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Dr. Charles Blair â€" Sheraton I â€" Level 4.doc

  1. 1. Thursday, July 19, 2007 Sponsored by MicroDental 8:30 – 10 am – Sheraton IV/V – Level 4 Practice Management Panel: Dr. William G. Dickerson, Dr. Matt Bynum, Dr. Joe Blaes, Dr. Charles Blair, Dr. Roger Levin, Dr. Paul Sletten Moderator: Dr. Heidi Dickerson Title: Getting your practice to the next level-Debating the options The IACA is excited to kick off this year’s conference in Chicago with an open dialogue between the leading experts in Practice Management today. The panel will be moderated by the “Oprah of Dentistry”, Dr. Heidi Dickerson. This is your chance to directly ask questions of the very distinguished panelists. This program is certain to be filled with many words of wisdom and pearls that you can take back directly to your practice. 10 – 10:30 am: Morning Break – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 10:30 am – Noon Dean W. Lodding, DDS – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: Why you do what you do in dentistry? 1. Learn the true meaning of personal success 2. Help define your purpose in life and dentistry 3. Develop a plan to move you towards where your personal compass directs you Why do you do what you do everyday? Life and your time spent in the dental office is too short and precious to waste. The path that you take in life needs to be your path and your path alone. Discover ways to give your life and work true meaning beyond external rewards or monetary gain. Find how you can truly begin to have your life click on all cylinders. Sherry Blair, CDA, LVI Team Director - Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: “Kids Now A Day” – Generational Communicator 1. Introduction – The case for generational communication 2. Getting Oriented – Understanding Drivers of Each Generation 3. The Approach – Implementation A guide for creating rapport, developing trust, and establishing long-term relationships with patients of four different generations. When was the last time you did a treatment presentation and sat across the desk from yourself? You may find yourself trying to
  2. 2. communicate with someone who is nothing like you. Even though you might be familiar with the DISC communication system, we must now take into consideration the four distinct generations that are now in the workforce. Learn the common drivers of each generation – how did they reach this point, what are they looking for, how should you interact with them and how do they make a decision. Leo Malin, DDS – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: 21st Century Implant Dentistry – How Simple it Has Become! Implant dentistry is changing quickly. The diagnostic, surgical and restorative protocols are dramatically different now than they were just a few years ago. Advances in technology have dramatically changed how we manage and treat implant patients. In this presentation we will discuss how these technologies have given us total surgical and restorative control of our implant cases. The time has come for every dentist to be involved in implant dentistry in their practice. It certainly would benefit our patients. This presentation will show you how to quickly and easily become involved in implant dentistry and succeed at a very high-level. Jay W. Gerber DDS, FICCMO – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics 1. To discover orthodontic stabilization through neuromuscular occlusion 2. To see how braces and orthotics are employed to meet this end 3. To see esthetic outcomes using combination treatments or orthodontics and prosthodontics. Workshop #1 – Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories – Superior A/B – Level 2 Title: Interactive Case Preparation Speakers: Dr. Mike Miyasaki, Mr. Ulf Broda, & Ms. Trish Jones Dentists and Team will be exposed to numerous cases at hands-on stations where they will review them and evaluate them by questionnaire format. Items to be assessed include impressions, models, prep design, prescriptions, shade communication, and more. Participants will be given a flow chart for use in diagnostic preparation of cases. Presentation includes an overview and review of all the cases presented. Noon – 1:30 pm: Lunch – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 1:30 – 3 pm Roger P Levin, DDS – Sheraton 1 – Level 4 CEO, Levin Group Inc. Title: Maximize Your Cosmetic Profit and Patient Referrals 1. Focus on case presentation strategies that result in more patients saying “yes” to cosmetic treatment.
