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Dennis Torrecampo Portfolio Summary
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Dennis Torrecampo Portfolio Summary


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1. All contents confidential. Dennis Torrecampo Communications Specialist
  • 2. All contents confidential. Web Content Management
  • 3. All contents confidential. Current Site Neither here nor there  A mixture of the old “gummel” site and the new “” guidelines  Conforming to the original site architecture (circa 1996)  Lacking focus and drive
  • 4. All contents confidential. Design Rationale  Apply the latest “modular” guidelines  Strong, solid blocks  Strong, vibrant primary colours  Strong, simple imagery  Then interpret for the web  Straightforward, direct architecture  Clear, consistent navigation  Colour coding for sections
  • 5. All contents confidential. Visa Asia Homepage
  • 6. All contents confidential. Schering Localization
  • 7. All contents confidential. Schering Localization Background Following the success of Schering’s European Web presence, CCG.XM was tasked to replicate the success in Asia— showcasing their products and connecting with their customers. The objective was to build trust and thus expand Schering’s customer database. Solution  Schering’s foray into the Asian marketplace commenced with the launch of “Femalelife” site—a lifestyle- oriented site addressing the issues of women’s health, relationships, sexuality, maternity and well being in all stages of life.  The Schering woman is confident, active and in control of her life. The site provides answers to many questions that can be touchy or even taboo—contraception, STDs, parenthood as well as the changes faced during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Results  Besides being user-empowering, the site became an excellent opportunity for Schering to showcase their relevant products—without having to “hard sell”.  The contraceptive selector tool, for instance, lets users respond to a range of questions and then obtain an indication of the most suitable type of contraceptive for their specific needs.  Women are able to broaden the reach of the site through “word-of-mouse” marketing –while ensuring confidentiality and trust –vital for the communication of the sensitive subject of female contraception. Back to top
  • 8. All contents confidential. SIA Global Site Narrative: With an objective to move Singapore Airline’s global site from its brochureware beginnings to its current incarnation—allowing customers to make flight bookings right from the splash page, among other enhancements. User testing proved extremely positive. The site was perceived as more friendly, the branding clear and communicative and the navigation intuitive. And the bottom line: a marked increase in online bookings. Back to top
  • 9. All contents confidential.
  • 10. All contents confidential. Nike Online Versatile Adventurous Fresh Bold Ahead of the Pack
  • 11. All contents confidential. Multi-Channel Integration
  • 12. All contents confidential. Compaq Armada 100s Narrative: The Armada 100S launched online with a bright colourful site and a fun, engaging product demo. However, a buzz for the product was created prior to the launch via permission database marketing, press ads and online banners were used for the pre-launch contest. Momentum was further built with viral marketing, which almost quadrupled the number of contestants. The contest draw coincided with the product launch guaranteeing an enthusiastic and expectant market for the product. Back to top
  • 13. All contents confidential. Compaq DeskproSB Narrative: The Deskpro SB was launched at the budget-conscious small business market at a price guaranteed to please. We proposed to play up the value-for-money price without devaluing the product. Prior to launch, we ran an online contest—named Guess The Price. Easy and educational, we attracted thousands of contestants who with helpful tips all guessed correctly in the end and stood a chance to win. We chose a fun, campy TV-game show theme for the contest. The product was launched as the contest was drawn, ensuring a buzz. The launch saw a comprehensive microsite and educational Flash demo—showcasing just how sensible a choice the Deskpro SB was. Back to top
  • 14. All contents confidential. Cisco Content Engine Narrative: The Cisco Content Engine Presentation has successfully illustrated the many advantages of the Cisco content engine as a product. Back to top
  • 15. All contents confidential. Cisco Networking Academy Narrative: Cisco wanted a clean, efficient and no-frills site for the Cisco Academy. Back to top
  • 16. All contents confidential. Multimedia
  • 17. All contents confidential. Coke Site Narrative: To coincide with the Coca-Cola Festive Card Promo, we developed a site with “sticky” content— loads of games, contests and activities—to keep the audience on the site. The result is a series of games and contests with a clear “refreshing” polar theme to tie into Coca-Cola's brand positioning. And Coca-Cola establishing an online presence in Asia. Back to top Back to top
  • 18. All contents confidential. Coke eCard Narrative: The Christmas Tree e-Cards was a truly innovative use of Macromedia Flash and Director, allowing users to send e-cards designed and created by the sender—with their choice of backgrounds, tree decorations, carols and messages, along with a distinctive Christmas theme (and a strong Coca-Cola branding). The cards were a big hit… and represented a way to virally draw new users to the site. Back to top
  • 19. All contents confidential. Coke Ice Fishing Game Narrative: This animated game featured the Coca-Cola Polar Bear atop an ice floe en route to Singapore to meet his family. Along the way he goes fishing for Coke cans, bottles and six-packs—avoiding nasty sea creatures, which can steal his Coke. The game grew highly popular and generated fierce but friendly competition amongst local “fisher-bears”. Back to top
  • 20. All contents confidential. Coke Polar Bar Game Narrative: Coke wanted a game that involved the polar bear characters and featured their product in a favourable and fun way. We proposed a Polar Bar, where the player, as bartender, has to make sure that the six thirsty polar bear patrons’ glasses are refilled with Coke before they reach empty. As the game progresses, the bears drink faster, making the game more exciting and engaging. The best thing about it is what it does for the brand. Set in a 'polar bar', it gets across the brand's positioning that Coke is extremely refreshing and to complement the polar bear icon that has been so well received in the tropics. Back to top
  • 21. All contents confidential. SIA Screensaver Narrative: The SIA Screensaver 2001 is an added feature for the Singapore Airlines website. The images featured in the screensaver evoke a feeling of being "in harmony with nature". Natural elements combined with the Singapore Girl amidst breathtaking natural scenery. It also functions as a calendar cum holiday planner—it reminds users when holidays are around the corner, in the country of their choice. The screensaver drives traffic to the site and triggers a response for users to plan their holidays ahead of schedule. Back to top
  • 22. All contents confidential. Events Management
  • 23. All contents confidential. Compaq Roadshow 2001 Narrative: For the Compaq Roadshow 2001, CCG.XM developed “Hot Off The Wire” as the main theme to exude freshness, dynamism and technological leadership—both a play on “wireless” as well as creating the feeling that the products and services showcased represented the latest breakthroughs. The roadshows —using personalized Flash invitations, online registration and well-coordinated booths and materials— met resounding success all over the region. Back to top
  • 24. All contents confidential. SIA Jazz Festival Narrative: The aim of the Singapore Jazz Festival website was to attract and excite online audiences from all over the globe. The online design elements integrated seamlessly with the offline campaign materials, to present a united theme of fun and festivity. The site was full of information about the events, the artists and the music. It also allowed users to keep in the information loop and reach out to fellow jazz lovers. Back to top
  • 25. All contents confidential. Marketing Collaterals
  • 26. All contents confidential. launch campaign presented by jeffcheong
  • 27. All contents confidential. Soupanatural “Soupercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
  • 28. All contents confidential. soupaholic
  • 29. All contents confidential.
  • 30. All contents confidential. Contact Dennis Torrecampo +63915-7887600 Expertise: Brand and Marketing Strategies, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Web Content, Copywriting, Public Relations, Technical Writing, Journalism, Usability, Project Management, Training and Presentations, Change Management