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    MS Word 97/98 format.doc MS Word 97/98 format.doc Document Transcript

    • American Association of Dental Schools Council of Sections 2000 Section Annual Report Section name: Operative Dentistry Individual completing this report: Craig Passon, DDS, MS Councilor (303) 315-6370 Fax: (303) 315-0346 E-mail: Craig.Passon@uchsc.edu Date: August 10, 2010 Signature: 1
    • American Association of Dental Schools Council of Sections Annual Report Section: Operative Dentistry Year: 2000 A. Mission Statement This section is dedicated to those philosophies and activities that will enhance the growth and development of dental education, research, and service. These philosophies and activities have as a basic concept the promotion of excellence in the areas of prevention, early interception and restoration dental caries, conservation of tooth structure, and innovation in maintaining and restoring oral health. The section is further committed to fostering channels of communication that will result in a spirit of collegiality between educators in operative dentistry, as well as others in dental, medical, and behavioral disciplines to the benefit of the profession of dentistry and society. B. Goals and Activities (for 2000-2001) Goals 1. Sustain and nurture CODE (Conference of Operative Dentistry Educators). Support and encourage participation in CODE by operative dentistry educators 2. Create and maintain effective Section member communication. 3. Establish positive interactions with external academies and groups concerned with Operative Dentistry. 4. Ensure the Section’s Executive Council's awareness of issues and resolutions affecting the Section and the AADS. 5. Create and maintain effective communication within the Section’s Executive Council. 6. Develop Section annual programs that serve a broad base of operative dentistry and AADS members. 7. Develop Section projects and activities that benefit education in operative dentistry. 8. Ensure that the Section becomes an effective participant in AADS activities. 9. Establish and communicate the roles and duties of the Section’s Officers relative to the Section’s needs and AADS guidelines. 10. Sustain the values espoused in the Mission Statement and Goals of the Section. Activities (activities are number to coincide with the numbered goal) 1a. Direct a committee of Section members charged to support the national CODE director and oversee CODE activities and responsibilities. Committee is called the Code Advisory Committee. 1b. Maintain CODE communications through the Section Newsletters, Web site, Listserv, and other forms of communication. 1c. Support the publication and distribution of CODE interim meeting activity reports and the CODE Faculty Directory. 1d. Establish a discussion of Operative Section activities as an annual CODE national agenda item. 1e. Provide a CODE Open Forum after the annual Operative Dentistry Section meeting for members of the Section to discuss CODE related issues with the National Director. 2a. Publish the Section’s Newsletter semiannually. 2b. Maintain and improve a Section information Web Project on the World Wide Web. Move the Section's Web site to the AADS server. 2c. Provide clear, concise information to Section members encouraging them to contact the Executive Council concerning issues they feel are important. 2d. Distribute the Newsletter to select non-Section AADS members and members of the Academy of Operative Dentistry. 2e. Solicit from officers and members of the Section articles for publication in the Newsletter. 2f. Encourage the use of e-mail in member communication. 1
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 2g. Participate in the Section's Listserv established by the AADS Council of Sections. 3a. Communicate and coordinate activities of the Section with other organizations representing operative dentistry such as the AOD, AAGFO, ABOD, etc. 3b. Establish a communication network with officers of the Section and those of the AOD, AAGFO, ABOD, etc. 3c. Invite chief officers of other operative dentistry related organizations to submit articles to the Section’s Newsletter. 3d. Establish Web links to the Web sites (and vice-versa) of other organizations representing operative dentistry. 4a. Distribute timely information about AADS activities to members of the Section’s Executive Council for deliberation and input. 4b. Communicate Interim meeting activities of the Council of Sections to the Executive Council members. 5a. Establish and maintain an email communication network of Executive Council members for the timely distribution of Section information. 5b. Participate in the Section's Listserv established by the AADS Council of Sections. 6a. Annually evaluate co-sponsorship of the Section’s program with another AADS section(s). 6b. Sponsor or cosponsor a Symposium with either an AADS or IADR section every 4-5 years. 7a. Conduct a national project every 3-5 years. 7b. Establish an updated list of national projects annually. 7c. Survey all operative dentistry educators for national project ideas. 