  3. 3. 2. Learn how to generate more cosmetic referrals from current patients 3. Overcome the “need based” mindset and decrease your dependence on dental insurance. This presentation will focus on how practiced can achieve their cosmetic and elective potential. Dr. Levin will discuss cosmetic dentistry’s increasing popularity with consumers and its future impact on practice profitability. He will examine effective strategies for promoting comprehensive dentistry, providing superior customer service and presenting cosmetic treatment. Patient referrals are a key element in successful cosmetic practices. Dr. Levin will highlight various internal marketing strategies and patient referral techniques that can lead to an influx of new cosmetic patients. This information taken directly from Levin Group’s newly developed and recently launched Cosmetic and Elective Management and Marketing Program, Dr. Levin will show attendees how to achieve increased cosmetic production and greater practice profitability. Gregory M. Lutke, DDS – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: The Digital Patient Consultation” The Advanced Course for Esthetic Professionals 1. Advanced Digital Photography, a simple system for “Better than Film Quality,” every time. 2. Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS3 for esthetic and restorative dentists (& Cosmetic Imaging). 3. Master the RAW file format workflow, the easiest and best image quality. (& AACD Accreditation) Communicating with digital technology has transformed how dental professionals interact with their audience-either patients or other dentists. Everything is better, even spectacular! Presentations with stunning digital photography, combined with High Definition Digital Video (HDV), and vibrant background audio (MP3) that inform, educate, and communicate like nothing before. The future is here – today. Digital Photography Better than film – absolutely! Learn the only technique in capturing digital dental macro images that insures perfect exposure, full tonal range, perfect color and a huge depth of field – the 5 Dimensions of image quality. The digital histogram is the tool and is the single most important principle in digital photography. Even the most ardent film advocates will see modern digital images as superior. These advanced skills are directed to individuals seeking to add visual excellence to either their patient consultations or dental speaking programs. You will simply create a superior vehicle to present your clinical expertise. Dr. Lou Graham – Erie – Level 2 Title: TBD
  4. 4. Dr. David Miller – Mayfair – Level 2 Title: "Orofacial Pain: When it’s not the TMJ 1. Orofacial Pain Overview 2. TMD Mimics 3. Neuorpathic Pain Basic orofacial pain problems commonly seen in general practice or that are TMJ mimics will be discussed along with guidelines to differential diagnosis. Ashley C. Johnson III, JD – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: Diagnosing, Treatment Planning and Case Presentation for the Doctor and the TEAM This course is designed to increase skills needed to help the doctor and team to do a great job of diagnosing dental signs and understanding the causes of them on a level that will allow them to better explain and present them to your patients. You will see how to use models and power point presentations to raise your dental IQ, practice your case presentations and generate a much higher case acceptance. This is a must for the doctor, the hygienist, the assistants and the administrative team. Plus it is going to be a lot of FUN! Workshop #2 – Bien Air – Presented by Dr. Joe Blaes – Ontario – Level 2 Title: "Preparation Dynamics with Electric Handpieces" 3 – 3:30 pm – Afternoon Break – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 3:30 – 5:00 pm Dr. Charles Blair – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: Focus on Profitability for the Efficient Practice Are you working ‘in’ your practice rather than ‘on’ it? Learn to see the ‘big picture’, analyze the business side of your practice, and take solid steps toward increase profitability. Hear strategies, tips and ‘pearls’ on: • fee profiling • procedure mix enhancement • financing options • scheduling • hygiene department strategies Also hear insight into how to: • move from ‘cost-based’ to ‘revenue-savvy’ • diminish broken appointments – a practice’s “economic killer” • ensure a productive and profitable future for your practice
  5. 5. Dr. Paul Sletten – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: The Business of Dentistry – Designing Your Future • How to deal effectively with change • Looking at the lifecycle of your practice • Taking stock: Life path? Practice path? • Personal clarification and vision • Understanding the link between personal growth and practice growth • Creating personal growth and development strategies for yourself and your team • Learning to set goals and take action with timetables for creating something new and exciting • Learning to build the kind of great team that is composed of high achieving, self- managing people who want to be part of something great Norman Thomas BDS; MB.BSc; PhD FRCD Director of Neuromuscular Research LVIADS – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: Differential Diagnosis of TMD The etiology of TMD is multifaceted. Known as the Great Impostor a differential diagnosis is mandatory founded on complaint, past history, clinical examination and documented records. This paper will serve to demonstrate the interaction between local general and systemic factors which if unaccounted for will lead to unwanted sequela. Wendy Hughes/Peggy Blackburn – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: Modern Hygiene: Where do we go from here? 1. Expanding the role of dental hygiene 2. Transitional steps to become an expanded role hygienist 3. Key steps for successful implementation This course will explore the possibilities and opportunities of the expanded role of dental hygiene. Transitional steps will be presented to utilize and emphasize the role of today’s hygienist in the comprehensive aesthetic practice. Rose Nierman - Ontario – Level 2 Title: “Successful Medical Insurance for Neuromuscular Dentistry” – Cross Coding from Dental to Medical and Physician Referral Communications” This course is designed to introduce dentists and dental teams to understanding the process of billing medical insurance for neuromuscular dentistry. The course will address other areas of dentistry where medical codes are needed for proper compensation.
