Chimney Caps Overview; Chimney Cap Repair (720) 364-8839


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Chimney caps are installed on top of chimneys to protect the flue from water and animal entry. A good quality chimney cap also ensures that embers from the fireplace won’t land on your roof. There are various types of chimney caps.

A chimney cap can keep your fireplace safe from the elements, as well as prevent animals from nesting within your chimney.

Standard Chimney Cap
Draft Increasing Chimney Cap
Integral Damper Mechanisms
Electric Draft Increasing Chimney Cap
Customized Chimney Caps
Single Flue Chimney Cap
Band-Around Brick Chimney Caps
Top Mount Chimney Cap

Denver Chimney Doctor is an expert installer of all types of chimney caps. You can make an appointment with him anytime to inspect your chimney and suggest the most ideal chimney cap for your needs.

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Chimney Caps Overview; Chimney Cap Repair (720) 364-8839

  1. 1. Chimney CapsChimney Doctor Inc.Denver Chimney DoctorDenver, Colorado
  2. 2. Chimney CapsO What Are Chimney Caps?( chimney cap is a critical part of keeping yourchimney and flue in proper working order the wholeyear round.( black or silver manufactured boxes that sit on topof your chimney. ( CAPS) Protective coverings for chimneysusually made of stainless steel, galvanized or copper.Web definitions
  3. 3. Why You Need To InstallChimney CapsChimney caps are good to install for afew reasons:O They keep your chimney drier.O Chimney caps with screens keep wildlifeout of your chimney. (And a smell that’seven worse than wet ash from moisture!)O Chimney caps prevent down drafts fromcausing smoke and ash to infiltrate yourhome.
  4. 4. Different Types ofChimney CapsA chimney cap can keep your fireplacesafe from the elements, as well as preventanimals from nesting within your chimney.So what are the different types of chimneycaps and how are they different? This shortguide will walk you through the basics.
  5. 5. O Standard Chimney CapAdvantagesO Includes side screening, which keeps birdsand other animals from nesting in yourchimney.O Traps large sparks that may find themselvesup your flue, and keeps them from getting intoyour yard and causing fires.O Help increase draft when the weather inwindy.
  6. 6. O Draft Increasing Chimney CapThe draft increasing chimney cap uses thewind to create stronger updrafts. A chimneycap of this type may cut down on a crosssection of the chimney.Can help if your fireplace has problems withdrafts.
  7. 7. O Integral Damper MechanismsBest for older fireplaces that do not havedamper mechanisms, a chimney cap withan integral damper mechanism savesenergy by preventing cold drafts fromcoming through your fireplace. This worksby running a cable down the inside of theflue to a lever on your fireplace wall.
  8. 8. O Electric Draft IncreasingChimney CapThese devices doubles as both a chimneycap and an electric draft inducer. Electricfans with variable speeds are built into thedesign, allowing you to control the rightamount of draft for your fireplace.
  9. 9. O Single Flue Chimney CapDesigned for square or small rectangularchimney crowns where the flue sticks upabove it, a chimney cap of this size screwsto the outside of the flue.
  10. 10. O Band-Around Brick Chimney CapA chimney cap with this shapeattaches to the outside sides ofyour chimney and covers the entirechimney.
  11. 11. O Top Mount Chimney CapA chimney cap that attaches to a chimneywith screws through a flange into thechimney crown are called top mountchimney caps. Use this type of cap if yourflue sticks an inch or more above yourchimney crown.
  12. 12. When choosing a chimney cap always makesure to consider first your needs, secondyour budget and lastly, the design for yourchimney.For more information about Chimney CapsInstallation or Repair please call DenverChimney Doctor George Bahr at(720) 364-8839