7d. Combine efforts with the Academy of Operative Dentistry (and other related organizations) to develop strategies to encourage and support dentists seeking advanced training in operative dentistry. 8a. Have the Councilor, Chair, and Chair-elect of the Section fully active in the governance activities of the AADS. 8b. Have two officers of the Section attend the Council of Sections Interim meeting. 9a. Ensure that the Councilor, Chair, and Chair-elect of the Section be fully active in the governance activities of the AADS. 9b. Annually review the roles and duties of the officers of the Section. 9c. Have officers fulfill their duties in a timely manner. 9d. Establish the position of Councilor-elect to effect a smooth transition at the end of the term of the Councilor. 10a. The members of the Section’s Executive Council will annually review the Mission Statement and Goals of the Section. 10b. The Executive Council will compare annually the Section’s activities to the established goals set forth in the Mission Statement to determine compliance and/or develop means for improvement. C. Accomplishments 1. Continuing: Starting in 1997 the Operative Dentistry Section was contacted to consider involvement in a national co-project initiated by the Academy of Operative Dentistry (AOD). The project is titled "Recommendations for clinical practice in operative dentistry". These recommendations will be based upon quality research and considerations such as common practice, prudence, ethical judgment, etc. Issues to be evaluated are presently covered in the domain of Operative Dentistry but issues that lie outside the domain will also be considered. Five members of the Section's Executive Council are members on the AOD Special Projects committee. The AOD will be providing some funding (recently approved by the Executive Council of the AOD); the Operative Dentistry Section will supply funding of $500.00 per year for two years; and a AADS COS National Project grant will be submitted for additional funding. 2
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 Activity on this project has been proceeding smoothly. The committee has met several times. Advanced work on the project is now underway. Last fall the national agenda for the Regional CODE meetings was the discussion of items related to the Special Projects Committee agenda. Regional reports have been received and will be used to assist with the committee's work This project is considered a national project by the Operative Dentistry Section. 2. The Section's newsletter was published for nine years in a row. The newsletter was not published in 1996. One was published in Jan., 2000 (copy enclosed); a second newsletter will be published in the summer of 2000. The Section will be encouraging members to visit the Section's Web site for information and to use the AADS Listserv capabilities. 3. Publication of the Newsletter semiannually in 2000. 4. Membership is the Section stabilized in 1999. We will continue to work to sustain this level of membership or perhaps increase it. 5. Councilor attended the Annual Interim Meeting of the Council of Sections in Baltimore. 6. Continuing! Two years ago the Section approved the restructuring of CODE as a sustaining and nurturing activity of the Operative Dentistry Section. The second year of the new organization was just successfully concluded under the directorship of Dr. Larry Haisch. We expect more improvement in the future. Please see the CODE report at the end. 7. Received support from the Executive Council to improve and maintain a Section Web site and to move the Web site to the AADS server. 8. Sent a report of the COS Interim meeting activities to the Operative Dentistry Executive Council for their information. 9. Councilor and 4 other members of the Executive Council of the Section are continuing to participate on a Special Projects Committee of the Academy of Operative Dentistry to review operative dentistry curricular topics. 10. Sponsored a successful 2000 Symposium at the annual AADS meeting in Washington DC. Our symposium was one of only four accepted. 11. A solicitation of Section and national project ideas was made of the Executive Council members. 12. Modified a current Section Officer's Duties guidelines. 13. Project started to write an officers operation manual which will include duties, timeline, background information, etc. 14. The Executive Council reviewed the Mission Statement, Goals, and Activities of the Section. Timely input was received. 15. Agreed to form a committee to work on Section by-laws and to create an officer's operation manual. 