  6. 6. Proper documentation of medical necessity for submitting insurance claims will be explained as well as various software programs that are available to assist dental offices in easy record keeping, report writing and dental to medical cross coding. As dentistry becomes more complex and patients present with complicated conditions, dentistry and medicine frequently combine for successful outcomes. Learn how your office can be reimbursed for medically coded treatments and generate reports and letters. At the conclusion of this course participants should be able to: 1. Recognize medical procedures that are applicable in dental treatment 2. Identify which treatment should be billed through medical insurance 3. Understand how medical insurance is coded. 4. Explain medical insurance documentation and how it varies from dental insurance 5. Distinguish differences in dental billing software and medical billing software. 6. Recognize the importance of personalized narratives and reports in communicating with physicians and the patients other health providers. Workshop # 3 – Presented by MicroDental – Superior A/B – Level 2 Speaker: Dr. Jay Jensen DDS Title: “You Can’t Do Veneers…Until Your Patients Say YES!’”  How do I get my patients to say “Yes”? - Image & Service - Team & Consultations - Marketing - Create a Buying Environment - Attitude, Energy, & Enthusiasm - Skills, Tools, & Knowledge  Shifting Your Paradigm - Getting out of your comfort zone!  Evolving Your Practice - The first steps - Eliminating Insurance Influence  Step It Up! - Step up your dentistry - Step up your laboratory  Hands-On Portion -Golden Proportion -Why It Is Important -Diagnostic Wax-Ups -What You Must Do to Achieve It -Tissue Re-contouring (zeniths & pontics) -Conservative Veneer Preparation Design
  7. 7. -When & Why -Margins -Interproximal Elbows -Lingual Wraps -Aggressive Veneer Preparation Design -When & Why -Margins -Slice Preparations -Positive Seats -Achieving Optimal Aesthetics *Attendees will prepare 4 teeth on the models conservatively (#9-12) & 4 teeth aggressively (#4-8). (see Dr. Jensen’s Master Preparation Model)  Make a Life, Not Just a Living  My Advice 5 – 6: 30 pm: Reception – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 Friday, July 20, 2007 Sponsored by William Dental Laboratory 8:30 – 10 am Occlusion Panel – Dr. Norm Thomas, Dr. Jay Gerber, Dr. Robert Jankelson, Dr. Michael Miyasaki, Dr. Sam Kherani, Dr. Randy Bryson – Sheraton IV/V – Level 4 Moderator: Dr.William G. Dickerson Title: Occlusion Panel: Incorporating Occlusion into your Practice Do I need to worry about occlusion when treating my patients? What impact does occlusion have on the longevity and stability of my restorations? How big of a role does occlusion have on the success of my practice? How can I incorporate occlusion profitably into my practice? These are a few of the questions you may be asking yourself, and now you will have the chance to get the answers from some of the leading experts in the field of occlusion. This open panel, moderated by Dr. Bill Dickerson will be a lively exchange from an eclectic mix of both practitioners and teachers in the field of occlusion. 10 – 10:30 am: Morning Break - River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 10:30 – Noon Mitch Condit – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: "Techniques & Materials to Make Inlays/Onlays Predictable & Profitable" Esthetic inlays and onlays should be a part of every restorative practice. The success and patient satisfaction of these restorations can make them the most profitable procedure of a
  8. 8. restorative practice. Unfortunately, few dentists take advantage of this opportunity due to a lack of knowledge. We will discuss some of the techniques and materials that overcome this and how to make them predictable and profitable. Heidi Dickerson, DDS, LVIM/Anne-Maree Cole, BDSc, LVIM – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: A CATAGORY OF ONE... Being in the profession of dentistry you are not alone...there are ------ thousands of dentists in North America alone...learn how you can differentiate your practice to become a true Category of One... Omer K. Reed, DDS – Superior A/B – Level 2 Title: The New Economics in Dentistry • “A check-up from the neck up to get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’” (Ziggie Zigler) • Five paradigm shifts that have gone unnoticed • The power of impossible thinking • How acceptance success is accelerated • The 100% acceptance sequence • Why LVI will survive. William M. Wade/Mike Milne – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: Exceptional Communication for Exceptional Results 1. Tooth Morphology 2. How it relates to esthetics and the Neuromuscular Bite 3. Develop a dialogue to precisely communicate what you want Discuss the morphology of teeth and how it relates to the prep design and the neuromuscular bite. Explore how dentists and technicians view teeth differently. Develop a dialogue to precisely communicate what the dentist and technician both need for exceptional neuromuscular and esthetic results. Dr. Joe Carrick DDS – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: ERA Implant ? This course is designed to give the participants the knowledge and confidence to place ERA implants that will support an overdenture. 1. Treatment planning and sequencing 2. Fees and time considerations 3. Marketing
