1st Question of Branding - a Beg to DIFFER Boot Camp preview

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  • 1. The 1st big question of branding Where your customers begin – and why it matters. ? A preview from the Beg to DIFFER Brand Strategy Boot Camp. Brought to you by Brandvelope Consulting – names; taglines; brand strategy.
  • 2. Imagine you are a marketing agency…
    • A client offers you a million dollar contract to launch a new product to the public.
    • Without telling you anything else about the product, the client shows you this picture and says:
    • “ Okay, here it is. Any questions?”
  • 3. What’s your first question?
    • If you’re like 98% of people on earth who have never encountered one of these (that is, your customers), take a moment to think about what your brain is doing right now.
    • Your mind is struggling to answer the same first question your customers ask about anything new:
    “ What is it?” The 1st big question of branding:
  • 4. The “What” imperative
    • Ivan Pavlov called it the “orienting response” to a new stimulus. Until people can answer basic “What” questions, their brains are essentially frozen.
    What type of thing is it? What does it do ? What is it called ? “ What is it?”
  • 5. Why it matters to marketers
    • Until your customer can answer the basic “What”:
    • they can’t start building a brand in their minds, while
    • you can’t even begin to have a marketing conversation.
  • 6. Even Coca-Cola had to spell it out once…
  • 7. If you don’t answer the “What”…
    • They will start to fill in the blanks for themselves:
    A pillow? A chair? A glove? A chamois? A race car? Here’s where you step in to help.
  • 8. So what is that thing?
    • To find out, visit www.begtodiffer.com/mysterybrand