Something To Smile About


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Something To Smile About

  1. 1. S omething To Sm ile About by Dr. Eric S. Smith Produced to improve your dental health and awareness Winter 2009 fromthedentist Too Much Pressure? 5 Ways you can get it under control! The Answer Is Yes! Increasingly, we are seeing younger  Remember that the pressure you My interest in your patients with gum recession – a problem apply to each tooth is concentrated in oral health is never- once more commonly associated with such a small area that it has a much ending … for many gum disease and ageing. A major greater impact than you may notice. reasons. For example, I contributor is brushing with poor  Use a soft, round-tipped toothbrush, want you to know that technique or with too much pressure. twice a day, and keep your brush at a scientists have found oral bacteria – Toothbrush abrasion can expose the 45-degree angle so it’s half on the gum the kind that causes gum infections roots of your teeth and your teeth and half on the tooth. Brushing – not – in arterial plaque. This means that enamel to cavity-causing bacteria, thin scrubbing – should take about three the bacteria you are not removing your teeth enamel so that the yellow minutes. from your mouth can access and dentin inside shows through, and make  Take time to thoroughly brush damage other parts of your body. your teeth sensitive to hot and cold. the back corners of your mouth and This sentence from the US Surgeon Here are 5 tips to avoid damaging behind your back molars. This area General’s Report on Oral Health in your enamel and gums when can be challenging to clean, so for most America comes to mind: You cannot brushing… people, it’s especially vulnerable to be healthy without oral health,  It is important to massage your problems. and that oral and general health gums especially at the base of each  Ask us to show you the correct are inseparable. Please keep this in tooth where plaque can accumulate brushing and flossing techniques and mind when you ask yourself, “Do I and contribute to gum disease. The key for help to establish the proper and really need to floss?” is to do it gently. safest amount of brushing pressure. Out of sight is definitely not out of mind. Please enjoy each newsletter issue – it allows me to share important information with you in between your visits to our We are seeing practice. Yours in good dental health, an alarming Dr. Eric S. Smith & Staff number of younger adult patients with gum recession For more information check out our website:
  2. 2. Your Show at You Smiling Wh Future Know that apply! The top offender in a major workplace survey was: a) Stealing someone’s parking spot b) Office romances c) Bad breath Bad breath is caused by which bacterial by-products? Commit to your prenatal visits a) Volatile Organic Sulphur compounds that smell like rotten eggs Pregnancy can be experienced as an ocean of calm ... or as shifting waves of b) Methyl Mercaptan which smells like unpredictable emotions. The same hormonal fluctuations that contribute to these mood cabbage or smelly socks changes can also trigger oral health problems like periodontal (gum) disease. Because c) Diamines with descriptive names like research has shown that periodontal bacteria can cross the placental barrier, periodontal Cadaverine and Putrescine evaluation and monitoring is a vital part of prenatal care for both mother and baby. You can’t smell your own Here’s why... horrible breath because:  Periodontal disease may be linked to pre-term delivery, low birth weight, and a) You are too accustomed to it low weight for gestational age. The more advanced the periodontal disease, the b) Humans turn off awareness of bad greater the potential risk. smells more quickly than good ones  Periodontal disease may be associated with an increased risk for toxemia, a c) Nature wants to keep you conscious condition characterized by an abrupt rise in blood pressure and the presence of toxins.  Nearly half of women with gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that occurs The most effective during pregnancy, also have periodontal disease. breath freshener is:  For diabetics, periodontal disease during pregnancy may affect blood sugar a) Brushing, flossing, and rinsing control, which in turn, increases periodontal risks. b) Breakfast to start saliva flow In the earliest stages, gum disease has no symptoms. So please c) Breath mints don’t wait until you experience red, swollen, or bleeding gums that could indicate infection, or until you develop a bad taste in your The best way to learn about mouth and/or bad breath. Protect yourself with regular dental care bad breath prevention is and thorough daily brushing and flossing, because gum disease may be linked to systemic diseases at every stage of life. If through regular dental visits! you’re expecting, please include us in your regular doctor Answers: c, all, a&b, a&b visits. ! Restore Your Balance Try yoga The ancient Indian practice of yoga has been credited with curing just about everything, including the common cold. But improving your oral health? Yes! Studies show a reduction in blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. That’s important for oral health, because...  Stress diminishes resistance to infections including gum disease, and makes us susceptible to the discomfort of canker sores and dry mouth.  Jaw joints that are strained with tension due to stress can become sore and cause headaches, teeth grinding can wear and crack your teeth, and biting inside your cheeks can be a real pain. Of course, self-medicating anxiety with tobacco, alcohol, and other substances, and letting your oral hygiene slide, can throw your oral health out of balance too. Get your balance back. Take the pressure off with yoga instead! 2