  9. 9. 4. Placing ERA implants 5. Retro-fitting dentures 6. Determining appropriate angle correction 7. Placing angle correction 8. Pick-up technique for male ERA abutment Virtual Implant software utilizing CT scans utilizing THE ERA Implant Workshop # 4 – Presented by Page 1 Solutions – Mayfair – Level 2 Speaker – Bill Fukui Title: Marketing and Selling Dental Services on the Web A hands-on workshop to change the way you look at Web Marketing and improve your website design, search engine optimization results, pay-per-click advertising return, and follow-up protocols to convert more web-based leads into consultations. We will actually go online to evaluate websites, see how search engines work, how to get better results on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., and evaluate actual dental practice follow-up protocols. It will be the most informative 90 minutes of Web Marketing strategies, for even the most seasoned online marketer. Workshop #5 – Presented by Sullivan Schein – Erie – Level 2 Title: TBD Noon – 1:30 pm: Lunch - River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 1:30 – 3 pm Dr. Chris Pescatore – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: CEREC 3D – Revealed This lecture is designed to help clinicians understand the benefits of the in-office CAD/CAM system, CEREC 3D. Discussed will be the methodology of the software and how to use it effectively in your practice. In addition, the various ways to use the software for effective quadrant restorations, single visit restorations, milling effciency, and controlling the occlusal scheme. Aesthetics will also be covered with regard to single-step and multiple-step staining and glazing techniques. If you think you know about CEREC 3D, think again! 1. Intro to 3D technology 2. Understanding 3D in dentistry 3. Virtual/Optical impression taking 4. Exploring the software - the single restoration 5. Quadrant restorations 6. Aesthetics and CEREC 3D
  10. 10. Thomas J. Machnowski, DDS – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: It’s Not a Level Playing Field 1. Brief history of dental insurance, the corporate culture of the dental insurance industry, the business of dentistry vs. the business of dental insurance. 2. Professionalism- why are we different from the dental insurance industry? Who are we, what do we do and for whom do we do it. 3. Methods of combating insurance intrusions in the doctor/ patient relationship. This course will examine the uneven relationship between the business of dentistry and the business of dental insurance. Why are we in this dilemma? Who are these executives that are setting the standards for our patients dental care? For what does the dental insurance industry stand? The course will then examine what it means to be a professional man or woman. Who are we, what do we do, and for whom do we do it. How do we carry ourselves? What image or reputation are we presenting to the public? Finally, the course will investigate some methods of minimizing insurance intrusions in your practice. The course will make some suggestions on how to make your practice different from others within your community and how to maintain a mind frame outside the dental insurance paradigm. D. Gary Wolford DDS – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: Neuromuscular Oral Surgery-Conservative or Surgical Therapy 1. Conservative Therapy 2. Surgical Therapy 3. Combination Therapy A review of clinical conditions that can be successfully treated with conservative neuromuscular dentistry alone, surgical therapy alone, or a combination of conservative and surgical therapy. Mr. Richard “Dick” Greenan – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: “Dental Radiology and its influence on neuromuscular occlusion” 1. How to correlate your X-ray function with your clinical, EMG’s, jaw tracking 2. How to time-date muscle dysfunction by its effect on osseous changes 3. How to interpret CT’s and MRI’s for false positives and false negatives Mr. Greenan will demonstrate what to look for on every X-ray and how to obtain optimum results through proper patient positioning, machine settings and darkroom techniques. You’ll receive step-by-step guidelines for quality Panoramics, Cephalometrics, Tomographic and Implant procedures. Emphasis will be placed on both technique and radiographic interpretation, including a Radiographic protocol for