16. Started planning for a Operative Dentistry Section co-sponsored program (other sections not yet selected) to be held at the 2001 annual meeting of the ADEA. 17. Elected a new councilor to begin serving at the close of the 2000 AADS meeting. D. Membership and Attendance The total membership for the section is uncertain but is estimated to be about 170 (about the same as last year). The total attendance at the section’s Symposium was approximately 200. Of that number, approximately 50 were section members. The total attendance at the section’s business meeting was 25 (same as last year). Note: we believe that attendance at our business meeting did not improve because of an unfavorable time slot for the business meeting (6pm on a Sunday evening). E. Section Structure Section Officers and Members of the Executive Council of the Operative Dentistry Section: The Executive Council of this Section consists of the elected Section Officers (provided in the AADS bylaws), eight members-at-large, the Councilor-elect, and the National Director of CODE. The members-at-large are elected from a slate of candidates at the annual business meeting of the Section. Two new members-at-large are elected each year. Six of the members-at-large are from one each of the six CODE regions and the other two are from any region. The Councilor-elect is new this year and is explained later. 3
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 The Executive Council meets at the annual session of the AADS for 2-3 hours after the Opening of the House of Delegates and prior to the annual business meeting of the Section. The mission of the Executive Council is to discuss issues in detail and to make recommendations to the members of the Section for approval through voting. The meetings of the Executive Council are open to all interested Section members but only those elected to the Council are allowed to vote on issues. Immediate Past Dr. Tom Berry Chair UTHSCSA School of Dentistry 7703 Floyd Curl Dr. San Antonio, TX 78284 V: (210) 567-3686 F: (310) 567-6354 E-mail: berry@uthscsa.edu Chair Dr. John Reinhardt University of Nebraska College of Dentistry 40th and Holdrege St. Box 830740 Lincoln, NE 68583-0740 V: ((402) 472-1344 F: E-mail: jreinhardt@unmc.edu Chair-Elect Richard McCoy University of Washington School of Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Box 357456 Seattle, WA 98195-7456 V: (206) 543-5948 F: (206 543-7783 E-mail: rmccoy@u.washington.edu Secretary Deborah Cobb University of Iowa College of Dentistry Dental Science Building, S 229 Iowa City, IA 52242-1001 V: (319) 335-7207 F: (319) 335-7267 E-mail: deborah-cobb@uiowa.edu Councilor Henry St. Germain University of Nebraska College of Dentistry 40th and Holdrege Sts. Lincoln, NE 68583-0740 V: (402) 472-1278 F: (402) 472-5290 E-mail: hstgerma@unmc.edu 4
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 Members-at-large Deborah Cobb (4) - Iowa Rick Pink (4) - Detroit John Killip (3) - UMKC Dorothy McComb (3) - Toronto Dan Sneed (2) - South Carolina Ed DeSchepper (2) - Indiana Poonam Jain (1) - Southern Illinois Frank Robertello (1) - VCU *(beginning year of 4 year term) National CODE Dr. Larry Haisch Director University of Nebraska College of Dentistry 40th and Holdrege Sts. Lincoln, NE 68506 V: (402) 472-1290 F: (402) 472-5290 E-mail: LHaisch@unmc.edu Councilor-elect None C.O.D.E. Regional Meetings Regional CODE (Conference of Operative Dentistry Educators) meetings- Annual regional meetings of operative dentistry representatives from each member North American dental school. The representatives discuss topics relevant to operative dentistry and share ideas for change. CODE regional meetings serve as interim meetings of the Operative Dentistry Section. F. Financial Support The Academy of Operative Dentistry makes a generous annual contribution of $500.00 for the printing and mailing of the Section of Operative Dentistry Newsletter and other activities as needed. The Section has a cash balance on 2/29/00 of $5,495.59. There are outstanding expenses of approximately $2,000.00 G. Section Communications 1. Operative Dentistry Section Newsletter- Semi-annual newsletter distributed to section members, members of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, and institutional members of CODE. 2. Directory of Operative Dentistry Educators- A biennial publication of CODE which list the membership of the Department/Division/Section of Operative Dentistry in North American dental schools. This directory has not been published since 1994. It is a goal of the Section and the National Director of CODE to publish a current listing. 3. Regional CODE (Conference of Operative Dentistry Educators) meetings- Annual regional meetings of operative dentistry representatives from each member North American dental school. The representatives discuss topics relevant to operative dentistry and share ideas for change. 4. Compilation of CODE Reports. The production and distribution of reports from each CODE region for the current years meetings. 5. Regular use of email for communication. 6. Section Web site now improved with information on CODE activities and links to other sites. This site will be moved to the AADS Section Web page (site) this year. Section Web Site URL: http://www.uchsc.edu/sd/rstdenti/OpDSect/odshp.html 7. New this year - the section will participate in the AADS Operative Dentistry Section Listserv. Members have been notified and the Listserv has been tested. 8. An electronic form of Newsletter will be tested this year using the Listserv. 5
