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Person Specification/Job Description

  1. 1. LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST LEEDS DENTAL INSTITUTE JOB DESCRIPTION POST TITLE: Foundation Dentist Available 5th August 2010 for one year SPECIALTY: Restorative Dentistry / Acute Dental Care GENERAL INFORMATION LEEDS DENTAL INSTITUTE The Leeds Dental Institute came into being on the 1 April 1992 and comprises the University of Leeds School of Dentistry and the Dental Hospital at Leeds. The Dental Hospital is situated on the ground floor of the Worsley Medical and Dental Building which also accommodates the Dental School, the Medical School and the University of Leeds Health Sciences Library. It is situated on the southern side of the University campus half a mile from the city centre. Leeds Healthcare serves a population of approximately 750, 000. Most services are organised in close liaison with the University of Leeds, which depends heavily on the hospitals in Leeds for clinical teaching of medical and dental students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Leeds is a major commercial city with excellent road and rail communications to London and elsewhere. It is surrounded by a number of pleasant residential areas, many within a few minutes travelling time from the Dental Institute. It is in easy reach of the Yorkshire Dales, Opera North and the Leeds International Piano Competition and has the largest theatre complex outside London. DUTIES OF THE POST Foundation Dentists spend sessions in the departments of Restorative Dentistry, Acute Dental Care and Periodontology throughout the tenure of the post, according to a weekly rota. There is a requirement to actively participate in Clinical Audit/Effectiveness projects within the departments. There is an ongoing regional Seminar Programme and Study/Journal Club which the Foundation Dentists are required to participate in throughout the tenure of the post. There is also a regional Dental foundation training programme geared towards the MJDF curriculum, at which attendance is expected. There may be a requirement to help in the supervision of undergraduate students and the Foundation Dentist is encouraged to take part in the clinical research of the departments. EXAMPLE TIMETABLE 2 sessions Acute Dental Care 2 sessions Consultant clinics 2-4 sessions Restorative treatment 1
  2. 2. 1-2 session(s) periodontology treatment 1 session medically compromised DEPARTMENTAL INFORMATION Sessions will be spent in attendance at Consultant Clinics seeing patients referred by practitioners for a range of specialist advice and treatment. Under the supervision of the Consultants, Foundation Dentists are expected to attend to routine administration and correspondence with referring practitioners relating to patient care, in a timely fashion. Foundation Dentists are expected to work together with the dental hygienists, dental nursing, technical and secretarial/clerical staff to ensure the smooth running of the Division and the highest quality of clinical service. Foundation Dentists have personal treatment sessions in all departments within Restorative Dentistry according to a weekly rota. Patients are treated under the supervision and direction of Consultant Staff. If not engaged in treatment, the Foundation Dentist will join the Consultants or Specialist Registrars in the department to support the Clinical Service and enhance their training. a) Department of Restorative Dentistry Foundation Dentists treat patients allocated by the Consultant staff, which will cover the full range of procedures in restorative dentistry (including endodontics) of a suitable complexity. Routine treatment for medically compromised patients is a part of the post. The Foundation Dentist also has allocated treatment slots to cover the occasional emergency patient who is under current treatment within the department. Foundation Dentists are expected to deal with the more difficult fixed and removable prosthetic cases consisting mainly of patients with medical complications, a history of difficulty in adapting to dental prostheses, and those patients who may have had preprosthetic surgery or are awaiting the placement of dental implants. Foundation Dentists see and treat, under supervision, patients referred to the Consultant in the clinic and are encouraged to gain experience in a wide variety of prosthetic techniques. Foundation Dentists also engage in treating patients who may present as prosthetic emergencies. A Foundation Dentist may be required to undertake prosthetic care for in-patients at the Leeds General Infirmary. b) Department of Periodontology Foundation Dentists provide treatment on a longitudinal basis for patients allocated by senior members of staff including patients with medical problems. Comprehensive non-surgical periodontal care is undertaken and there are opportunities to observe and assist the more advanced surgical procedures. There is a requirement to provide a service to patients referred from the Acute Dental Care Department with acute periodontal problems. There is a responsibility to supervise the Staff Hygienist and also the Student Hygienists/Therapists as determined by the Head of Department and Director of Hygiene School and Therapy and also to refer suitable patients to these PCDs. c) Department of Acute Dental Care The Department of Acute Dental Care provides a teaching and learning environment for the dental undergraduates in the diagnosis and management of acute dental conditions. The Foundation Dentists role is to provide an emergency dental service for patients attending the department or to arrange for referral to one of the specialist departments as appropriate. On occasions the Foundation Dentist may be required to supervise the undergraduate students who would normally be working under the direction of one of the Hospital Practitioners. Dental care 2
