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General Program Information

  1. 1.  Dental Hygiene–Bachelor of Science Degree Southern Illinois University Carbondale College of Applied Sciences and Arts  Introduction The dental hygiene program The curriculum is designed to incorporate advances in technology in the oral health field at Southern Illinois and is composed of 120 hours of academic course work to be completed in four years. University Carbondale is the Completion of a baccalaureate degree at a comprehensive university provides students with only dental hygiene program in the opportunity for an excellent education and preparation for a successful professional Illinois to offer an integrated career. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is prepared to enter the field of baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene in a variety of practice settings. In addition to the traditional courses in Dental Hygiene. dental hygiene, this Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene provides additional preparation in the provision of periodontal care and an internship in caring for rural health and geriatric populations. Integration of the dental hygiene professional courses over a three-year period allows the student extra supervised clinical practice prior to graduation.  Faculty The faculty in the dental Faculty are involved in local, state, and national professional organizations. They provide hygiene program at SIUC expertise in a variety of dental hygiene work settings and education preparation programs. are extremely dedicated and qualified.  Accreditation The dental hygiene program The Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association is the at SIUC is fully accredited. accrediting agency.  Admission The dental hygiene Prospective students must complete additional application information and procedures other program uses a selective than those required for admission to the University in order to be considered for entry into admission process for the program. Students applying to the dental hygiene program are required to send a copy determining a class of 36 of their high school transcript and college transcripts to the dental hygiene program in students each year. addition to those transcripts sent to the University. All students are required to observe a dental hygienist for a period of two or more hours. Students enter the professional sequence of the curriculum upon successful completion of 35 hours of SPECIFIC University Core and science courses. Students have the opportunity to enter the baccalaureate degree program by alternative pathways. Students may enroll as entering SIUC freshmen, as continuing or transfer students with the required 35 hours completed, or as licensed dental hygienists seeking degree completion. Thirty-six students enter the professional sequence in the fall of the sophomore year. Courses which are required to be completed prior to entering the professional sequence of the program include the following or approved substitutes: ENG101 and 102-English Composition; MATH113-College Algebra; Food Nutrition 101, Speech, PSYC102- Introduction to Psychology; SOC108-Introduction to Sociology; MICR201-Elementary Microbiology; HCP 241-Introduction to Physiology and Human Anatomy; and CHEM140a. Students are accepted into the professional sequence based on: ACT score; number and GPA of math and science courses completed in college; and, overall completed number of college courses and GPA. The Capstone Option at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is designed for students who have earned or will earn the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Dental Hygiene degree and transfer to the University. Capstone allows students to build on occupational skills and receive optimal credit for courses completed in a career-oriented associate degree. Dental hygienists who have completed an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene have the option of receiving a baccalaureate in dental hygiene with the completion of an additional 60 hours at SIUC.  Clinical Experiences Hands-on dental hygiene Rotations include experience in Community Dental Center, long-term care facilities, Head College of Applied Sciences and Arts DH BS Information 7/05
  2. 2. experiences in the on-site Start programs, migrant camps, Veterans Administration Hospital in Marion, assisted living dental hygiene clinic and in facilities, visits by case workers to homebound individuals, health fairs, and with teachers extramural rotations and students in the development of oral health presentations for elementary school children. develop professional skills of students and provide care to the community.  Student Profile Characteristics of students Both male and female choose this career path; and, although the majority of individuals are enrolled in the dental younger, there can be a wide age range within any given class. At Southern Illinois hygiene program at SIUC University Carbondale we are proud of our wide ethnic diversity which can be seen are diverse. throughout the campus within each college, department, and program. The most common trait of the DH student is the desire to help others by providing a needed and beneficial health service.  Expenses Students accepted into the These include instrument kits, textbooks, uniforms and shoes; personal protective dental hygiene program will equipment such as gloves, masks and glasses; vaccines; professional association dues; have expenses in addition to examination fees; and continuing education program fees. These additional expenses will University tuition, fees, and cost approximately $6000 over the 3-year professional sequence with the majority of the books. expenses to be paid at the beginning of the professional sequence.  