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 H. Meeting Minutes Attached to this report are: 1. Agenda and Minutes of the Executive Council of the Section of Operative Dentistry 2. Agenda and Minutes of the Section of Operative Dentistry Business meeting 3. Symposium- 2000 Operative Dentistry Section 4. Report of Nominating committee (See minutes) 5. Section Newsletter I. 2001 Operative Dentistry Section Program Chair Contact Person: Richard McCoy University of Washington School of Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Box 357456 Seattle, WA 98195-7456 V: (206) 543-5948 F: (206 543-7783 E-mail: rmccoy@u.washington.edu 6
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 AADS Section on Operative Dentistry Executive Council Meeting Washington D.C. Sunday, April 2, 2000 12:30 to 3:30 P.M. Minutes of Meeting 1. Members in attendance Drs. Tom Berry (chair), Ed Deschepper, John Reinhardt (President-elect), Dorothy McComb, Larry Haisch (National Director of C.O.D.E.), Henry St. Germain (Councilor- elect), Calvin Lau (guest), Henry Young (guest), Poonam Jain (guest), Deborah Cobb, John Killip, Rick Pink, Craig Passon (Councilor), Dick McCoy (secretary). 2. Review and approval of minutes from March 7, 1999 The minutes from last year’s annual meeting of the Executive Council were approved as written. 3. Report of 2000 section program Dr. John Reinhardt (chair-elect) described our 2000 program, which is entitled: “Initial Competency, Continued Competency, and Licensure”. This symposium is one of four (20 submitted) accepted by the Council of Sections for presentation at this meeting. Dr. Calvin Lau attended the executive council meeting as the principal coordinator of this symposium. 4. Report of the nominating committee: Dr. John Reinhardt presented the proposed slate of candidates for members at large (Drs. Poonam Jain, SIU: Dr. Frank Robertello, VCU; Dr. Jim Simon, Tennessee; and Dr. Peter Triolo, Houston). Drs. Deb Cobb, Iowa and Dr. Rick Pink , Detroit Mercy were proposed for secretary. 5. Report on 2001 section program. Dr. Richard McCoy (secretary) presented two possible scenarios for next year’s program. One proposal focuses on the “Progress and Pitfalls of Comprehensive Dentistry” programs. Emphasis would be placed on the advantages and disadvantages of such programs already in operation. Faculty oversight requirements and results compared to “requirement based” clinical teaching would be key areas of discussion. The other proposal would deal with “Success of New Millennium Preclinic Teaching Methods”. This would deal with areas such as web-based teaching, paperless teaching, laboratory configurations and availability of computer-based teaching. Dr. McCoy requested members in attendance at the Council meeting to assist him in forming the framework for the program. Drs. Ed DeSchepper, Tom Berry, Rick Pink, and Larry Haisch volunteered to help with this effort. 6. C.O.D.E. Report Dr. Larry Haisch, National Director of C.O.D.E., presented a report of the year’s activities of the 6 regions. Dr. Haisch personally attended three of the 6 Region’s Code meetings during 1999 (Regions II, III, and IV). He reported that the collegial interaction and networking which he observed at these meetings are a valuable resource for furthering the improvement of teaching at dental schools across the continent. Increasing costs of correspondence and other factors make an increase in dues necessary to continue the aggressive improvement of C.O.D.E. activities. Dr. Haisch recommended a dues increase 7
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 to $50.00 for U.S. schools and $60.00 for Canadian schools (both in U.S. dollars) for the 2001-2002 fiscal year in order to meet current expenses, based on financial activities of the previous two years.$20 per year was in order and would be sufficient to break even. The Executive council approved this issue for presentation to the membership at the section business meeting. A closer alliance with Regional Boards is in process. The use of dentoforms for boards rather than using patients is one major topic of discussion with Regional Board representatives. Developing a National agenda for C.O.D.E. is pending for the coming year. Electronic communication will help this process, and all Regions should expect to receive communication concerning this agenda. Region I is in need of a Regional Director. Several members in attendance praised Dr. Haisch for the excellent “Directory of Operative Dentistry Educators of Spring 2000” which has recently been distributed. Dr. Tom Berry praised Dr. Haisch for his efforts with C.O.D.E. which has given C.O.D.E. new focus and importance. 