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Professional Statement on Euroteknika

  1. 1. Euro Dental Implant (Concise Version Business plan) (877) 321-2424
  2. 2. Table of Contents Business 3 Euroteknika / Industry Background 4 Dental Advisory Boards 5 The Company EDI 6 Professional Statements on Euroteknika 7-10 EDI Marketing Strategy 11-12 EDI Revenue Model 12-13 Products/ Manufacturing 13-14 Sales & Marketing 15 EDI goal/ Market Awareness 16 Advantage 17-18 EDI Distribution Facility 19 Conclusion 19 Financial 20 Attachment 21
  3. 3. Euro Dental Implant Business Euro Dental Implant, LLC., (the “Company” or “EDI”), a Texas Limited Liability Corporation, hereby offers for sale 1,000 Units of Interest at $5,000 per Unit of Interest, with a minimum purchase of 5 Units or $25,000. The Units of Interest are being offered on a “best efforts” basis. The Offering is made in reliance upon an exemption from registration under the federal securities laws provided by Regulation D as promulgated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The Offering will terminate upon the earlier of (i) the sale of the 1,000 Units or (ii) February 28th, 2009, unless extended by the Company for 60 days. The offering is being made pursuant to a Confidential Offering Memorandum and Exhibits thereto (the “Memorandum”). The delivery of a copy of the Memorandum will constitute an offer of the securities pursuant to the terms contained therein. After February 28th, 2009 offering for sale will increases 30% per unit The minimum investment is five Units ($25,000), although the Company may, in its discretion, accept subscriptions for a lesser amount. The Company reserves the right to reject orders for the purchase of Units in whole or in part, and if a subscription is rejected the subscriber’s funds will be returned without interest the next business day after rejection. Euro Dental Implant, LLC (“EDI”) holds the North America rights to market and distribute Euroteknika, the world’s fastest growing European dental implants established since 1992. EDI is headquartered in Houston, Texas, will great expectation to see the marketing of the product which is sophisticate and uniquely designed, manufactured and produced in France. Euroteknika currently has five types of implants in production and is developing three products for surgical use. This implant product line is specifically designed to meet the dental care needs of all different generation groups and especially made for the as well as growing elderly populations need. More recently, implant products are also being used in pre-op and post-op surgical dental care. 3
  4. 4. All Euroteknika products are scheduled to have FDA approval by End of 2008 Euroteknika’s products have been successfully commercialized and it’s been dental care use for 16 years in France, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, and Korea, including Sweden, England, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and more, directly distribute from manufacturer. Both the results and the feedback from dental care professionals have been positively outstanding, as the products have proven to be effective in a number of dental care areas. Until now, Euroteknika has marketed its products directly and only in limited markets in Europe. However, continually growing and expansion of the business, this has provided Euroteknika with an opportunity to have its products closely evaluated and tested, and the result documented. Euroteknika is now in the process of expanding its markets, and in furtherance thereof, has granted EDI the marketing rights to North American. EDI has already developed marketing materials for these products and their application, and will begin marketing the products to over 184,000 dentists in the United States and 19,000 dentists in the Canada during the fourth quarter of 2008. A significant quantity of the product has been manufactured and warehoused with EDI in anticipation of a rapidly expanding market. Euroteknika ‘s products are both proprietary and unique, and bring to the marketplace products which most dental researchers had predicted were still five to ten years into the future. EDI with its North American license is now seeking sufficient funding to progress from limited marketing operations into a position for mass distribution of these products. Industry Background A dental implant is an artificial tooth and root replacement, and is used in prosthetic dentistry to support restorations that resemble a natural tooth or a group of teeth. Dental implants use titanium-alloy anchors to replace roots. The root supports the tooth and when the root is damaged, the whole tooth needs to be extracted. Dental implants are the best solution for the replacement of extracted teeth. Every seven seconds, someone in the U.S. turns 50 years of age (U.S. Census) making the U.S. population 50 years and older, the fastest growing population group in the U.S. With that age group comes various types of tooth decay as well as gum and jaw bone loss. Therefore, as elderly people live longer and are more active, the demand for dental services grow. There are currently 240 million people who need to replace one or more teeth by means of a dental implant, with the increase in disposable income and better health care. In the results of dental implant business can only grow and expand. 4
