Ten Cate nomination


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Ten Cate nomination

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Jacob Martien ('Bob') ten Cate Current positions: Professor of Experimental Preventive Dentistry (since 1985) Prorector Universiteit van Amsterdam (since 1996) Address (work): Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Department of Cariology Endodontology Pedodontology Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam, the Netherlands. T +31 20 5188440 F +31 20 6692881 E JM.ten.cate @ acta.nl EDUCATION: 1979 Ph.D., RUG, Thesis: Remineralization of enamel lesions, a study of the physico- chemical mechanism. 1974 M Sc, RUG, Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Crystallography, Polymer Chemistry 1971 B Sc, State University of Groningen (RUG), Speciality: Chemistry and Physics. POSITIONS: 2000-2006 Director, IOT (Netherlands Institute for Dental Sciences) 2000-2006 Director of Research, ACTA 1996-present ProRector University of Amsterdam 1996-2000 Vice Dean for Research, ACTA. 1996-2000 Chairman of the Board of IOT (Netherlands Institute for Dental Sciences 1993-1996 Dean, ACTA. 1990-1992 Acting Head of Department Oral Implantology, ACTA. 1986–1993 Head, Department Cariology and Endodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, ACTA. 1985-present Full Professor in Experimental Preventive Dentistry 1983-1985 Senior Research Associate, Department of Cariology and Endodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). 1982 Fulbright visiting professor, Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, NY, USA. 1978-1983 Senior Research Associate, Dental Materials Science, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Amsterdam. 1974-1978 Assistant Professor (Ph.D. student), Faculty of Dentistry, State University of Groningen, The Netherlands. 1972-1974 Student assistant, Faculty of Dentistry, State University of Groningen, the Netherlands. PRIZES AND AWARDS: 2005 Elected (Vice)President IADR (term of office 2006-2010) 2003 Distinguished Scientist Award in Caries Research, awarded by the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). 2000 The Odontology Prize in Preventive Dentistry 2000, Stockholm, Sweden 1996 Triannual Yngve Ericsson Lecture, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden 1991 Dutch Dental Journal Award (for best Dutch paper in international literature) 1985 ORCA-Rolex Prize from European Organisation for Caries Research (ORCA) 1968 Future Scientists of America, Alumni Research Award, Salem Ohio, USA
  2. 2. RESEARCH Supervisor ('Promotor') Ph.D. theses 2005 RJM Lynch (UK, chemist) The Influence of experimental parameters on the outcome of in vitro de- and remineralization studies current position: Section manager Oral Care Category, Unilever research, UK 2004 DM Deng (China, dentist) Dental biofilms current position: Postdoctoral fellow ACTA 2002 E Zaura (Latvia, dentist) Plaque stagnation sites and dental caries (cum laude) current position: Senior Research Associate ACTA 1999 H Tobi (NL, psychologist) Some issues in applied statistics in clinical restorative dental research current position: Assistant Professor in pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics, RUGroningen, the Netherlands (co-supervised with Prof.dr. J Hoogstraten) 1997 GA Kleter (NL, chemist) Reactions of the organic matrix in dentin caries current position: Group leader RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, Wageringen, the Netherlands 1996 MP Rudolphy (NL, dentist) Diagnosis of secondary caries current position: General dental practitioner 1996 MD Lagerweij (NL, dentist) Dentine caries in narrow grooves and its prevention current position: Postdoctoral positions abroad, now manager preclinical training ACTA 1996 AJP van Strijp (NL, dentist) Bacterial colonization and degradation of dentin: an in situ study current position: Research Associate ACTA 1995 MS Putt (USA, dentist) Anticariogenic properties of aluminum solutions (joint with Kleber) current position: Director of Research, Indiana University at Purdue, USA 1995 CJ Kleber (USA, dentist) Anticariogenic properties of aluminum solutions (joint with Putt) current position: Professor of Preventive Dentistry, Indiana University. USA 1993 RM Duckworth (UK, chemist) Fluoride in plaque and saliva current position: Just retired from Section manager Basic Dental science Unilever research, Bebington, UK 1993 MK Wu (China, dentist) In vitro determination of leakage in endodontic research current position: Professor in Endodontology, University of Beijing, China 1992 CSE van Dorp (NL, dentist) Relationship between fissure sealing process and the progress of initial enamel lesions current position: General dental practitioner 1990 C van Loveren (NL, dentist) Fluoride resistant mutans streptococci current position: Full professor in Preventive Dentistry, UvA 1990 A Klont (NL, chemist) Organic matrix components in root caries current position: Highschool teacher in informatics 1988 HW Kersten (NL, dentist) Leakage of root fillings, an in vitro evaluation current position: Just retired from Director of Education ACTA