7. Councilor’s Report Dr. Craig Passon, Councilor, presented a detailed report on his activities. Following are highlights from this report: a. Section Communications The section newsletter of March 2000 has been sent to all members. The cost for doing this was $142.00. The newsletter is also on the section’s WEB site which may make mailing the information redundant. Discussion followed with no resolution concerning the duplication of effort. At present our WEB site still functions through the University of Colorado. As soon as the AADS is able to accept our WEB site, it will be moved to their jurisdiction. Much of C.O.D.E. information, including the reports, are also available on the section’s WEB site. Discussion ensued over whether to put C.O.D.E. members addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on our WEB site. A motion was made and seconded “to put a notice on the C.O.D.E. Regional Agenda to inform members that C.O.D.E.’s roster will be added to the WEB site unless the member or involved school specifically requests not to have the information listed”. Motion was passed. The AADS list-serve may be accessed by any member. It is a convenient way to send information to all section members, however, only members with e-mail addresses are included. b. Financial Report The section has a “current balance” of $5,500. This includes a generous gift from Iowa of $1,300 to help fund the symposium. $1,000 has been committed from the section for support of the Symposium and about $150 for mailing. So, the cost of the Symposium will be around $2,500, leaving $3,000. 180 members @$10 each will increase the balance by $1800 to approximately ` $4,800. Therefore, our balance is holding its own which gives us leverage for funding for future Section projects. Information about the project pool for Council of Sections is on line as is the application process. Symposia have NOT been considered for funding in the past, but this situation is being reviewed since the acceptance criteria are strict and only 4 out of 20 applications were approved for this meeting. Two grant cycles are in place with deadlines of 1 September and 1 February for section project funding. No applications were received for the last cycle. Education research is the major area to be considered for approval of these available grants. c. Section status Our Section was approved again this year and commended for our WEB site, quality newsletter, innovative program and variety of multiple activities. Initiation of Councilor-elect position was felt to be a very good idea by the Council of Sections.The Council recommended further collaboration of programs with other Sections and continual development of proposals for the project pool. It was noted that this was Dr. Passon’s last year as Councilor and the Executive council officially recognized him for his superb effort in ensuring continuity of purpose for our section.. 8
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 d. Interim meeting report The interim meeting of the Council of Sections was held in Newport Beach, California in November . All Councilors are expected to attend and the Chair or other officers of a section may attend. Space is a problem so invitations are limited. The main subjects of the meeting were project pool grant system and the AADS governance restructuring. e. Annual report Copies of our section’s annual report were distributed and discussed. Dr. Passon requested input on the goals and accomplishment’s section be forwarded to him. The section’s Symposium will be a major accomplishment to be included for this year. f. Council of Sections meeting (this session) Key items discussed were the project pool and resolution for AADS governance restructuring. g. Councilor-elect There is no official position as “Councilor-elect”. The Council of sections feels it is a good idea but failed to include it in their bylaws several years ago when the bylaws were written. A year ago, the Operative section approved the position and elected Dr. Henry St. Germain to that position. He will automatically assume the Councilor’s position at the end of the 2000 meeting. His term will be for 3 years, so if he chooses not to run for re-election, a “Councilor-elect” should be elected at the beginning of Dr. St. Germain’s 3rd year in office. h. By-laws A draft of the by-laws and officer’s duties for the Operative section was passed out for each attendee’s information. By-laws are necessary to give officers direction when they assume their offices. Dr. Passon and a “working group” of four other members will review the rough draft and finalize the document for approval by the section at next year’s meeting. Drs. Haisch, St. Germain , Killip and Pink will serve on this working group. 8. New Business Dr. Berry distributed a 2-page report for each member to review and led the discussion of our current joint national project with the Academy of Operative Dentistry (Special Projects Committee) in developing guidelines for operative dentistry treatment. The first paper, fissure caries, has been almost completed and will be submitted in the near future to the editor of Operative Dentistry for publication. This evidence-based paper will, hopefully, attract comment from the reader’s so that future publications can better meet the need of the readers. There has been no protocol yet submitted for collecting data on clinical treatment from dental schools as proposed at the 1999 meeting by Dr. Gary Hill. There being no further business to come before the Executive council, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 PM. Respectfully submitted, Richard B. McCoy, Secretary Operative Dentistry Section, AADS 9