  5. 5. There is also an important development occurring in the dental implant industry, one that opens up the procedure to new patients and provides new revenue opportunities. New bone graft procedures have substantially expanded the candidate pool for implants to include a sizable population of patients who were previously poor candidates for dental implantation due to severe bone deficiencies. The market for dental implants and bone grafting alone represents over a 4.8 billion dollar market in the U.S., and is expected to grow in the future. Beneficially, most patients prefer dental implants to other forms of tooth replacement because they experience an improvement in speaking ability and are convenient to use. If a patient is using dentures, unfortunately the teeth may slip or slide in their mouth while talking. This causes facial muscles to become tense in an attempt to hold the teeth in place, and results in slurred speech or even can hear clicking sound. Dental implants eliminate such annoyances and embarrassment. Denture users also experience a reduced taste in foods. However, using dental implants of most importance are; most patients that cosmetically look better and enable a person chew a wide range of food more comfortably. Dental Advisory Boards Dr, Ron Ritsco, Prosthodontist and Director of Hornbrook Group Dr, Dennis Nimchuck., Prosthodontist Dr, Charles Kastner, Former Professor of University of Alberta, Canada Dr, Sheldon Seidman, Cosmetic Dentist, Instructor of Hornbrook Group Dr, Goel Sanjeev, Cosmetic Dentist
  6. 6. The company Euro Dental Implant, LLC. (“EDI”) EDI’s mission is to help a person to achieve an important personal goal by provide high quality bio dental implant and superior class restoration of function, and to make their smiles brighter. Euroteknika has developed and manufactured a wide range of products for dental implants. All products are made with the highest quality materials available to the industry. These dental implants have been documented of producing an effective end result and are currently being used by the top dentists in Europe. EDI owns the exclusive rights to North America for these products and has conducted a significant amount of research in North America as well as extensive product testing. Euroteknika currently produces five (5) major products. They include: • Natura • Natea • OBI • Aesthetica • Universal These products provided a simple, cost effective means of dealing with dental implants without producing any side effects. They also come with a satisfaction guarantee to both the dentist as well as the consumer. 6
  7. 7. Professional Statement on Euroteknika “Euroteknika provides the entire core of implant options available to the market place world-wide. Euroteknika’s offering can be further divided into the following options; classical external hex, transmucosal single stage implants, and the latest options being the tapered and straight bone level implant systems.” Classical External Hex System The implant Universal+ (Plus) has a profile inspired by the research of Professor Branemark and has been the most widely used type of implant in the world. All research in root-form dental implants has been based on this design and for the Euroteknika system a 15 year experience. Several changes have been made to this original system to improve osseous integration and stress relieving quality to bone engaged. A sandblasted and etched microthread A rounded atraumatic apical end to decrease bone necrosis. The external hexagonal connection is compatible with Branemark implants and allows for part interchangeability. This low cost system is still being used in North America and provided an economical choice for the clinical providing a high standard of care at an economical fee. Implant overdentures commonly employ this implant system. All the most common attachments are manufactured for this application including the classic ball/O-Ring, Locator, and ERA. Companies currently offering and external hex implant system: Nobel Biocare 3i Dental implants Biohorizons Lifecore Others 7