  3. 3. is also provided for medically compromised patients. Liaison is required with Oral Maxillofacial staff and Radiology staff during patient management. The Foundation Dentist is encouraged to take part in the research and clinical audit activities in the various departments. RESTORATIVE STAFF NHS CONSULTANT STAFF HONORARY CONSULTANT STAFF Mr PJ Nixon Consultant Dental Foundation Trainer Educational Supervisor Mr M F W – Y Chan Dental Foundation Dr B R Nattress Trainer, Training Dr C J Watson Programme Director, Professor P Brunton Lead Clinician for the Dr H Craddock Dental Implant Dr L Gutteridge Programme Dr M Kellett Head of Department of Periodontology, Dean/Director Dr L Morrow Director of School of Hygiene & Therapy Mr A F Speirs Head of Acute Dental Care, Clinical Director OTHER STAFF Hospital 2 P/T Hospital Practitioners 6 Specialist Registrars 7 Foundation Dentists Academic 2 Senior Lecturers(Honorary Staff Dental Surgeon – Restorative Dentistry) Several Lecturers (1 Currently Honorary Specialist Registrar) Several Part-time Clinical Teachers 3
  4. 4. TRAINING FACILITIES 1) The posts provide postgraduate experience and are recognised by the Royal College for the MJDF examinations. 2) The posts have educational approval from the Postgraduate Dental Dean. 3) Facilities of the Health Sciences library are available. 4) Study leave is available with permission from the appropriate Consultants, provided adequate cover can be arranged and in accordance to the Whitley Council Conditions. 5) A wide range of postgraduate activities are available and the junior staff are expected to take part. 6) You will be expected to attend the Induction Course organised in August for all Foundation Dentists entering into the Dental Foundation Scheme. SPECIAL FACILITIES 1) Social amenities of the Hospitals and Universities are available. 2) Limited car parking is available. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE 1) The posts are subject to the terms and conditions of service as laid down in the Whitley Council Medical and Dental Handbook, copies of which can be seen in the Administration Department. 2) The Hospital Authority will require that you show evidence of Registration with the General Dental Council on taking up the appointment. 3) The Hospital Authority will require the postholder to be medically cleared by the Occupational Health Department, who will require evidence of a satisfactory Hepatitis B titre level from a UK Accredited Laboratory. DATE WHEN POST IS VACANT: 5th August 2010Arrangements for a visit to the Dental Institute may be made once the short listing process is complete via the Restorative Secretary – Telephone: 0113 343 6277 4
  5. 5. LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST ADULT SERVICES - PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION POST TITLE: Foundation Dentist in Restorative Dentistry Summary of Job: Non resident post. Rotating through all of the three disciplines of Restorative Dentistry with additional sessions (1or2 per week) undertaken with the Department of Acute Dental Care The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is an Equal Opportunities Employer and requires its employees to carry out its policies concerning racial and sex equality and the rights of disabled people in terms of equal opportunity for employment and access to the Leeds Teaching Hospital s NHS Trust Services. Job Share applicants are welcomed for all full-time posts unless otherwise stated in the advertisement. ATTRIBUTES ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE HOW IDENTIFIED QUALIFICATIONS Primary Dental Degree Higher qualification CV Registration with the GDC Part A MFDS Documentation Part B MFGDP Part 1 MFDS/ MJDF CLINICAL SKILLS Currently/Recently completed a Other Hospital or general dental CV successful VDP programme practice experience Interview OR, References Other Hospital or general dental 5
  6. 6. practice experience ATTRIBUTES ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE HOW IDENTIFIED ABILITY TO TAKE Past History Clear view of what candidate wishes CV ADVANTAGE OF TRAINING to achieve in post OPPORTUNITY Show ability to learn and progress Interview References COMMUNICATION SCKILLS Written and spoken Evidence of oral presentation at CV communication skills clinical/scientific meeting Interview DISPOSITION- Commitment to post Ability to organise own learning and Interview MOTIVATION time ADJUSTMENT/ATTITUDE References AUDIT Understand principles Previous active role CV Interview The section headed Physical should only be completed when it is necessary for the postholder to undertake strenuous physical tasks; possess specific physical attributes or be able to meet necessary levels of mobility, e.g. Climb ladders, undertake roof work, lift heavy weights, walk long distances etc. In all such instances requirements must be expressed in specific terms and generalities such as ‘be physically fit’ must not be used. 6