  3. 3. Postdoc supervised 2006-present Z Terefework 2004-present DM Deng 2002-2005 E Zaura current position: Senior Research Associate ACTA 1998-1994 JJM Damen deceased 1990-1993 C van Loveren current position: Full professor in Preventive Dentistry, UvA Supervisor current Ph.D.projects C Pham(Vietnam, mol. biologist) Community changes in dental plaque AJ Schel (NL, physician) Legionalla infections in dental practices V Gerardu (NL, dentist) Antimicrobial treatments and dental caries D Kara (Turkey, dentist) Bacterial interactions in dental plaque biofilms J Versloot (NL, psychologist) Recognition, prevention and treatment of pain in child dental patients. (co-supervised with Prof.dr. J Hoogstraten) MCM Schriks (NL, dentist) Aspects of an integrated package for basic oral care International visitors for extended periods T Pereira (State University of Campinas) : 2006-2007 M Sergio Cenci (State University of Campinas) : 2006-2007 F Brighenti (Sao Paulo State University) : 2006 RJ Lynch (Unilever Oral Care category, Wirral, UK) : 2004 T Takatsuka (Sunstar Company, Osaka, Japan) : 2002 A Bardow (Royal Dental College, Copenhagen, Denmark) : 2001, 2003 Y Mukai (Yokosuka , Japan) : 1997-1998 S AlKhateeb (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden : 1997, 1999 Now Professor at Irbid University, Jordan R. Kahama (University of Nairobi, Kenia) : 1996 K Sjögren (University of Goteborg, Sweden) : summer 1996 R Chmelarova (University of Brno, Tjech republic) : 1994-1995 B Nyvad (Royal Dental College, Arhus, Denmark) : summer 1986 Now Professor at Arhus University,Denmark Several master students from within UvA (SILS), TUE, TUD. : 2001-2006 TEACHING Teaching experience 2000-present Research training (ACTA students) 1983 –present Continuing Education Courses for Dutch dentists 1978-1982 lecturer for undergraduate dental students, dental materials 1974-1978 lecturer for undergraduate dental students, full course in oral chemistry Master classes Topics: knowledge update and /or research training (full day or several days) 2006 planned (Argentina, Peru, Venezuela) 2004 Rio de Janiero, Brasil (ORCA Summer School) 2001, 2002, 2003 Tokyo, Japan (Japanese Health Care Ass.) 2000 Budapest, Hungary (ORCA Summer School) 1998 Wroclaw, Poland (ORCA Summer School) 1998 Sao Paolo, Brasil (Per Axelsson Post Graduate Institute) 1996 Riga, Latvia (ORCA Summer School) 1993, 1998 Beijing, China (Univ. of Beijing) 1993, 1995 Prague, Tjech Republik, (ORCA Summer School) 1993 Sao Paolo, Brasil (WCPD) 1990 Rio de Janiero, Brasil (Aboprev)
  4. 4. MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION (Executive) positions in international Organizations, 2006-2010 (Vice) President International Organization for Dental Research 2002- 2006 (Vice) President Continental European Division of the International Organization for Dental Research 2002- 2006 Member IADR-at large Council 2002- present Member Board Pan European Federation. 1998- 2002 Board member of the Continental European Division of the International Organization for Dental Research 1995-1999 (Vice) President, European Organization for Caries Research (ORCA). 1985-1987 Scientific Advisory Board ORCA. 1982-present Member 'Group on surface and colloid phenomena in the oral cavity' sponsored by the Council of Europe. Short list of (held) national positions : • President, Netherlands Society for Oral Biology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Biologie van de Mond) • President, group Pathophysiology of the Dentition of the Medical Research Council (NWO), the Netherlands • University of Amsterdam, various positions in university committees (Research council : various terms, Senate) Consultancies, sponsored research work, etc • External Examiner for Ph.D. defense at various universities (Oslo: Dr. Ogaard; Gothenburg: Dr. Sjogren;, Stockholm: Dr. AlKhateeb; Stockholm: Dr. Tranaeus; Mellbourne : Dr. Ngo) • Consultant to various manufacturers of oral care products (Procter & Gamble USA, Unilever UK, GABA Switzerland, Henkel germany, Sugar Bureau UK, AKZO Netherlands, Sara Lee Netherlands, Sanofi France, Pierre Fabre France, Philips, Netherlands) • has been Principal Investigator for contract research activities 1985-present (totalling about 5MEuro) o Numerous ‘small’ projects to various companies (50-300kEuro), Two main programmes: o Development of in situ model for caries diagnosis (1MEuro, Unilever dental research, 1990-1996) o Testing of potential antimicrobial agents in a microbial model (1 MEuro, GABA e.a. Switzerland, 1996-present) • recipient of three European Union funded projects for research((Framework V, VI): o Fluorosis in young children (1998-2004) o Legionella in the dental water unit system (2000-2004) o Nutrident, anticaries components in food (2006-2010) • recipient of STW MLPA grant (900kEuro, 2006-2010) • has been consultant to various (semi-)government or professional organizations worldwide (Medical Research Councils UK and New Zealand, NIH-NIDCR -USA, ADA -USA) VARIOUS Editorial responsibilities 2000- present Associate Editor, Odontology, Journal Nippon Dental Society 2000-2002 IADR/AADR - Publication Committee 1998- present Senior Advisory Editor, European Journal of Oral Science 1987-1994 Editor-in-Chief, Caries Research 1978-present Reviewer or Editorial Board member of the Journal of Dental Research, Archives Oral Biology, Journal of Crystal Growth, Anaerobe, Comm. Dent. Oral Epridemiology, Clin. Oral Investigations
  5. 5. Journal de Biology Buccale, Caries Research, J Pediatric dentistry, Acta Odont Scandinavia, Dental Materials, European Journal of Oral Sciences, Int. Dental Journal, J. of Dentistry, Nutrition International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine. International conferences organized 2005 Chairman Local Organizing Committee IADR –CED NOF meeting RAI Congress Center Amsterdam (1250 participants) 2003 Organizing committee European Research Group Oral Biology biofilm meeting, Zurich 1995 Member Organizing Committee ORCA'95, Noorwijkerhout, NL. 1995 Chairman organizing committee and Moderator Workshop on Dental erosion, organised under the auspices of ILSI Europe, Brussels 1989 Chairman Organizing Committee Calculus Conference at Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. 1986 Organizing Committee World Congress, International Association of Dental Research IAR), The Hague, The Netherlands