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 AADS Section on Operative Dentistry Business Meeting Washington D.C. Sunday, April 2, 2000 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Minutes of Meeting 1. Call to order The Operative Dentistry Section business meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Chairman Tom Berry. There were 31 members in attendance. Dr. Berry welcomed attendees and introduced the officers of the section. 2. Approval of minutes The minutes of the business meeting of March 8, 1999 were reviewed and approved as submitted. 3. Program planning for 2001 Dick McCoy briefly discussed preliminary plans for next year’s program. Potential topics included the “Effectiveness of Preclinical Teaching” and “Pitfalls and Progress of Comprehensive Dentistry Programs”. Those in attendance were invited to provide suggestions for the program at the meeting or by direct communication with Dr. McCoy. 4. Nominating Committee Report John Reinhardt presented the slate of candidates and asked for nominations from the floor. The slate included: Secretary - Deb Cobb and Rick Pink Councilor at large - Poonam Jain, Frank Robertello, Jim Simon, and Peter Triolo 5. C.O.D.E. report Dr. Larry Haisch, National Director of C.O.D.E. began his report by reiterating that C.O.D.E.’s purpose is to further communication between the teaching institutions across the Country and with Regional Board Examiners. A notice about a dues increase for the year 2001-2002 ($50 for U.S. schools and $60 for Canadian schools) will be included with current dues statements being sent in the near future to members. In conjunction with the charge given to him, Dr. Haisch has attended C..O.D.E. meetings this past year several Regions. The National Agenda will have to be set very soon. Region 1 is without a director since Jim Simon has moved Tennessee. Dr. Haisch encouraged communication with himself via e-mail or any other method concerning affairs affecting C.O.D.E. President Tom Berry praised Dr. Haisch for the conscientious, exceptional manner in which he has carried out his duties as National Director. C.O.D.E. is alive, well, and moving forward into the future, primarily because of Dr. Haisch’s leadership. 6. Councilor’s Report Craig Passon, Councilor, presented a detailed report on his activities. Following are the highlights: a. Section Communications The section newsletter of March 2000 has been sent to all members. There is 10
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 serious consideration being given to going to total electronic communication. The newsletter is already on the section’s WEB site. All C.O.D.E. information is also on the WEB site. We have a list-serve for our section maintained by the AADS which is another method for sending information to all members, providing they have e-mail addresses. b. Financial Report The section has a current balance of about $5,500. There will be expenses of between $2,300 and $2,500 for the Symposium. However, we receive $1,600 to $1,800 per year from dues. So we have leverage to receive funding from AADS for future projects. c. Section status We received praise from the Council of sections and were encouraged to continue the good job we have been doing. d. Annual report Every year we submit an annual report. This report lists our accomplishments, section goals and objectives, officer’s names, etc. The annual report for last year was put on our WEB site in three forms (PDF, Microsoft Word and WEB). This year’s report will be handled in a similar manner once it is completed. A notice via the list-serve will be sent to all members. e. Councilor-elect The Councilor is elected for a 3-year term that can be extended to a second 3-year term. Dr. Passon has served his 6 years and will be replaced at the end of this meeting by Henry St. Germain who was elected to the Councilor-elect position last year. Two years from now, a new Councilor-elect needs to be elected if Henry chooses not to run for re-election. f. By-Laws Status A draft of the by-laws has been written and the first draft was given to the Executive council today. A committee will review and revise the bylaws during the coming year. They will then be distributed to Executive council members for comment and they will be posted electronically on our WEB site. It is hoped that they may be adopted at next year’s meeting. g. A job well done! Tom Berry reiterated praise for the job that Craig Passon has done for the Section and the excellent electronic communication system that Craig established single-handedly. The continuity of the Operative section and accomplishments are due largely to Craig’s effort. All members inattendance joined in a round of applause for Craig’s efforts. 7. Old Business Chair, Tom Berry reported on the special projects report being done in conjunction with the Academy of Operative Dentistry. The project, entitled “Recommendations for Clinical Practice” in Operative Dentistry. Progress has been slow but very thorough. The draft on the topic of “Fissure Caries” has been completed and is being finalized for publication consideration by the journal Operative Dentistry. All articles will be evidence-based articles concentrating on concepts rather than treatment modalities. It is hoped that this first article will be in a form for submission to Operative Dentistry by the end of the summer. An offer was made to all attendees to remain after the close of the business meeting to discuss C.O.D.E. business for about 30 minutes. 8. New Business 11
