours such as red and black to connote horror, death, blood, and all the horror conventions. My movie poster and teaser trailer are both linked to above the line marketing as it corresponds to TV adverts. Meanwhile my magazine front cover is regarded as below the line marketing as usually magazine companies have chosen a movie to try help it gain its ‘lucky break’. In regards to my teaser trailer having a rating of 18 due to it being a horror genre it would more than likely appear post watershed or in corresponding movies in cinema. </li></ul>
  8. 8. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 – This program allowed me to create both my movie magazine and my poster , whilst doing this i able to insert images converting them to JPEG files, this is essential for uploading to www.blogger.com or to www.picnik.com were i done further editing. Photoshop was also useful when cropping photo’s to the size wanted, and using the ‘lasso tool’ also helped with precisely cutting out images for my magazine. Continuing wit tools used i also used the ‘clone stamp’ this was a helpful too for editing e.g. Painting over certain areas getting the exact colours and shading that you need. Photoshop also had the ability to lock background and which gave me freedom to position everything accordingly this was handy both for my magazine and poster. Picnik - Picnik is a website that i had used to help create my movie magazine , this was used to mainly for adding texts and to find fonts to suit the genre, as Picnik had a wide variety of fonts. Adobe Premiere elements 3.0 - This program is what i used to create my teaser trailer, and i had used many of it tools to create a good effect on my trailer as its genre is ‘horror’ e.g. Uploading all my movie clips, being able to cut them to what point i needed, also the ability too zoom in on the timeline to get precision and accurate results when ‘cutting’. Premiere also allows you to add JPEG images into your movie, adding special effects on to them. Premiere also allows you to add sound clips for effect of the movie, and also gives you freedom to delete voice clips hen not needed. Adobe elements also contains many effects which help to connote the horror genre the ability to fade video clips in and out helped to link all the clips together. Adobe elements also contains many effects which help to connote the horror genre the ability to fade video clips in and out helped to link all the clips together.