  11. 11. diagnosis of Upper Airway Obstructions. The pros and cons of Digital Radiography in addition to 3D CT Imaging will also be discussed. Workshop # 6 – Presented by THE Design – Lou Niemeyer-Senior Office Planning Consultant – Erie – Level 2 Title: FEAR is Not Doing a New Office, FEAR is Doing it Wrong. Lou presents a valuable course in new office design. Lou shows you how to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes, whether you are building a new office or renovation existing space. She describes in detail optimal functional and ergonomics for an office, including zoning and floor plan design. She will discuss operatory and equipment layout and will also review the importance of image. Much of the course is supported visually by slide shows. With over 20 years of experience, Lou can save you thousands of dollars on your investment. 1. The introduction covers facts about dentistry and patients’ perceptions, reveals the importance of the doctor’s vision and how it is reflected in a new office, features slides comparing good and bad first impressions, visually supporting how the right office can affect case acceptance. 2. Office function is covered in detail, including diagrams of proper zoning, zoning violations and basic floor plan designs. Ergonomics is presented showing layout problems and solutions, dimensions and equipment positioning for a functional operatory. The importance of image is shown in detail. 3. Finally, survey results are shared, revealing how design relates to increased productivity, new patients and ability to cover debt. 1:30-3:00 Dr. Bill Dorfman – Sheraton IV – Level 4 Title: EXTREME Challenges in Dentistry Part I As an inventor and educator who was the featured dentist on ABC's hit show Extreme Makeover Dr. Bill Dorfman has always pushed the envelope. In this course Dr. Bill will demonstrate some of the hottest new procedures in dentistry and show you proven techniques to acquire and retain quality new patients 1. Photography Tips 2. How to treat a GUMMY SMILE with lip repositioning 3. The Science behind periodontal disease a new treatment that removes the guess work 4. Whitening Updates 5. A new partial denture for patients who can't wear partial dentures 6. A new technique for the most aesthetic porcelain implant crowns Workshop # 7 – Presented by Hoya ConBio – Mayfair – Level 2 Speaker – Dr. Peter Pang Title: The Facts of Laser Dentistry
  12. 12. There are many different types of lasers and everyone seems to have a different opinion. It can be confusing to decide if lasers are right for your practice, and if so which one? Dr Peter Pang, LVI Global Course Instructor on Laser Certification will outline the differences in types of laser wavelengths and the pros & cons of each. But the bulk of the presentation will be clinical case reviews outlining the benefits a laser can provide if utilized on the case. Come see how a laser is different than your scalpel, electrosurge, and handpiece and how your practice and your patients will benefit! Presentation outline is follows: • Confused by different wavelengths & claims? Get the laser “Cliff Notes” & facts on different wavelenthgs and how they work. • How is a laser different than your traditional equipment? What can you do with a laser that is unique? • Clinical Case Overviews – video, before & after and how to utilize a laser to get the results shown; o Cosmetic Gingival Contouring o Closed Flap Osseous Contouring when Biological Width is invaded – both on cosmetic anterior cases and crown & bridge o Frenums and the affect they have on your Gingival Contour o Is restorative Dentistry with these lasers a myth? o A list of 5 minute surgeries with just topical. • Perio Packet therapy. How it works and what are the clinical results we are getting? • How can a laser make you money, not cost you money? 3 – 3:30 pm – Afternoon Break – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 3:30 – 5 pm Joseph M. Barton, DMD, LVIM – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title – Management of TMP Pain Patients To teach the principles of managing patients with TMD symptoms related to occlusion disharmony. To determine goals of patient treatment and optimum treatment planning. Objectives: How to manage a patient with TMD symptoms through the entire process of evaluation, diagnosis, bite management, postural management, and restoration. • Complete Exam Intraoral/Extra oral • Medical History • TMD symptoms diagnosis and treatment planning • Neuromuscular evaluation using K7 • Radiographic evaluation and interpretation
  13. 13. • Pathology of Pain • Anatomy • Bite management • Pain management • Laboratory Communication • Record keeping and documentation • Coordinated disciplines o Chiropractic (AO,NUCA) o Neuromuscular Massage Therapy o Holistic/Alternative Medicine o Nutrition o Acupuncture o Orthodontics o Radiology o Surgical Ronald D. Jackson DDS, FAGD, FAACD – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: Conservative Restoration of Missing Incisors: A Non-Implant Approach When congenitally missing laterals are diagnosed in young people, coordinated interdisciplinary care with orthodontists is imperative for general dentists to maximize esthetic restorative outcomes. Also, it is necessary in such situations to strongly consider the most conservative approach for patients in their teen years both from a growth and development standpoint and life expectancy perspective. Likewise, there are clinical situations in adult patients where implants may not be the least invasive or predictably esthetic approach for replacing missing incisors. In this session, Dr. Jackson will show a conservative, durable and esthetic technique for replacing missing incisors when implants are contraindicated or not desired by the patient. 1. To understand those clinical situations where implants may not be the best method for replacing missing incisors. 2. To appreciate the need for an interdisciplinary approach when replacing congenitally missing lateral incisors in young people. 3. To be able to conservatively and predictably replace missing laterals using bonded fiber reinforced indirect composite. Jack D. King, DDS – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: Practice Matters: Finding Joy and Meaning in Dentistry 1. Meaning and Purpose in relation to the practice of dentistry 2. Discuss the factors that must be appropriately managed: money, time and relationships