  8. 8. Classic Transmucosal Single Stage Implant System The Aesthetica implant line is an improved version of the well known and well documented Straumann (ITI) implant system. This system is favored by the Periodontal specialty group. It is invented specifically for Periodontal and General practice implant placement. Several companies have taken this design and improved upon its original concepts making it different enough from the ITI design. Features such as this and the microthreading up the flare it to improve soft tissue adaptation and resist unaesthetic stripping of the soft tissue leaving an unsightly metal collar display. Thread orientation is self tapping and stabilizing at the same time. The transmucosal Aesthetica implant is based on scientifically proven concepts in implantology to ensure a very strong anchorage at the highest level in the cortical bone and to get a good primary stability of the implant. The implant features combined with a sanded and etched surface treatment which has been used for 14 years and validated by a number of histological studies, allow using it when immediate or early loading is desired and when the required conditions for such technique are fulfilled. This system is 100% compatible with Straumann implant parts, but at about 50% less the cost of that system. 8
  9. 9. Economical Implant Overdenture and Crown Supportive Special Case Implants. This implant line is for the common overdentrue application with narrow ridge situations and or the narrow ridge and narrow mesial-distal space applications such as replacement of a lower incisor. Considered in the midsize range it is for use long-term. The diameter of this implant goes form 2.35 to 2.7 mm, perfectly tapered for this application. The classic O-ring is used as the retentive mechanism and the cementable hex aligned abutment is used for crown applications. This implant is easily competitive against the ERA, Imtec, or Dentatus implant systems. Thread design and flare at the coronal section of the implant offer primary stability that the others are not comparable to. 9
  10. 10. NEW 2008-2009 The latest trend in implantology is the “BONE LEVEL” implant. For year there has been the search to eliminate the loss of cortical some near the implant – Abutment interface. The natural reestablishment of Biological width has resulted in this bone lose with many of the most commonly used system. In the past 12 month all of the major implant companies have introduced this bone level type of implant. The concept is to keep the interface away for the bone surface. Another key concept that goes hand in hand with this is known as platform switching. This means that the implant abutment is sized in such away and engages the implant internally to keep micro gaps of components away form crestal bone resulting in minimal to no crustal bone loss and critical to the success of the implant integration into the patient’s bone. Two options are available in this line. The Natura and Natea are the two options available. Bone Level Implant Non- Tapered. This implant is thread designed to create the most optimal implant to bone interface. Platform switching is the primary abutment connection. The surgical placement allows for single or two stage surgical approaches. All implants are compatible with the Astra system. This system is also available in a non-tapered version when bone thickness will allow for it. This version is called the Natea. Both of these offerings are considered state-of-the-art and the latest standard of care. 10
  11. 11. Recommendation “The Euroteknika line of implants is complete and can be competitive in all areas. The surgical applications are simple to learn and easily laid out for any experienced and or new users. This system will be easily accepted by the various camps of implantologists in North America.” Prepared by: Ronald G. Ritsco, DMD, MS, PA _____________________________________________________________ Dental Implant Marketing Strategy Dentists, Dental labs and Dental Supply Companies EDI will concentrate on a targeted market consists of approximately eighty percent (80%) dentists, ten percent (10%) dental labs, and ten percent (10%) dental supply companies. EDI will initially employ full and part time marketing representatives in California, New York, Illinois and Texas. Right after, initial location is fulfilling, and then more marketing teams will be employed at other locations in the United States and Canada. EDI’s Sales will be generated by the following means: 1. Sponsoring Dental Conferences 2. Hosting Study Clubs 3. Sponsoring Workshops and Seminars 4. Business to Business marketing/ telemarketing 5. Word of mouth 11
  12. 12. EDI’s Advertising will primarily focus on the following means: 1. Brochures / Flyer / Post Cards 2. Search Engine Optimization / SEO Marketing (, 3. Dental Magazines(Dentistry today), Website (Dentistry today, AAID) 4. Newspaper Articles (Online / Print) 5. On-line order pages live agent customer Q/A 6. Emailing designated opt-in email addresses 7. On-line forum EDI ultimately expect to have sales outlets in each State and City in the U.S (Texas, California, New York and Illinois initially) and ultimately to have both wholesale, Retail Branches across the country Opportunity Facts: 1. Dental implant revenue increases nearly 19 billion every year worldwide 2. Dental implant final abutments marketing in the US Market has generated $675 million in revenue from only 17,000 dentists (implant specialised dentists), and in Canadian market has generated $80 million from 19,000 registered dentists in 2007 alone. 3. Patients prefer dental implants because it eliminates the pain and discomfort of dentures. The Euro Dental Implant Revenue Model Purchase cost $100.00 Mark up amount $50.00 Mark up on cost 50% Wholesale price $150.00 Direct sales to dentists $260.00 12