Scholarships and Awards Dental hygiene students Several dental organizations offer scholarships, including the American Dental Hygienists’ have the opportunity to Association (ADHA), American Dental Association (ADA), American Dental Education apply for scholarship Association (ADEA), Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Association (IDHA), Southern Illinois awards from a variety of Dental Society (SIDS), and Southern Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Society (SIDHS). organizations. Additional awards are available from corporate companies that sell oral health products. Other scholarships are available from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts and Southern Illinois University. Counseling for financial assistance may be obtained at the Office of Financial Aid, Woody Hall, (618) 453-4334, or by visiting the SIUC web site (  Professional Association Students are encouraged to Students have the opportunity to attend the Chicago Midwinter Dental Convention, the take part in a variety of Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session, and the District VIII community service, social Student/Faculty Workshop. The social highlight of the year is the SADHA Annual and professional activities Banquet. This banquet is held to honor the graduating students and is attended by all through membership in the students and faculty. Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association (SADHA).  Licensure Dental hygiene is a licensed Eligibility for licensure requires graduation from a nationally accredited educational profession. program and successful completion of both a written national board dental hygiene examination and a state or regional clinical examination. Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a testing site for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and the Northeast Regional Board clinical examination (NERB).  Placement and Job Opportunities The average salary for Salary may range from $14 to $65 per hour depending on location, type of practice, and dental hygienists in the experience. There is 100 percent placement of students who graduate from the program, United States is successfully complete board examinations, and desire to be employed. Dental hygiene approximately $23 per hour. positions are available in both rural and urban areas in all states in the United States and in many international markets. College of Applied Sciences and Arts DH BS Information 7/05
  3. 3. Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and successful completion of written and clinical examinations, the graduate is prepared to pursue a career in a variety of settings. Many dental hygienists provide preventive and therapeutic services in a clinical setting in a private dental office. A licensed dental hygienist may be employed:  in a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO);  as a member of an international health care team;  in long term care facilities;  in public health departments at local, state or federal levels;  in school systems;  on military bases;  for health care product companies;  in research facilities; or  at universities. In all practice settings the dental hygienist may choose to practice in one or a combination of the following roles: Clinician, Administrator/Manager, Educator, Researcher, Consumer Advocate, or Change Agent.  For More Information For official information refer to the SIUC catalog. Visit our World Wide Web site at: Write or call: For admission information call: Dwayne G. Summers, D.M.D., Director Robert A. Broomfield, M.S. Ed, Dental Hygiene Program Academic Advisor School of Allied Health Dental Hygiene Program College of Applied Sciences and Arts School of Allied Health Southern Illinois University Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL 62901-6615 College of Applied Sciences and Arts Phone: (618) 453-7213 Carbondale, IL 62901-6615 e-mail: Phone: (618) 453-7287 Fax: (618) 453-7020 e-mail: Fax: (618) 453-7020 For admission information, write or call: Donna Colwell, Admission Clerk Dental Hygiene Program School of Allied Health College of Applied Sciences and Arts Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL 62901-6615 Phone: (618) 453-8869 College of Applied Sciences and Arts DH BS Information 7/05
  4. 4. DENTAL HYGIENE BACCALAUREATE SEQUENCE THE SPECIFIC COURSES OR APPROVED SUBSTITUTES LISTED FOR THE FRESHMAN YEAR MUST BE TAKEN PRIOR TO ENTERING THE SOPHOMORE YEAR. FALL SEMESTER-FRESHMAN YEAR SPRING SEMESTER-FRESHMAN YEAR Course Semester Hours Course Semester Hours ENG101-English Composition I 3 ENG102-English Composition II 3 MATH113-College Algebra or Math 113 3 MICR201-Elementary Microbiology 4 Food Nutrition 101 2 PSYC102-Introduction to Psychology 3 SOC108-Introduction to Sociology 3 AH 241-Anatomy & Physiology 4 CHEM140a-Chemistry 4 Speech Communication 101 3 Total 15 Total 17 FALL SEMESTER - SOPHOMORE YEAR SPRING SEMESTER-SOPHOMORE YEAR Course Semester Hours Course Semester Hours DH200-Orientation to Dental Hygiene 2 DH212-Medical Emergencies in Dental Office 1 DH207-Instrumentation Techniques 3 DH219-Dental Radiology II 3 DH 210-Patient Assessment 3 DH220-Dental Hygiene Clinic 3 DH218-Dental Radiology 3 DH233-Histology & Embryology 2 DH206-Oral Anatomy & Tooth Morphology 2 DH247-Preventive Oral Care 3 DH226-Anatomy of Head & Neck 2 DH249-General & Oral Pathology 4 Total 15 Total 16 FALL SEMESTER - JUNIOR YEAR SPRING SEMESTER - JUNIOR YEAR Course Semester Hours Course Semester Hours DH322-Operative Oral Care & Adj. Proc. 2 DH340-Dental Pharmacology & Pain Control 3 DH347-Community Oral Health 2 DH320-Dental Clinic & Radiology II 3 DH355-Dental Hygiene Clinic & Radiology III 3 DH341-Periodontics & Local Anesthesia 3 AH 305-Professional Development 3 DH310- Infection Control & Occ. Safety UC Elec. Humanities Elective 3 2 Total 13 HCM365-Data Applications 3 Total 14 SPRING SEMESTER - SENIOR YEAR FALL SEMESTER - SENIOR YEAR Course Semester Hours Course Semester Hours *DH401-Dental Hygiene Practicum 3 DH440-Research Methodology 2 DH410-Ethics & Jurisprudence for Dental Hygienists 2 *DH441-Advanced Periodontics & Clinic 4 DH416-Senior Seminar 2 DH442-Dental Office Procedures 1 *DH417-Multicultural Applied Experience in DH 5 DH448-Community Oral Health Practicum 2 UC Elec. Fine Arts Elective 3 UC Elec. Humanities Elective 3 Total 15 UC Elec. Interdisciplinary Elective 3 Total 15 *DH417, DH441, and DH401 may be taken either fall or spring semester of the senior year. Students applying for degree completion who have an earned Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene must complete HCM 365, DH 417, DH 448, DH 416, DH 401, DH 440, DH 410, DH 441, and DH 442. All University requirements for a bachelors degree also must be completed. Each applicant will be individually evaluated. This information material is subject to change. Contact the department for the latest information. Specific information on this major and on Southern Illinois University Carbondale can be found in the SIUC Undergraduate Catalog.