  14. 14. 3. Discuss practical ways to manage these three things in an effort to create a dental practice environment that is consistent with your deeply held values Many of our daily practice problems arise from our lack of management systems for money, time and relationships. This presentation will discuss why that is true and we will explore effective strategies to create management systems that are in alignment with our deeply held value systems. When we are successful in doing this we find authentic meaning and joy in the practice of dentistry. Bob Weiss – President/Founder Alyn Weiss & Associates, Inc. – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: How to obtain local coverage cosmetic success stories Learn how to identify local media writers – print, TV, radio and online – and pitch them to write and broadcast stories about your practice and most successful cases. We’ll cover how the media is organized, how and when to pitch your story ideas, what the media is most interested in, and how to prepare for media interviews. Workshop # 8 – Presented by Myotronics – Mayfair – Level 2 Title: K7 and J5 for Dummies A simplistic approach on how to integrate the J5 Myomonitor TENS and the K7 Evaluation System into your practice and increase case confidence, profitability and overall success. See how two dentists in different practices have had extraordinary success in utilizing the J5 and K7. In this workshop Dr. Chong Lee and Dr. Hamada Makarita will walk you through clear and simple interpretations of K7 scans and demonstrate how powerful the K7 can be in your practice. Videos of actual patients the presenters have treated will be shown. A live J5 TENS bite demonstration will take place. The presenters will share their unique experiences starting from when they took the J5 and K7 out of the box to now utilizing the instrumentation every week with great success. How do you get started? How do you educate patients from the first time they walk through the door so they say yes to NM treatment? There will be an opportunity for Q & A at the end of the presentation. If you are new to NMD or consider yourself an intermediate but and want to jump start your experience with the J5 and K7 you will greatly benefit from this workshop! Note: J5 and K7 ownership not required. Dr. Bill Dorfman – Sheraton IV – Level 4 Title: EXTREME Challenges in Dentistry: Part 2 As an inventor and educator who was the featured dentist on ABC's hit show Extreme Makeover Dr. Bill Dorfman has always pushed the envelope. In this course Dr. Bill will demonstrate some of the hottest new procedures in dentistry and show you proven techniques to acquire and retain quality new patients 1. Smile Design 2. Prepless Veneers
  15. 15. 3. Direct Mail 4. The Wellness Hour TV advertising you can afford 5. Internet success 6. Patient Newsletters 7. Working with a publicist- the next level 5 – 6: 30 pm: Reception - River Exhibition Hall - Level 1 Saturday, July 21, 2007 Sponsored by Aurum Ceramics 8:30 – 10 am Matt Bynum DDS – Sheraton IV/V – Level 4 Title: Hustle and Flow: Where are YOU at? Course Outline: 1. To identify areas of progression and rest in professional and personal life. 2. To identify professional and personal goals and provide strategy to attain them. 3. To excite and invigorate the attendees through motivational and inspirational messaging. Course Description: Motivation comes from an external source, while inspiration comes from within. This morning session will serve to “fire up” all in attendance, as only Matt Bynum can. Experience high energy enthusiasm, deep soul searching introspection and everything in between as this seminar serves to bring your success and destiny to the forefront. In your personal and professional life, you have only two real choices in their evolution: Hustle and Flow. Determining where you perform both may determine why you have or have not achieved all you have told yourself you wanted. Wouldn’t NOW be a great time to find out?! 10 – 10:30 am – Morning Break – River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 10:30 – Noon Dr. Michael Silveman – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: TBD Dr. Nate Booth - Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: Tiger Traits - 9 Success Secrets All Dental Professionals Can Learn from Tiger Woods Tiger Woods earns over $100 million a year from prize money, appearance fees and product endorsements and is well on his way to becoming the greatest golfer ever. There are nine lessons we all can learn from Tiger.