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 The elections were held, and the following results were reported: Secretary: Deb Cobb Members at Large Poonam Jain, and Frank Robertello 9. Adjournment New chair John Reinhardt expressed appreciation for Tom’s excellent leadership during the past year and reiterated the request for anyone interested in discussing C.O.D.E. to remain. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM. Respectfully submitted, Richard B. McCoy Secretary, Operative Section, AADS 12
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 "Initial Competency, Continued Competency, and Licensure" A Symposium Sponsored by the Operative Dentistry Section Sunday, April 2, 2000 3:30 to 5:30 p. m. From the idea of Calvin Lau and through the hard work of he and John Reinhardt, our section will be sponsoring a symposium at this years AADS meeting. Our symposium was one of only four selected for inclusion into this years program from many that were submitted. Well done Calvin and John! The symposium is our section's program so please plan to attend. The section's business meeting will follow. "How does dentistry assure the initial and continued competency of dentists? Will external forces demand more from licensure than the current system requires? This symposium explores the current status of competency and licensure issues and provides a glimplse into their future with representatives from education, AADE (dental examiners), ADA, and the Pew Commission on the Health Professions. Individual presentations followed by a panel discussion and an audience question and answer session highlight this program." Presenters: Education: Paul Glassman, AEGD Director/Consultant, University of the Pacific/ ADA Comission on Dental Accreditation. Examiners: Edward Carlson, Chair Continued Competency Committee, American Association of Dental Examiners. Dentists: Richard Mascola, President, American Dental Assosiation. Overview: Catherine Dower, Health Law and Policy Analyst, Center for the Health Professions/Pew. 13
    • Operative Dentistry Section, 2000 CODE (Conference of Operative Dentistry Educators) Report CODE continues to be an invaluable resource for the sharing of information discussing concerns and solutions by Operative Dentistry educators at the Regional meetings. The collegial interaction and networking which takes place can only continue to improve the teaching of Operative Dentistry in North America. As charged by the Executive Council of the Operative Section of American Association of Dental Schools, the National Director attended the fall meetings of Regions II, III, and IV. The other regional meetings will be attended in the next two years. The experiences and observation of those meetings reconfirmed the comments made in the previous paragraph. Utilizing electronic media for communication (e-mail) and information (Web site), has been accomplished but at a basic level. The fall 1999 CODE regional reports are to be placed on the Web Site for the first time. In this manner more of our colleagues should be able to access the information. Each person needs to advise their administration of CODE and what it accomplishes - direct them to the information. Remember we are all part of the profession of dentistry. Communication is necessary not only within our organization, but also with other dental organizations. The Academy of Operative Dentistry, the dental licensure boards, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, to name a few. CODE is to be or will be based on the desires of the membership. The CODE Advisory Committee needs to hear from you as to future direction. A CODE open form is scheduled for Sunday April 2, 2000 from 6-7 p.m. immediately following the Operative Section meeting at the AADS to discuss future programming and directions. If you are unable to attend send you suggestions to your regional director and me. Thank you to the 1999 CODE Fall Regional meeting host/coordinators for all their efforts on behalf of CODE. Drs. James Simon (Region I), Pat Kelsey (Region II), William Tate (Region III), Robert Rashid (Region IV), Richard Lichtenthal (Region V), and Jim Knight (Region VI). Regions II, III, and VI had 100% dues payment. Region I had a dues payment of, 89%; Region IV, 82%; and Region V, 70%. Thank you to the Regional Directors for the work accomplished in their respective regions, and the assistance/advise, guidance provided the National Director. Finally, thank you to Dr. Craig Passon for assisting CODE in improved communication via the web site. http://www.uchsc.edu/sd/rstdenti/OpDSect/code.html The web site will be transferred to the AADS server in the future. Larry Haisch DDS National Director of CODE 14