  3. 3. Don’t Chance It! Find out how to preserve your smile! Is your scrupulously healthful lifestyle placing you at risk for an unattractive smile? You may associate receding gums, exposed roots, and yellowed teeth with chronological ageing, but they’re often the cumulative result of environmental damage. Eating and drinking a lot of healthful but acidic fresh fruit and vegetable products can demineralize and stain your tooth enamel. And overzealously brushing your teeth can damage your gums and thin your enamel, revealing the yellow dentin underneath. Here are some preventive and protective cosmetic procedures that you can choose to improve your smile ... for a lifetime. Dentist-Supervised Teeth Whitening – Prevent damage to your gums and tooth enamel from abrasive whitening toothpastes and remove the risk of over-the-counter whitening products. We can design and supervise a whitening program for you to lighten stained, discolored, or dull teeth. Enamel-Colored Restorations – Strengthen, brighten, and protect your teeth and make your smile look healthier and more youthful with natural- looking white fillings and bonding materials, porcelain or resin crowns, or translucent, custom-designed porcelain veneers. Avoid drifting teeth and a misaligned bite with bridges and implants to replace one or more missing teeth. You’re doing it all and you’re doing it all right. An active life, a healthful diet, and disciplined home care routines are the routes to excellent oral and overall health. But sometimes just a little bit of the right kind of knowledge can give you a lot more power. Can you guess Let dentistry help you which tooth is an Create a classically proportioned, more youthful smile with gum recontouring, teeth whitening, and beautiful porcelain veneers. look your best! IMPLANT A Smart Investment Dental implants: bank on a beautiful restoration IMPLANT FACTS HEALTH BENEFITS APPEARANCE BENEFITS Biocompatible so bone cells Stops or prevents jawbone Ensures a more youthful grow on the implant root loss & drifting of adjacent teeth appearance by avoiding sunken jaws or misaligned bite Bacterial-resistant Crown of implant can’t ever Whiter, brighter smile and decay and gum-damaging youthful, pink, healthy gums plaque buildup is inhibited Minimally invasive procedure No adjacent teeth involved to Immediate superior cosmetic secure a restoration results Predictably high success rate Ability to eat unlimited nutritious Maximizes options for healthy whether replacing one tooth food choices teeth and gums and overall or many appearance ML08-2 3 The upper right central incisor. Which tooth is the implant?
  4. 4. We’re Moving … To a new practice location! In March, we’ll be all moved Children - Sealants, into our new state-of-the-art facility, fillings, space maintainers, and we know you’ll agree that there retainers to assist proper are many advantages, including eruption of permanent teeth. more space and amenities! Your comfort and care is our number Periodontics - Periodontal maintenance, one priority. That’s why our new gum surgery, deep cleanings (scaling and practice is designed with you in We look forward to seeing root planning). mind – providing the most current, technologically advanced dental Endodontics - Root procedures available in a beautiful canal therapy, nerve treatments, you soon at: 4465 South 900 East, Salt Lake City. spa-like atmosphere. As for the emergency treatment of toothaches. procedures we provide… Oral Surgery - Extractions, Cosmetic Dentistry other minor surgery. - Includes: complete “Smile Prosthodontic - Dentures, Makeovers,” porcelain veneers, partials, crowns, bridges, implants (in tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening coordination with oral surgeon). with either Take-Home Tray System or In-Office 1-Hour system, and Emergency Services - reconstructive dentistry (crowns, Available at any time, day or night. and bridges). Call (801) 273-0260. officeinformation Fun Internet Surfin’ Dr. Eric S. Smith Would You… Check it out! 1401 East 3900 South Fun, crazy claims are flying across Suite 204 Do us a favor? the Internet. Are they true? Some, Salt Lake City, UT 84124-1481 We are looking to add a few new perhaps. Either way, they made us Office Hours patients to our practice, and have smile and we hope they put a chuckle Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm decided that we would like our new in your day, too. Here goes… Tuesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Wednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm patients to be similar to our existing  It’s against the law to pawn your Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm patients. In other words … we dentures in Las Vegas. would like more patients like you!  Every year, kids in North America Contact Information We decided to come directly spend close to half a billion dollars on Office (801) 273-0260 to you and ask for your help. If chewing gum. Fax (801) 273-0269 Email you are happy with the service,  More people use blue toothbrushes Web site professionalism, skill, and results than red ones. produced by Dr. Smith and  Adults laugh about 35 times an Office Staff our staff, we would very much hour during social situations. Jessica.................................. Hygienist appreciate it if you’d tell your  The average North American Dustie........................... Office Manager Ali, Halley .................. Dental Assistants family and friends about us. drinks about 600 sodas a year. Thank you for all of your past  Like fingerprints, everyone’s Communication is important referrals, and a special thank you tongue print is different. to us – don’t be in advance for your very welcome afraid to ask questions!  Every second, North Americans future referrals. We really do collectively eat 100 lbs of chocolate. appreciate them!  Chewing gum while peeling onions keeps you from crying. Information included is not dental or medical advice. For your Contents may not be reproduced without permission from the publisher. specific information be sure to consult our office. If you do not wish © PATIENT NEWS PUBLISHING (800) 667-0268 to receive this newsletter, please contact us directly. 28367-W85-41147 ML08-2