  16. 16. #1 – Identify and Develop Natural Talents. #2 – Create a Compelling Dream. #3 – Select Teachers, Heroes and Teammates Who Guide, Inspire and Support. #4 – Be Confident. #5 – Manufacture Magnificent Mental Models. #6 – Let Actions Do the Talking. #7 – Constantly Improve in Good Times and Bad. #8 – Be Likeable. #9 – Be Grateful. Give Back. Tiger Traits is an inspirational and practical program that will enable your practice, your team and you to be successful on all levels – just like Tiger Woods. Michael Miyasaki DDS, LVIM - Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: LVI Update – Past, Present and Future Materials and Techniques What’s new at LVI? In this presentation Dr. Miyasaki will provide an update on the techniques, materials and courses used and given at LVI. It’s going to be fun. Our LVI alumni are always asking for an LVI Update and that’s what this presentation is designed to provide. At LVI we embrace change...if it was done one way last year and we find a better way or better material we change. For non-LVI alumni they will see a Material and Techniques lecture and pick up many helpful tips. In this presentation we will review the past, present and future of LVI’s techniques and materials, why we’ve made the changes, and how to do and use the latest and greatest LVI is now offering. Team and doctors should attend. Kent Johnson, DDS – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: Creating YOUR Ideal Practice Dr. Johnson relocated from a busy practice in Southern California to establish a practice of his dreams in Park City, Utah. He works 2 or 3 days a week providing only the types of dentistry that he wants to do. It is a very love overhead, high net practice. He will discuss the differences between the two practices, including philosophy, marketing, types of treatment, finances and lifestyle. Course Outline: 1. Practice Philosophy 2. Comparison of the two practices a. Facilities b. Staffing c. Finances d. Types of treatment e. Patient management 3. The real costs of each type of practice
  17. 17. Dr. Ronald Downs – Plastic Surgeon – Erie – Level 2 Title: TBD Workshop # 9 – Presented by Zimmer – Mayfair – Level 2 Speaker: Dr. Frank Lamar Jr. Title: Considerations for Aesthetic Anterior Implant Placement Dr. Lamar will explain how to determine prosthetic design, based on smile line and hard and soft tissue limitations. He will also discuss surgical and prosthetic considerations, prosthetic sequencing, and immediate provisionalization for maintenance of the interdentally papilla. Noon – 1:30pm: Lunch - River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 1:30 – 3 pm Brad Durham DMD, LVIM/ Ashley C. Johnson III, JD – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: Transforming your dental practice: Creating your lifestyle, workstyle and practice style 1. Transformation strategies 2. The role of “team” 3. New patient management All dentists have different requirements for income. The time they are able to devote to practice, as well as their favorite procedures they enjoy providing. Outside the influences such as dental insurance, ever increasing expenses and staffing issues, seem to be removing the “concept of choice” away from the dentist. This seminar will explain simple strategies to allow the dentist to not only take control of his practice, but to actually “transform” his present situation in the “ideal dental practice.” Arthur “Kit” Weathers, DDS – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: "Eliminating the Stress of Unplanned Referrals, and Choosing Between Endodontics and Implants" This seminar will help the general practitioner answer critical questions concerning endodontics vs. implants. Which cases do I treat and which cases do I refer, and are implants replacing root canals? This presentation will help you identify the 20% of cases that cause 80% of your problems, before you start something you cannot finish. Not only are unplanned referrals very stressful, they often cause patients to question your judgment. Finally, a systemized approach for determining the What, When, Where, Why and Who when it comes to treating emergency patients?
  18. 18. Remove the stress before removing the pulp or removing the tooth. Shervin Erfani, DMD – Superior A/B – Level 2 Title: Comprehensive Treatment Planning for High End Dental Practice 1. Discussion of the importance of treatment planning 2. Going over the 12 step approach of treatment planning 3. Discussion of the steps This is a course for all dentists who perform comprehensive examinations and perform multidisciplinary procedures. An LVI type of practice would be naked without such information. We will walk through the step by step approach of this 12 step treatment planning process. This course will educate you to be able to treatment plan your cases more carefully and thoroughly. Also, this system will enable you to discuss the pros, cons, risk factors as well as alternatives to the existing conditions. This is an overview of a comprehensive course on treatment planning. Arthur (Tony) Tomaro DDS – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: Managing the Complex Aesthetic Case: Part I Part I of the two part series will discuss the diagnosis and preparation of the complex aesthetic case. Topics to be discussed are: Collection of the necessary laboratory records- 1. Diagnostic models with HIP 2. Symmetry Bite 3. Photography Discussion of the preparation consideration in the following- 1. Diastema Closure 2. Tetracycline Discoloration 3. Ovate Pontic 4. Instant Ridge Augmentation 5. Fabrication of Posts and Cores 6. Block out of Metal Posts 7. Interdental Space Closure After Periodontal Stabilization 8. Developing the Functional and Aesthetic Plane of Occlusion Workshop # 10 – Presented by Las Vegas Esthetics – Sheraton II – Level 4 Speaker: Dr. Mark Tadrissi, DDS Title: Managing Your Cosmetic Cases Dr. Mark Tadrissi, DDS and Las Vegas Esthetics, Inc. will discuss managing your esthetic and full mouth cases. They will talk about what steps are necessary to take from the moment your patients accept treatment to the final seat appointment.