  13. 13. The EDI member’s only price, (Investors) 50% off $130 40% off $156 30% off $182 Competition Pricing Euro Dental Implant $130.00 (lowest member’s rate) Noble Biocare $ 369.00 to $661.00 3I - $320.00 Strauman - $330.00 Astra - $320.00 Zimmer - $317.00 Compared to competitive products, Euro Dental Implants can save 60% or more from the competition’s prices. Euroteknika- Products Universal Universal has proven its quality in a comparative statistical and histological study during over fifteen years of clinical procedures. Universal is compatible with Branemark and has two surgical stages with a reliability equivalent to Branemark Aesthetica Aesthetica is comparable to the competition’s Straumann. Aesthetica has a double self-tapping thread and an exclusive microthread Euroteknika. It better manages the soft tissues and maintains better control of the prosthetic connection. It is available in 3 platforms, NP 4.2, RP 4.5, and WP 6.5. 13
  14. 14. Obi Obi is a narrow implant and is used as removable prosthesis stabilization on fine crests. It can reduce mesiodistal spaces, and fix prosthesis. It can also be used as a temporary implant between permanent implants. Obi is made of titanium grade V whose mechanical characteristics (resistance) are adaptable to the implant diameter. With asymmetrical thread guaranteeing primary stability, Obi is one of our best products. Obi has atraumatic progression thanks to it’s rounded off extremity. Obi has gone through thirteen years of clinical testing and numerous statistical studies. Natura Natura is a conical implant tagged as “the screw that cannot be lost”. The screws of the prosthetics are retained inside the abutment by threading, thereby locking the implant in place and preventing additional embedding. This anatomical implant is compatible with the competition’s Astra, has supracrestal positioning, cortical support, exceptional primary stability, emergence switching, exclusive Euroteknika microthread, double thread with variable depth, and a threaded apical area. Natea Natea is a cylindrical implant which is also tagged as “the screw that cannot be lost”. The screws of our prosthetic parts are retained inside the abutment by threading, thus avoiding any unexpected fall. Natea is also compatibility with the competition’s Astra has emergence switching, double asymmetrical thread, exclusive Euroteknika microthread, and is a supracrestal implant. Manufacturing The Euroteknika product line is contract-manufactured in a French-based laboratory. EDI owns the exclusive rights to market the in North America and has filed registration for trademark, logo and symbol application. EDI is expecting that registered and issued by patent office should be later this year. 14
  15. 15. Sales Marketing The company intends to market its products through the following channels: Hosting the positioned 40 Dental Lecturers in the U.S 40 largest each city, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and San Francisco. EDI will open up and sponsoring the clinical continuing education classes or the dental events such as, Newsletters, Publications, Information Resources, Study Groups, Dental Organizations, Societies, Clubs, Association’s the main lecturer will share their specialty and skills with attendants, while same time EDI products will be introduce. Magazine, News Letter, Publication, Ads Magazine ads will be targeted toward both dentists and consumers, and key to developing a direct sales campaign. Ads will be placed in magazines which have demonstrated demographics which meet the Company’s target market. The Company anticipates placing ads which will reach approximately 10,800,000 subscribers. Especially, on the newsletter EDI will support selected and designated dentists to post their dental articles or journals to share their knowledge, and will place the one of largest ad on maximum size of the page. Direct Mail Program and Website Advertising The company intends to execute a targeted direct mail program. Test marketing has shown that by mailing 2000 pieces of direct mail to dentists, 45 will respond. The target customers are prosthodontists, the fastest growing professional group in the U.S Develop Local Branch Distributors The Company intends to establish local branches to service dentists for the instant availability. Infomercial CDs The Company has under taken to produce an Infomercial CD and is prepared to go to air with it in major U.S. markets. Infomercial CDs will assist in having brand name recognition in both households and the dental profession. Dental Supply Companies The Company also anticipates marketing to dental supply companies by means of open-wide promotion. The Company has identified at least one dental supply company in each state, so that maximum nationwide coverage can be obtained and intends to establish relationships with most major dental supply companies for mass distribution of the products. 15
  16. 16. Product Awareness Presentation Establishing a new dental product in the community is partly accomplished by product awareness. In other words, invite dentists to EDI’s product knowledge presentation, having the product available in hand on education and share information distributed regarding the product to professionals who will ultimately use it, and is critical. The Company intends to produce certain number of limited free samples during the trial period, which can be distributed through out to dentists who attending the EDI presentation by first come first served basis. . The presentation is part of hands on training education, located in Texas Houston. Name Recognition EDI’s goal is to gain enough name recognition so that Euroteknika will be a recognized brand name in the dental field and will be required by consumers. Market Awareness Euroteknika was founded, to penetrate the European dental care market and to enhance French dental implant technology. Tens of thousand European dentists (Implant Special Implantologists Oral Sergeant) have already committed to Euroteknika products. Once approved by the FDA (which is scheduled in end of 2008), these products will also be marketed in the United States. EDI will begin to send opt-in e-mailing dentist directly to promote the dental implants. It plans to continue its e-mail and magazine ad campaign throughout the year, including the place on lecturer’s dental articles section in the magazines. The goal is not only to promote EDI as a distributor, but also to gain name recognition for Euroteknika as a brand name. Although the campaign will be nationwide, emphasis will be placed on California, New York, Illinois and Texas. It is a common practice in the U.S. for manufacturers to promote and advertise their products through dental labs and dental supply companies. EDI plans to do the same. This promotion will include brochures and catalogue as well as newspaper and magazine ads and a website. All of those advertisements will contain product information, order numbers and contact information for the convenience of the placement of future or repeat order. Retail Sales EDI intends to create market awareness through advertising directly to the dentist, EDI’s hopes to ultimately have a retail sales branch in every major city. Once EDI is in a position to advertise on a regular basis, dentists will be able to call our toll free number, or access our web page to find out more about our products and location of the branch near them. 16
  17. 17. On our e-commerce web site, the forum section will be available and support all issues, which are any questions or related to technical support will be answer promptly, on-line orders; there is shop on-line page which will be available on our E-commerce web site. It will list all of our product information and prices. Once a customer places an order, our database will record the order and any other relevant information. Accordingly, when a customer comes back to reorder, it will be easy to repurchase from our E-commerce web site as most of the form will be pre- completed by the prior captured information. There is also, a separate welcome page available for investors in EDI only. Access to this web page will be provided by a personal access code where and investor can purchase products at special prices with discounts ranging from 30%-50%. EDI believes that it is important to also reach dentists who practice general dentistry. This is a large group and represents the fastest growing group of professionals in the U.S. From this group come various types of implant orders, as more implant procedure are being performed every year. The means of reaching these dentists will be through infomercials, CDs, magazine ads in dental publications, the internet, and by supplying local dental supply companies with the Euroteknika products. Advantages Increased Margin for Investors of over $25,000 to $100,000 Most dentists are purchasing dental implants for approximately $200.00 to $380.00 per unit, depending on the brand. And adding Abutment, Zirconium or Titanium (prosthodontic parts) the cost can increase $300.00 to $950.00 or more per unit. If a dentists bills $2000.00 to the patient, the margin is only slightly more than 50%. However, when a dentist use an EDI product, their margin will possibly increase up to 80 % or more, and a $2000 billing). words, In other words, EDI can offer a lower wholesale price $130 to $182 (investor’s rate) to increase margins and yet provide outstanding French bio dental tech implants quality implants for your patients. While other dentists can also purchase Euro Dental Implant products for a retail price of $260.00 per unit, 17