  19. 19. The topics for this workshop will include: Impression taking, “ the importance of an accurate impression”, photos, lab communication, ingot selection, filling out the lab slip, prep design and smile design, managing dark teeth, patient expectations and how to make the entire process predictable! Workshop # 11 – Presented by Ivoclar – Mayfair – Level 2 Speaker: TBD Title: TBD 3 – 3:30 pm: Afternoon Break - River Exhibition Hall – Level 1 3:30 – 5 pm Jeanne M. Godett RDAEF/RDHEF – Sheraton I – Level 4 Title: Re-Inventing “The Three R’s” Course Outline: 1. Recognizing disease in our Clients. 2. Verbal skills essential for recommending treatment. 3. Implementing the newest technology “Laser Therapy” 4. Rewards of your newfound knowledge. Course Description: In today’s dentistry your clients not only need you, but expect you to be pro-active in their dental health. This presentation will help you Recognize disease. You will achieve verbal skills essential in Recommending periodontal therapy for your clients. And, with practice, you will see how effective these skills will be, and a willingness of your clients to accept their therapy. Now, add the latest technology, “The Laser”! Not only do you have the ability to recognize & recommend you have the newest in technology to achieve. Your Rewards will be happier and healthier clients as well as a healthier practice. Dr. Paul St. John – Sheraton II – Level 4 Title: Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy as it relates to Craniomandibular Occlusal Dysfunction and TMD Secondary to Lower Limb Length Inequality Syndrome There are six dimensions in which to look at the body: Rotation, Tilt Flexion (anteversion), Projection, Extension (retroversion), and Obliquity. This presentation will discuss how distortions in these dimensions create craniofacial asymmetries via the Righting Reflexes and the Lovett Reactor Relationship translating up the body to create distortions of the cranium, causing TMD and Occlusal Dysfunction. Through years of research and clinical application Paul St. John has developed a system of measuring craniofacial asymmetries and has devised successful treatment protocols for correcting those asymmetries. A discussion of treatment strategies will open an opportunity for
  20. 20. stimulating consideration of methods for creating lasting, permanent corrections of TMD and occlusal dysfunctions. David P.G. Keator, Partner, Keator Group, LLC – Michigan A/B – Level 2 Title: An Investors Overview of the Market 1. Overview of the Financial Markets 2. Leverage as a tool to Financial Success 3. Planning your money around your life Dr. Brett Taylor – Sheraton III – Level 4 Title: PrimeSpeak – A Different Kind of Talking The lecture will look at the way we traditionally gather information and communicate with patients and demonstrate how this approach may not give the patient a true appreciation of the severity of their condition. An alternative approach will be discussed PrimeSpeak is a suite of communication techniques and principles whose purpose is to streamline the new patient examination. Anita Jupp – Superior A/B – Level 2 Title: A View from the Outside - What patients really think about your office! • The importance of patient services and “brand marketing” • What makes you different from other dental practices? • Why patients say no to treatment • Miscommunication with patients • What your image says about you • 10 ways to market your practice • Building positive and strong client relationships What are patients saying about your practice and how do they identify you in the community? It is important to understand your patients and to create awareness about the dentistry that makes them wanting to come back and refer their friends. This program will focus on your practice “brand” and building a practice-marketing program. Open and professional communication with patients will always help to build a successful practice. Are your patients leaving with their questions answered? Was treatment explained? Were treatment and financial options offered? In order to expel the myth of the dreaded “dental appointment”, everyone on the team needs to focus on offering superb customer service and assume the role of patient educators. Remember your team is your best marketing tool. Workshop # 12 – Presented by Williams Dental Laboratory – Mayfair – Level 2 Title: Managing The Complex Aesthetic Case
  21. 21. Bob Clark CDT, LVIM and Dr. Tony Tomaro, will discuss procedures needed to satisfy the high aesthetic demands of today’s patient. We will explain how to clinically select the proper aesthetic materials that meet the physical demands of the case. Learn a simple and predictable way of determining and developing the proper plane of occlusion. • What the laboratory needs to make each case a success • Consideration in restoring combination cases involving veneers, crowns, and bridges • Learn to recognize the indications and contraindications used in material selection • Verifying the plane of occlusion—HIP • Managing the bite—LVIM protocol 5 – 6:30 pm: Reception – Sheraton Ballroom IV & V – Level 4 Tips for Dealing w/the Press