  18. 18. You as an Investor, Gold Member, $25,000 investment then gets a member’s rate 30% off ($182) Plus 30% off on abutment part Platinum Member, $50,000 investment then gets a member’s rate 40% off ($156) Plus 40% off on abutment part Diamond Member, $100,000 investment then gets a member’s rate 50% off ($130) Plus 50% off on abutment part Therefore, if a dentist purchases EDI products at the rate of 20 units per month, this can potentially save $5000 per month, and $60,000.00 per year. EDI will also provide prosthodontics Dental Lab Services EDI consumers and dentists will able to use Prowest International Dental Lab Services. EDI has already contracted with a dental lab, ProWest. Who will handle the servicing in one of their local offices; ProWest International Dental Services is ranked a one of the best dental labs in the world and has won numerous AACD recognized people’s choice smile gallery awards. There is no obligation to use the ProWest dental lab services that we provide, but it can be beneficial for you, because you can also save 10% to 30 % off from their lab services. Order to complete and 100% succeed in dental implant procedure; EDI is understood that, dental lab service is part of very important role while in implant treatment. Therefore, EDI is provide carefully chosen the Prowest International Dental Service, which is the lab trained by Dr Ron Ritsco (Prosthodontist) and Dr, Charles Kastner (Professor of University of Alberta, Canada) whom main instructors, and expertise on hands-on training continuing education courses completion lecturers of Implantology program, in Euroteknika France and North America. Competition Since Euro Dental Implant technology and Eurotenika are new to the US market, EDI will face significant competitive pressures as with any other business, the major competitors are Nobel BIocare,Astra, 3i and Straumann. These companies are well established and have greater financial resources than EDI. Therefore, unless there is widespread acceptance of the company’s products, it may not be able to meet its business plan. 18
  19. 19. Equipment The Company needs to expand its operational equipment in order to support the growing demand for its products. The Company needs two key components which will assist in developing its overall business. New computer software and a computer network for accounting purposes will be required to handle the multi-user accounting system required for operational purposes. Additionally, a new telecommunication system will be required to handle the large call volume and facilitate in the processing of orders. Research Development The basis of any successful bio dental company is its ability to perform research and development. This enables to company to bring to market additional products and/or change its existing products to meet market demands. The company intends to continue its RD Euroteknika and to focus in key areas that will benefit the company over the long term. Distribution The company will have a 20,000 square foot distribution facility, which is include the warehouse, offices, hands on training facility, and presentation hall, etc in Houston Texas where it will also premises sponsor study clubs, workshops, and seminars. Conclusion EDI will share with our consumers the most advanced superior, high quality dental implant products created by extraordinary French biomedical dental technology, and committed to provide excellence of dental implants. For More information or a full Private Placement offering pack please contact: Mr. Chang Y. Kim Chief Executive Officer Call: 866-362-0407 19
  20. 20. We need you as our speakers in these areas (our next speaker is you!) top 30 cities in USA , City State Population Rank 1 New York City New York 8,250,567 2 Los Angeles California 3,849,378 3 Chicago Illinois 2,833,321 4 Houston Texas 2,144,491 5 Phoenix Arizona 1,512,986 6 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1,448,394 7 San Antonio Texas 1,296,682 8 San Diego California 1,256,951 9 Dallas Texas 1,232,940 10 San Jose California 929,936 11 Detroit Michigan 918,849 12 Jacksonville Florida 794,555 13 Indianapolis Indiana 785,597 14 San Francisco California 744,041 15 Columbus Ohio 733,203 16 Austin Texas 709,893 17 Memphis Tennessee 670,902 18 Fort Worth Texas 653,320 19 Baltimore Maryland 640,961 20 Charlotte North Carolina 630,478 21 El Paso Texas 609,415 22 Milwaukee Wisconsin 602,782 23 Boston Massachusetts 590,763 24 Seattle Washington 582,454 25 Washington District of Columbia 581,530 26 Denver Colorado 566,974 27 Louisville Kentucky 554,496 28 Las Vegas Nevada 552,539 29 Nashville Tennessee 552,120 30 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 537,734 -